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A Healing in Egypt with Khepera

Sharlyn Hidalgo

Have you ever had the experience of forming a question in your mind and then having answers appear for you spontaneously? Before I left for Egypt in October of 2007, my students were asking whether they needed protection when working with clients that are undergoing chemo or radiation. My friend, Danielle Hoffman, said she asked Thoth to build her some special protective gloves when she was first doing this work. This was a good answer but I was open to knowing more. On my trip to Egypt, I made friends with a woman who had dealt with Cancer more than once and certainly had her share of chemo and radiation. We were together at Khnum’s temple on Elephantine Island in the underground sanctuary dedicated to his consort Satet. For a few magical moments, we were held in bliss and loving ecstasy and were transported to an experience of pure love and healing. I knew I would share further healing with this woman as our trip progressed.

On our boat ride down the Nile, she asked me about the scarab god, Khepera, whose image appears on many temples and tombs in Egypt. I referred her to the Chapter on Khepera in Nicki’s book, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt. Khepera is the god the represents our becoming. He spins the cycles of life and assists in our transformational processes. He helps us to recognize our god-self so that we can begin to co-create the life we desire. Khepera represents the early morning sun, always carrying the promise of what we can become. In Luxor we arranged a healing session, and it became very clear that Khepera was to be my new friend's ally. She was experiencing discomfort around her neck where she had some suspicious glands removed just before our trip. Khepera wanted to be part of her work and since she had been in touch with him already, she was willing.

Khepera is often seen rolling a ball of dung in which its larva is safely nourished. In this way, he went right to work rolling up discomfort, extra lymph material, scar tissue and other cells that were unnecessary. He worked diligently and gently as he rolled up what no longer served my friend. He pulled out discomfort, infection, and soreness from each node until he was quite content and full, sitting upon the ball of dispensable energies from her neck. He deftly worked with the area that had been disturbed by the surgeon’s knife and with the tissues affected by the chemotherapy and radiation. We filled the places that Khepera had so tenderly worked on with pink light, love and Universal life force energy. And of course, we gave our gratitude to Khepera for his help. When finished, he dissolved back into the void, or Akasha, where all things are created anew.

Khepera, as an insect, is resistant to many of the chemicals and radiation that are harmful to humans, making him a powerful ally for people who are undergoing these toxic treatments. It is not that we are getting rid of the chemotherapy or radiation-- we want them to do their work. This ally can support whatever protocol you choose, and can also help regenerate tissue that is damaged during treatment. He offers protection to me as I do the healing work so that I can handle most toxic energies safely, however I advise great care while working with people with cancer, especially those undergoing radiation therapies.

After the healing, my friend’s neck felt better and the pain decreased. She experienced more range of motion. She also experienced joy, peace and reassurance. It was quite amazing. This was yet another incredible experience in Egypt, and I was glad to be part of it.

Sharlyn Hidalgo, M.A. is a practicing Alchemical Healing teacher and healer in Seattle. Sharlyn will be teaching classes starting September 2nd See our schedule page. She can be reached at