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Alchemical Healing

Following are some letters that reflect the experiences of students of Alchemical Healing. I think they will help readers understand the practicle applications of this powerful healing form.

Dear Nicki and students,

I want to thank you for the wonderful healing that I received from you during your intensive retreat. It was an amazing experience both physically and emotionally. I came to you with a body filled with pain along with a tumor in brain, and spinal fluid in brain not being regulated. I left there able to move my body and stretch in ways I haven't in years. My headaches have improved and I will get an MRI soon to see how my tumor is doing (I will let you know the results!).

As if all of this wasn't enough, I received emotional healing work too. You removed my mask that I have worn since I was a little girl. I cried in front of all of you, which is something that I really don't do. I am much more open now, and don't feel the need to be perfect anymore. Just this weekend, I spoke in front of 200+ people and told them a story about my life and some of my struggles, this was an extraordinary experience for me and one that I am not sure I would have done if not for your help.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so honored to have been touched by you and your wonderful students.

You are doing amazing work and it is real... Love, Jodi Jostmeyer

This first is from a student who studying with Charla at Hawkwind. He describes a wonderful process she is including in her circles:

Hi Nicki,

Charla had each of us sew together two pieces of red cloth shaped like a heart. Then we stuffed it with healing herbs from her garden, which had been sewn, danced over, and harvested during the previous year by her and her other students. She said having an open heart was an important element of being an effective healer.. . . As we placed the herbs into the heart each of us was asked to say what that herb meant to them, so we had some intention about what qualities we were putting into our heart. Afterwards, all the hearts were placed in a basket and mixed up. We each drew one and were charged with caring for it. Joy began crying at this point. Charla got down on the floor with her to comfort her and see what was the matter. She told Charla the heart she had drawn did not want her and that she did not feel she was ready to take care of it. Taking care of someone’s heart is an awesome responsibility for anyone, so it was very understandable that this student of 10 might feel unprepared for such a task. Charla had us put them all back and let her choose any one she felt drawn to. She found one she felt comfortable with. She was reassured by the other students that each would be honored to have her look after their heart and all was made right. I learn more from these incidents than from the books. I hope to spend as much time as I can around folks like you and Charla. The books are a good way to get the basic ideas, but there is no substitute for spending time in the presence of someone who knows how to walk the talk! Warm regards, Lewis

Hello Nicki,

I’ve taken AH 1 twice with Danielle and the second time deepened and expanded what I learned the first time through. I am sure a third round with you would be invaluable. I am also interested in taking Alchemical Healing III when you offer it this year. I think Danielle told me it would be in late July. Please let me know what the dates will be so I can save it on my calendar. I was going to come to the AH practicum you recently had in Seattle. But as I was leaving the house I received a call from a friend who needed a ride to the emergency room because of an odd feeling in her heart. Of course I did that instead. It turns out that she was fine, but she still had the strange feeling in her chest so I offered to practice AH on her. This was my first time using AH outside of the classroom setting and it was dramatic the way we were able to touch into her emotional state and childhood issues with her family, which were contributing to her heart ache. What an amazing practice, I am so happy to have discovered Alchemical Healing and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to study with Danielle. I have attended a number of your workshops at WOW over the years, and the Sekhmet workshop last January in Seattle. I look forward to the opportunity to study Alchemical Healing with you. Blessings. Karen Brighto

Hi Nicki,

I've set up the next 3 months as a healing practicum in which I am offering free healings using what you have shared with me in your classes and in your books. The work is a natural for me, and I feel quite comfortable and joyous working with it. I am very serious about being a healing practitioner, but I want to see how I do with it all. As a therapist I am quite used to dealing with emotion and the psychology of my clients, but the physical realm is new. My husband Ricardo reminds me that they are all the same, and not different. I would love to share with you one of my healing sessions. Ricardo complained about his hernia troubling him. He has had an operation there and they placed a gasket to hold in this weak area. He had felt that it had torn and he was becoming more upset that he would have to go back in to the hospital. He was in some pain, so he agreed to work with me. Yeah! I grounded and centered and called in my Caduceus. I formed a box with an earth cube and I placed him in the box and called in Akasha. I filled the box with Akasha. I placed my left hand above his hernia and waited until there was a connection. The first thing I noticed was that I smelt fear. Then I noticed the sound of his intestines that began to gurgle and talk. I asked him if he noticed the sound. He responded that he did and that it reminded him of the sound of whales. We both listened and I asked him what the whales could be saying. He answered that they were saying that there was nothing to be afraid of. That all is well. Then his intestines really began to talk, as did mine. Then he started to cry. He stated that he was very scared. I asked him where he is? He says that he is in a plane that almost crashed, and that he's very frightened. I bring in more Akasha to absorb his fear. He experienced waves of fear followed by periods of calm. He described the experience on the plane of almost crashing. And then it occurred again. Then he sees the twin towers on 9/11 and sees people burning, and dying, and jumping out of the window. He cries more and expresses his fear. I bring in more Akasha to absorb the fear. The whales keep talking, reminding him that although he is indeed human and afraid of pain and death, that he is also a spirit in a body that has nothing at all to fear. Ricardo seems to understand this fully and becomes calm. The whales are very loving and tender with him and speak wonderful truth. He stops crying and simple listens to the whales. He comes to a peaceful, calm place. A circle of ancestors and animals come and thank him for his service for he has absorbed the fear of others and made their moments of fear and panic less. They let him know that he has done this quite unconsciously, and yet they are very honored by his great service. He had helped the people on the plane, and he had helped the people in the twin towers. The circle reminds him however, not to hold what he absorb, but to release it. The hernia is symptom of holding too much, and it beginning to pop out, or spill over. It is suggested that we call in Akasha from time to time to help absorb this fear and upset. I clearly see the great spirit that ricardo is, and I acknowledge him. He cries more tears, but they are very sweet. At that time I see a little spider walking over my throw pillow on our bed that has a woven pattern upon it. I ask Ricardo if he is willing to have spider come and help him with his hernia. He says yes. She goes to work weaving and knitting a little place in the mesh gasket that had torn away. I absorb some of the tenderness into my hand and release it in the earth for transformation. I ask the plants for help and I receive a bandage of the plant to hold his intestine in place. I ask that it dissolve when the healing is complete. I give thanks to the spirit of the plant. I asked him to remember a time when he was fully in his power. He told me of a time in his twenties when he studied the I Am training in Mexico and was also learning to be a Montessori teacher. We called in that pattern and released the pattern of post traumatic stress that he had received in the plane and with the twin towers. He experienced Akasha as washing him clean. I asked Ricardo if he was willing to thank spider, the whales and the plant. Yes, he was eager to thank them. I placed pink light on to the work with my right hand. I placed pink light all around him. I ground our work in earth. We stepped out of Akasha and I dissolved the earthen box. Afterward, his hernia was tender but he was no longer distressed. Since then he has had no more problems with his hernia. Yeah! I have many healings scheduled and am excited and a little scared. But when I am reminded that I am part of a team I relax. It feels to me that I have been waiting my whole life to do the work that I am capable of. Thanks you for giving me the tools, and the experiences I needed. I hope you will be my mentor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. With love and light, Sharlyn Hidalgo

Hallo Nicki!

I haven&'t been able to get the term Cauldron Carrier out of my mind. It popped in after our last break and has been happily floating up to the surface every time I turn attention to the Cauldron (which, by the way is a lovely orange calcite container in my belly, with a lid so it can really stew in its own power). Second, I love the Heart Breath visuals you led us with and am going to encorporate that meditation into my Spirit Yoga class. It brought up the colour pink and how in our society that is such a girly, feminine, and often silly colour. But I’ve been cherishing the thought that pink is just a soft version of red, a toned down, less serious and immediate concern for manifestation, that pink is the acceptance of being in this physically minded reality and is a graceful way to enjoy it without taking it for granted. Breathing below (red) and above (white) through the heart where they mingled = PINK! I love it. However, I don’t always have the focus to really get into those centers, and feel less than comfortable in some environs opening up to the cosmos, and so I use, to recharge and attend the Cauldron in those instances this simple breath meditation: inhale “I receive with love,” exhale “I give with love” inhale “I receive with gratitude,” exhale “I give with gratitude” inhale “I receive with joy,” exhale “I give with joy” You can go on and on with this, adding whatever word feels natural and best, and when it first came to me I would. But those three really sum up the emotional positives of breathing in our system where everything supports everything else. The last thing that is still kind of fuzzily forming is that, being in the third chakra area, as I feel the Cauldron is, and especially backed up by the orange calcite coming to me (I did mistake it for a little for my second chakra and the water altar work with Raven, but with Thoth/Hermes making his home there, I don’t have any confusion now) it seems that one aspect of this work, and the one I know I have been feeling the effects of, is on our power as women in the world; our self respect and esteem and confindence being fed by this source and then shining forth into our lives, through our work and healings. For myself, I’ve been working with and through the residue of an old, negative relationship which physically is rooted into my spinal/rib area at T7 or so. It flares massively aaawhen the reduced self worth that relation created withvvin me is activated. After the tasting of our brew, I didn’t feel it, and since then its been quite reduced in that area and feels as if, because of what else has come up since then, as if it is trying to move back down the spine and energy system. Not sure if what is occurring is an attempt at backtracking the path of negative self-worth, emotional codependency and the high need for self-preservation, or if it wants to be shat out plain and simple. But the Cauldron began it moving and is assisting with the Reiki I give myself and appears to very lovingly leave the pain and discomfort I need and can bear. Well, quite a ramble I’m sending you off, but I’m glad to have participated and to communicate what has been percolating and coming out of the work. I hope I’ll be able to attend the Alchemical Healing but finances will determine... Blessings - Jessica D.M. Falah Powers

It is such an honor to get to do this work with you. You are such a good teacher for me. Thank You! Finding out what it truely means to be human is part of my quest, so you can imagine how much I loved getting to do research with you. Madelyn Pitts

Every day I am grateful for the knowledge you have shared with me. Everyday I am grateful for the experience of these healing blessings. It is interesting that we gained so much information from the class, and how it unfolds with each new healing/blessing that is experienced. I have no doubt that the journeys and initiation we students experienced also upgraded our skills. I find this work so exciting, wonderful and so heart fulfilling. This fun work is a major part of my joy. Susan Duhling

I wanted to let you know how much I received during the retreat. After my mother died the pain was overwhelming and I shut down. Being there helped to open up again and to allow the healing to begin. Thank you for providing a safe place for me to do that. Debbie Clarkin

Nicki is an awesome guide and inspiring catalyst for this body of work and in the way she is in the world. She creates a space where being heart centered in ourselves, the group and the world is natural and inviting to compel others along the way. Erin Storey

Alchemical Healing Clinic

Dear Nicki,

I just wanted to get back in touch with you and tell you thank you so VERY much for allowing me to be a participant/guinea pig this past weekend. I'm so glad that my personal healing allowed others to experience the journey with Anubis. I wanted to let you know that since then my outlook on things these few short days has changed dramatically and I feel so much better emotionally, physically and mentally. I can't imagine what a full-on session with you would reap!! I look forward to visiting again soon to enjoy the sacredness and peacefulness I felt there. Many blessings to you and yours, Lisa

Phone Bridge Classes

Dear Nicki, A response from last night’s ritual. I want to thank you for facilitating what feels like very deep and important steps for bringing my self into deeper connection with my life force and with purpose… Blessings Julianna

Hi Nicki,

I can't thank you enough. It was an incredible hour. I enjoyed every minute. Can't wait to order your new book. I'm still feeling the affects of the journey. I was a jackel when I arrived to be resculpted. My lowest chakra was pulsating madly before you even mentioned it. You opened the eyes of my hands over 2 yrs. ago. Thank you for allowing them to come so alive and awakening my consciousness. I can still feel the energy of the crocodile's tail and have never felt sooo grounded. What a beautiful gift amongst all the others you've given me. Thank you. I ended up a female with the essence of many dieties. I still feel more connecting to and through me. WOW! This has been some evening!!! Thank you again! Merci!! Gracia!! Toda Raba!!! Bless you, Nicki! Love and light, Trish

The Phone Bridge classes are a very special learning tool. It offers the opportunity to learn in a very personal way, especially when one is unable to travel. This does not take away my goal to actually go to Nicki, in person, with a preparation and background that would help to be able proceed further in her teachings. I hope more phone bridge classes are given in different areas such as the Caduceus, Akasha, DNA, plants, trees, journeys... Maybe classes in more concentrated areas like this for one or two sessions would be feasible. Anything done would be appreciated very much. Thank you for doing this. Also, thank you for the CA Healing Bridge too. Love, Beverly

Hi Nicki,

This group has got some of the most deliciously powerful energy, and it is such a delight, to hear as everyone enters with their name and question, to resonate with the different energies. Nicki, I am so thrilled to have this venue for learning from you. You have such a wonderful way of imparting the information and making accessible to us all! I've really felt that my energy (voltage?) has gotten a huge amp upwards. I've always had strong energy through my hands, but now there is such a different resonance.... can't quite explain it except that it's tuned in differently, more sweet, less intense, yet just as if not more powerful. THANKS! Liana C.

I'm so excited about this class and the way it is adding depth to my healing work. I've been remembering to call in Thoth and use the word and usually do the fire mist at the start of each healing. I also use the fire mist if I start to get tired or feel myself spacing out during a healing. I've been able to do many more healings than usual. I very specifically started practicing the pain technique we learned last time on every client that had pain. One of them called me and left a message the day after the healing saying her pain was gone and that she had this really weird experience when I was working on her. She said that for a moment she had a picture of the pain just lifting and leaving her body. That was nice confirmation… Thanks, Maggie M.

Hi Nicki I want to thank you again for these incredible class offerings using the bridge technology. I, for one, would like to follow your book for future classes. I think your initiations are really important to do including the accessing of the elements and all others marked INITIATION in your book. I think your book is the perfect format for these classes… After the Thoth initiation, my hands felt on fire and I had chills running over my skin when you had us access that healing energy using our power word… I love it that you compared life's challenges as a brand new canvas in which to utilize our alchemical muscles. Yes, exactly AND I am sure my real time canvases will benefit too. Love, Veronica P

Hi Nicki,

I am deeply grateful for this class. Having you, Nicki, lead the meditations, sets me free to fully engage in the process. I felt a more powerful energy flow than I had on my own. I too was a bit stuck receiving my power word, and your facilitation enabled me to have the confidence to receive. I also got a powerful hit of Native American energy in Thoth. Love and blessings, Judy B

Hi I loved the phone bridge experience! The initiation was very powerful, with my all of my senses completely engaged. I was given my power word earlier that day, and was delighted to have the opportunity to transfer that vibration into my field. I will participate in as many bridges as work schedule allows. Working out of the book appeals to me as well... Thank you so much Nicki for your fabulous work. I feel very blessed. Much love, Mindy A