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A Pathway to Personal Growth

Gloria Taylor Brown

When I was four years old, I used to line up my dolls, and play “school”. I would solemnly instruct them from my books and what I learned at Sunday School. I was encouraged by my grandparents, who would sit with my dolls, and listen to my lessons. My grandmother, who practiced many forms of divination including Bibliomancy1, told me when I was only six years old that each of us are described in the Book of Proverbs2 in the Bible, and the verse corresponding to our birth date would be an indication to our future. For men it is in Chapter 21, for women it is in Chapter 31. For my birthday, the 26th, the proverb reads “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” I asked what this meant, and Grandma said it meant I would be a teacher. I thought this was the highest calling anyone could answer, and was delighted with the prospect.

As I grew up I learned more about Bibliomancy, as well as many other paths to divination. While my grandmother started my learning about the Mysteries, I enthusiastically read and studied many subjects on my own.

These early experiences sent me on a path towards being a professor in an eastern university 20 years later. But it was not to be. For professors, although some are great teachers, must also be capable of functioning within the rigorous limitations of the school bureaucracy. I could not, for I was fascinated with many subjects far beyond those allowed in schools at that time. I left teaching behind, I thought, to pursue a career in business and the arts.

Although I may have thought I left teaching, teaching was not done with me. I found that in every career, there are always opportunities to instruct others, and there are many forms of school other than the university structure. I began with past life regression courses, added dream workshops, moved on to creating explorations into the Mysteries, such as The Goddess Way and Wild Women!

From leading my groups I learned a truth about myself. No matter what my role appeared to be, I was always a student as well. For in every class I taught, I frequently learned more from my students than they knew. In their stories, their discoveries, their joy and pain, I learned and explored new landscapes of human thought and emotion.

As time went by, I found there was a particular kind of study, a format, if you will, that served best to deepen the knowledge of all involved. Whether as student or as teacher, I found I learned the most when I was involved in a continuing series of classes with a group of committed individuals for a minimum of one year.

In these kind of committed classes we see each other on a regular basis through the year. We transform and we grow as individuals and as a group. The power of gathering together in a regular manner to pursue a course of study and personal growth, creates a synergistic energy that lifted us all higher than we had expected to go.

Miracles have occurred in every year long program I know- great miracles, small miracles, incredible, healing miracles. In my first program I attended, I met my soul mate, whom I am still with 22 years later and we are still just as much in love. I have seen people create new lives, like Susan, who thought she wanted a career as a dancer, but found she was still trying to please her mother, and that what she really wanted to do was be a carpenter. In another group, a severely abused woman, Caron, discovered the strength to leave the abusive situation she was in and create a new life as the director of a shelter for abused women and children. In my most recent group, one man has reclaimed the business that was stolen from him by unscrupulous buyers and has begun to turn the business around, saving the jobs of his loyal employees. Another woman is using the power of the group to help her succeed in kicking a drug habit that kept her enchained for the last 17 years. These are just a few of the miracles I have witnessed and participated in over the last 25 years.

In my current group, I find that I am moving to a place new to me, where my relationship with the Neters, with Spirit, has become a melding, where my access to Spirit has become unlimited. I can find no separation, and in that union, I find great joy. Realizing that I am part of all that is, at a cellular level, far beyond just intellectual knowledge, has created in me an understanding of life and existence that surpasses anything I have ever expected to learn by myself. As I delve deeper and deeper in the Mysteries, I find I know more and understand less. And this is good.

The transformative outcomes of these groups could not be plotted or planned, by teacher or student. You cannot anticipate the many healings, the new relationships or the magic that occurs naturally from this form of study—and I have come to expect miracles to occur nearly every day.
Why have I told you all this?

Because I want to make a recommendation to anyone who would deepen their soul connections. Find a teacher and join a group of like-minded individuals, who meet on a regular basis and make a one year commitment to that group and the subject matter. Whether it is Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries, or some other subject entirely, the practice of regularly coming together in a process dedicated to personal growth and knowledge will transform your life. You cannot control or predict the results of this transformation, you can only experience it.

Come and join together in a glorious exploration of the universe. As each of us raises our personal vibration, we raise the vibration of the planet, creating a new existence not only for ourselves, but for our world. Maybe we can even create peace on Earth.

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1Bibliomancy is the art of divining by opening the Bible (or other sacred book) at random and reading the answer to a question or a prophecy of the future.
2If you want to look up your verse, and don’t have a Bible handy, is a very good place to look up information. You can chose from a number of translations under the advanced search feature.