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A Message of Hope:
New Egyptian Mysteries: the Sacred Rituals of the Heart/Mind

Nicki Scully

Dear Friends,

A spiritual pilgrimage to Egypt stimulates reflection on the deeper meaning of life, and on our connection to the bold statements impressed on the monuments and temples that still stand, vibrant and alive, throbbing with their initial intention to inform us and awaken our memory to who we actually are. There is strong evidence that most modern religions, and perhaps humanity itself has roots in the ancient beings portrayed upon those aged, venerable walls.

History traces the rise and fall of many empires through what is left behind, and there is legendary support for several ones far older than Egypt. Whether their demise came from cosmic or planetary relationships and the instability of their times, natural disasters, or man- (or other species) created cataclysms, is open for debate. It isn’t too much of a stretch to hypothesize that whenever human civilizations have reached a pinnacle of power and are able to affect the climate on the planet, it may have been disastrous. When humans reach the ability to alter nature to such a degree that, whether conscious or unconscious, they begin to control the weather, then humans have stepped into the role of gods.

To recognize and acknowledge our divinity may well be appropriate, even necessary in order to meet our current challenges. However, if we are children of the gods and have that divine right and heritage, we must begin to assume the full responsibility for what that means.

There is awakening conscious around the ability of humans to affect nature, but awareness alone is not enough to make positive change. People have to care. Instilled in us are the maternal and paternal instincts to care for our children so that the races will continue; yet we must also care about the creations we make that influence the planet and impact the earth. Through our science, technology, and genetics, we have come to the next stage of godhood. To be fully human is to care about other beings— to become fully divine is to care about and take responsibility for all our creations, all that we are manifesting and destroying. In spite of, or perhaps because of the wars, the natural disasters, the endless suffering, and the social chaos, humans are beginning to awaken, and some are already fully awake. The problem is that there are not enough awake beings that feel they can make a difference, or that have fully owned their power.

In our current Egyptian mysteries work, the neteru of Egypt are urging us to open our hearts and reconnect with our divine origins. If we understand that we are the sons and daughters of god(s) and that deep within us we possess divine power, we must also realize we are still fledglings. As a species on the planet, humans are still quite young, adolescent at best. We are behaving much like teenagers who can’t wait to drive the car, yet are not yet ready for the responsibility required.

A helpless infant, in just a couple of years, learns to walk, talk, feed itself, use language, and use its hands to build things. Is it such a stretch to know that human beings can, in a relatively short period of time step into their enlightenment and their divinity?

We’ve been trained to believe that we are helpless to confront or change the megalithic power of those who are running the governments, corporations, and other institutions that affect planetary affairs, yet that is not the case. How ridiculous it is to think that we cannot change things when everything around us shows us what we’ve already done! How much more powerful do we have to be if we can change the very face of the planet with roads and tunnels, underwater transportation, airplanes and rockets, and weapons of mass destruction? We have created advanced technologies that change the basic make-up of humans, plants and other life forms as well. The weather itself is defenseless against some of our creations!

So what can we do? We do not need to strive for more power, rather, we must learn to re-channel the energy and power that we already have. Our potent creative juices must move beyond the first three base charkas; they must not be compelled by the urge to survive, the urge to procreate, the urge to exude power, and the urge to control. They must rise into the heart/mind so that the energies of our higher selves can join the energies of our lower selves and create in an embodied, impassioned, and wise way of being and acting.

When we merge the heart with the higher mind we experience the sacred marriage between spirit and humans, and the shift from ego agenda to soul purpose is born. When we open fully and connect to the resulting heart/mind— when we can think and feel and know from that perspective, we can make the shift at a concrete physical level. There is great power in every awakened soul, and nothing human can defeat the power that is unleashed when enough souls are awakened.

The gods of ancient Egypt are calling out to us. It is time to remember the neteru of Egypt and build a deeper relationship with them. It’s time to bring them out of the mist and fog of the distant past and far away land. Each of us is a rainbow bridge to bring consciousness of these ancient ones into the present and allow their intelligence to inform our future. We have a destiny to reestablish, renew and reawaken our heart/minds, and can do so through our relationship with these ancestors. In so doing, we not only remember our family; we re-member ourselves.

Please take this message of hope to heart and let the intelligent light of divinity shine from within. We hope to see you soon to celebrate the potent possibilities that we've discovered.

In joy and with love,

Nicki Scully and Star Wolf

New Egyptian Mysteries: The Sacred Rituals of the Heart/Mind

In October, 2005, Star Wolf, my dear friend who is also the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process TM, and I co-facilitated a Shamanic Journey to Egypt and encountered a new level of magic and information that has evolved into our book, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart (published by Inner Traditions Intl./Bear & Co.).

Anubis, the guardian between the worlds of spirit and matter, (above and below,) is the great shaman priest of Ancient Egypt. He is a staunch ally, and is ready to help us change our perspective and die to the belief that we have no purpose and no power to change things on this planet. It is he who leads us through the Sacred Heart Rituals of ancient Egypt in order to discover our divinity and learn to perceive and act from our heart/mind. Through these new/ancient rituals, we renew our bodies and souls, and awaken to the divinity that is our true heritage. We have been given a map to guide us on a uniquely Egyptian adventure, whether experienced in our Egyptian Mysteries Retreat, or as a roadmap for a shamanic journey in Egypt.

It is our intention to launch a mystery school around these teaching, so please check for Egyptian Mysteries Retreats and join us soon.