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Harmonic Concordance: On the Streets of Brooklyn

Mz. Imani

If we had been raised in a traditional culture, we would have been sent to the elders at a very early age to be trained as seers, shamans or healers. Yet, many of us grew up and got our PhD’s from the School of Hard Knocks. During the Harmonic Concordance I was reminded to share my experience and my gifts on the streets of our cities, and throughout our modern culture. I was reminded it is one of the ways I can truly help to change things.

Some of the world’s spiritual traditions say that there are windows of opportunity that open and close in time, moments of power and potency when we can choose to see and to seek balance. While acknowledging our gratitude and appreciation during such moments, we become the container, the cauldron, in which transformation and transmutation occur. We transcend the ordinary when we experience the many layers of reality that are available to us.

On November 8, 2003, a group of people gathered at the home and studio of Alex Grey and his family in Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate such a window: the full moon and the Harmonic Concordance.

The full lunar eclipse began while Nicki and I were taking in one of Alex’s magnificent and consciousness expanding artistic expressions. Nicki, with her eyes wide and her attention excitedly both in the room and in some far away holy place, recalled an opportunity of visioning that is available only during full lunar eclipses. She was between the worlds and asked me to come with her to share in this experience.

As Nicki guided me to the internal experience she was having, I immediately found myself with her on a temple roof in Ancient Egypt. The Full Moon was bright on the desert, and a keen awareness of the power that resided within that moment enveloped me. As I looked up from the Temple roof, I could see that the eclipse was beginning. I adjusted to being fully present to the “here and now”, as well as to the inner reality of the Temple roof.

As the eclipse progressed, about 100 of us went out onto the street and stood on the corner, watching the sky. As the shadow of the sun crossed the moon, many of us meditated and prayed. My heart, mind, body and soul were in an alternate reality. Music flowed through me, out of my voice and into the streets. It was a surrealistic experience there, on a corner in Brooklyn under the darkened moon. A bus stopped; it delivered and picked up passengers. Traffic was heavy and people noticed that there was a crowd gathered, looking up. Many folks yelled as they passed, “What are you looking at?” We pointed to the eclipse, and many responded in gratitude. A few shook their heads in disbelief. Sirens blared and people worked out in the gym across the street.

Nicki came up behind me and wrapped me in her cloak. She gently guided me back to the Temple roof. I felt the ground shake as she whispered the words that opened the hidden teachings. Before she finished speaking, I was there. The chamber was lit from within and filled with an expanse of previously hidden jewels, statuary and ceremonial items. I clearly perceived the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual tools that are representative of the conscious evolution that is available to us now. Although I knew I must not take anything from the room, I felt driven to share the energy and the power of this extraordinary moment, for me and for the world.

I unwound from Nicki’s cloak and began to generate the energetic vortex of the sacred temple teachings out into the streets: to the cars, the subways, the buses, all the hidden places that lie under Brooklyn, New York, and all cities of the world. I smiled and continued to transmit this energy. I focused on the water, the sewers, and the air; on the plant and animal life, and the minerals. I proactively and consciously gave this potent vision, this gift of energy to all beings: The more I gave away, the more came through. I prayed for the homeless people and the wealthy, for the Twin Towers victims and their families, to the site itself, to the children, the elders, the ones yet to be, to all people in pain, and for the highest good of all.

We come once again to a time when such a simple choice— to embrace expanded consciousness with gratitude, and giving—allows us to arrive at new levels of knowing that can be cultivated to surpass all we have ever known or ever imagined, and all that has ever known or imagined us.

Imani teaches Alchemical Healing and Sekhmet workshops, and is deeply involved in the fire circle and sacred drumming communities. For more information about her go to staff.