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One Drop of Water


“One drop of water left alone evaporates quickly, but one drop of water in the immense sea, endures.”

Alchemists are spiritually active people who know the power of thought and intention. As a trained Shamanic practitioner, a practitioner and teacher of Alchemical Healing and person who has studied, played and taught the drum for over 15 years, I can attest to the power of Rhythm. I can tell you, with certainty, that the drum is something that crosses into most cultural and ethnic ways of life. It is only recently that the people of this continent have forgotten to respect the power of the drum, yet rhythm has been used as a healing tool for as long as humans can remember. In addition, many people have used the drum to deliver messages to each other, across vast distances, and vast amounts of time.

I am but a drop of water, seeking my true river, to bring me home to the deep, rhythmic pulse and mystery of the sea of creation. Once there, I know I can enliven, and help to co-create, a true and deep reservoir of peace and security with members of my clan and with spirit. We do this for our ancestors and for the ones yet to be.

I live in Metropolitan Washington, DC, a place I never thought of as being a potential home for me. I was born and raised in New England, till I was 10 years old. I come from a long line of “Maine-iacs”, and spent a lot of time in the woods, and walking, especially along the rugged coastal region of Friendship, Maine. Most often I spent this time alone. With or without people or animals, I was happiest on, in, or near the ocean, or in the deep woods.

On October 26th 2002, in Washington, DC, I, along with an estimated 100,000 others, participated in the largest anti-war protest since the Vietnam War protests in the late 60’s. On that warm Sunday in October, before the war on Iraq has even begun, we became that “True River”. We were a river of people protesting impending war and the legal right for George W. to enter the United States into a war with Iraq.

We were a rainbow of every color. We were individual raindrops coming together and taking the shape of a river. We were immense in our size, and we merged together becoming that mystery that lies in the ocean of co-creation. Together, we were co-creating and enlivening a true and deep reservoir of peace and security. There were times when the river had to slow and stop, allowing the multitude of human tributaries to merge with us. The river stayed in harmony, and stayed in the flow of peace and of appropriate action.

I was blessed to share the day, drumming with my friends in the Rhythm Workers Union. We marched with the “Mother Drum Ship”, a recycled baby carriage with 4 large base drums attached to it, as well as bells, blocks and shakers. We had many small hand percussion toys and we shared all of our instruments with those marching nearby us. We provided a groove so deep and sweet that everyone near us was bathed and nurtured by the rhythms of life. We created a wake so tangible and true, that each time we stopped, we found our selves in the midst of a dance party. Young and old alike, were dancing, singing and ‘jamming for justice’.

In addition to the grass roots protests in Washington, DC, there were protests in San Francisco, and many other cities and towns in the US. In San Francisco alone, an estimated 100,000 participated in the protest. During the week surrounding October 26th, 2002, there were marches in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Puerto Rico and Denmark. Being one of the hundreds of thousands people protesting that day, and that week, I can’t help but wonder why mainstream media did not give the events more local, national and world news coverage.

For me, one of the most noteworthy things was that no one person was the same as another. Some folks were wearing coats and ties, and some folks were dressed in blue jeans, some folks clearly claimed their pagan beliefs, there were puppet masters, carrying large art installations expressing their artistic vision with the world. Some were students, some were in wheelchairs, some were drummers, and some were children. Some of these people were our elders, people who have been around to witness the devastation that past wars had created. The varied perspectives, religious and social communities, the alternative and mainstream cultures that showed up that day were awesome!

I can tell you that America has more than one unified voice. There is a unified voice of peace and it is speaking clearly and compassionately through many hearts and minds of people who are willing and able to show up at the marches. The voice of peace speaks through the individual raindrops that came together to form a river and then merge into the ocean of co-creation. Together we are a force to be reckoned with; Spirit, in its many forms, did hear a unified voice for peace, in spite of the lack of national news coverage.

Voices for peace are being raised all around the globe. It is up to us to listen to, and empower these voices, even if the mainstream media does not accurately report about these mass protests. We must believe in the efficacy of our actions, even if we do not see the results right away.

As a mother, a shamanic practitioner, a healer and a woman drummer, I know that all things happen for a reason. I also know that I am responsible for my knowledge. A part of the responsibility of this knowledge means that I must offer my gifts to the world through my drum, my voice, my skills as a healer and a friend. I must walk my talk, given that I carry the intention for all beings on our planet to know peace.

There will be many opportunities for demonstrating for peace if the calls to war escalate. I call to all the healers, shamans, drummers, priests, priestesses, mothers, fathers and children— come out and march if you are able. I call on you to empower the process of peace within our world. If you take no other action, know peace within your own heart and your own family.

We must refuse to participate in negative commentary about the lack of media coverage, or policies of the government. Instead, let us know peace within our own lives. Let us support the people who are organizing these protests. Let us continue to have faith and to know that EVERYTHING we do, makes a difference. Now is the time to hold true to our belief that peace will prevail on earth. Now is the time to hold onto the belief that we will see this peace prevail in our lifetime.

Do what you can to support this work, by coming to the marches, writing to your representatives, donating your time or sending money to organizations that reflect your personal values. At the very minimum, let us all agree to disagree and, through it all, to treat each other with respect and dignity. May All Beings Know Peace.

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