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Fire Circle

Mz. Imani

Modern expressions of alchemy and shamanism are emerging in the form of sacred fire circles throughout the US and Europe. These circles co-create opportunities for rites of passage and initiatory experience; they empower people to find spiritual connections and community, and add definition to their life path. Sacred Fire Circles are designed to attract and hold sacred mysteries, to reveal cosmic truths, and to catalyze transformation and healing. A community environment is developed to support each individual, who is then able to consciously explore his or her personal mythology. The relationship between rhythm, movement and intention induces a trance-like state. Once in that state, you can perceive between the worlds and into other dimensions. You can consciously engage in healing yourself, your ancestors, and the ones yet to be. The healing nature of our time together is honored throughout the night by poly-rhythmic drumming, chants, spoken offerings, dance and silence. From rhythmic rides driven by the djembe and dounoun, to subtle sonic interplay amid frame drums, gongs and didjeridoos, sweet incense burns. Dancers circumambulate the Fire and musicians support the deepening of trance. To fully comprehend the elemental magic of the Fire Circle, you must experience it directly. At every sacred Fire Circle there is a team of experienced folks who support the process, however there are no observers. With everyone’s participation, we reach critical mass and the circle begins to propel itself. The resulting spiritual, emotional and physical alchemy can be life changing. The ability to consciously care for the harmony of the circle becomes second nature for those who invest in co-creating these events.

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