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Heart to Heart Fund

Nicki Scully and Jane Bell ©1999

We, Nicki Scully and Jane Bell, invite you to participate with us in an endeavor of love, The Heart to Heart Fund for Egypt. All contributions are tax deductible and will go solely to the charities that are selected by us in conjunction with Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel. We are particularly interested in helping the children and orphans of Egypt, as well as providing educational assistance for those who are unable to afford it.

Ever since we started taking groups to Egypt we have looked for a way to give back "to show our gratitude for the graciousness and generosity with which we have been embraced by all of Egypt--" her warm and friendly people, her powerful and majestic monuments, her laughing and joyful children. For some time we brought contributions of clothes and other items for an orphanage where a friend worked. Our participants were responsible for at least the full college education of one of those orphans.

In 1992, we met Mohamed Nazmy, who was the land agent on our tour to Egypt. At that time, he was the sales manager for Sphinx Tours. What was clear from the start was that noone could ever pay Mohamed enough to serve the people in the very special, over-the-top way that he did. No requests were too little or too great for him, and no participant was ever left out of his net of care, because serving people on the tour was his greatest happiness.

Whether arranging a midnight camel ride or special entry into a sacred site when it is not open to the public, or just making sure that everyone feels seen and loved, Mohamed makes tourism a sacred spiritual practice.

After several years of strong encouragement from Shamanic Journeys, Mohamed took the leap and opened his own travel company. Now he is able to offer quality and love in every aspect of his operation. Not only do his clients benefit, but his employees and partner do as well, for each receiving a percentage of ownership in his new company, called Quest Travel.

At the end of every tour, our travelers have wanted to acknowledge the graciousness and professionalism of Mohamed's work. When he worked for Sphinx, we used to pass an envelope for him (which we recently learned he gave to others). Now as owner and President of Quest Travel, he is commanding a greater arena in the travel business. As his stature grows with his success, it is evident that our participants desire a way to acknowledge him as well as make a contribution to the people of Egypt. As a result, Shamanic Journeys, Ltd., under the auspices of Sahali Publishing, a non-profit foundation that Nicki shares with two of her friends, has opened the The Heart to Heart Fund. This charitable fund will raise money to help people and organizations in Egypt that Mohamed would like to support in an ongoing way. The funds raised by Shamanic Journeys and its travelers will go into a special account and be disbursed to charitable groups selected by Mohamed and given in his name. This will not only give those of us who love and honor him a way to show our gratitude, but it gives all of us who benefit so greatly from these journeys a way to make a more lasting contribution for the benefit of our beloved Egypt.

If you have had the good fortune to have traveled with Mohamed, you know what a blessing he is, and if you would simply like to support this fund, do not hesitate to send your tax deductible contribution: Heart to Heart Fund page on