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A Postcard from Egypt

Nicki Scully

We are ten intrepid Americans, bucking the media blitz of fear to complete a pilgrimage to Egypt that for some is the dream of a lifetime. Over the loud protests of family and friends, those who have made the choice to come on this adventure are not disappointed. This morning, our first day here on the Giza Plateau, started misty and mysterious as we entered the area of the Sphinx to stand between her paws and ask permission of this ancient guardian to proceed through Egypt on a path of initiation into her mysteries. It was eerily quiet, with no other people around as we completed our ceremony and moved to continue our explorations in the Valley Temple.

As we approached the temple, a bus drove up and unloaded a group of secondary school girls who were on a field trip to learn of their country’s rich history. They politely made way for our little group to enter first, and we went directly the public viewing area at the side of the Sphinx where Emil, our Egyptologist, talked to us about the controversial theories on the history of this enigmatic being.

A few of the braver girls came forward and asked if they could have their pictures taken with us. We were happy to comply and suddenly found ourselves swarmed by these beautiful, youthful, and thoroughly delightful pre-teen and teenage girls. They wanted to know where we are from, what our names are, and how old we are, obviously excited for an opportunity to practice their English. They were welcoming in such a pure and openhearted way, that by the time the next wave of students entered the area, this group much younger and even more unabashedly friendly, we were all embracing and practically cuddling there on the rocks by the side of the Sphinx. I wished I had taken a video to show my friend Kathy, who had tears streaming down her face as these beautiful children came to her in waves of three at a time, kissing her face as she wrapped her arms around them. Two of the teenaged girls danced for us, right there in the temple, while we clapped our hands and trilled with their friends and teachers.

Our feeling of welcome only intensified in the festival atmosphere of the pyramids, where it appeared to be a day for students. When they found out we were Americans, many told us with great care and sincerity how badly they felt for what happened to us in our country.

With our hearts burst open, we finally tore ourselves away to bask in the good feelings of the morning and the magic that is so quintessentially Egypt.

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