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Conscious Evolution, Part II

Nicki Scully

As a result of nearly forty years of delving into expanded states of awareness, I question whether consciousness itself evolves. I believe it is our understanding and experience of consciousness that is evolving.
Exploration of consciousness brings us to the recognition of higher intelligence with which we can relate, commune, and eventually, co-create. As we become more aware of who we really are, we naturally gravitate to the practice of conscious evolution. This natural creative process brings into physical manifestation the increased awareness and understanding that we have gained—collectively and individually.
Evolution is about more than just the physical changes to our minds and bodies; it embraces the growth and modifications in our culture and our civilization as well. Our sense of self, primarily gained from our culture, is in a continual learning process that is enhanced through conscious focus and co-creation. This process fuels cultural evolution and as our culture progresses, so our sense of self expands on the collective level. On the individual level, our sense of self evolves because we are seeking that evolution. Those who actively seek growth and transformation are doing the creative work of putting these evolutionary changes into process.
The human comprehension of consciousness is the ultimate collective task in which we all have consented to participate. The progress of this work is aided by embracing our humanness without judging ourselves as either inferior or superior, and regardless of the current state of our grasp of consciousness. Whether or not we choose to be alert to the process, we are influencing evolution, and our influence is exponentially greater when we are consciously aware and engaged. When we learn to perceive the world from our heart instead of our will, our mind, or our emotions, then we will be in alignment with divine will, and our actions will come from compassion.
The principles of Alchemical Healing, the healing form that is the result of my visionary inquiries, is conscious evolution put into practice. Alchemical Healing demands expanded self-awareness and resonance with higher intelligence, so that the resulting co-creative healing process is one of authentic transformation.
Although our desire nature is a catalyst for our creativity, we come into alignment with divinity when we are totally present within our heart.
Contact Nicki directly for a deeper study of the principles of Alchemical Healing and “Igniting the Heart Flame,” the new empowerment that helps each participant recognize and embrace his or her power to love, to heal, to create, to transform, and to evolve consciously. For Conscious Evolution, Part I, see