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Powerful Medicine

Indigo Ronlov

Throughout this year’s Alchemical and Planetary Healing intensive retreat, Nicki and I with the assistance of Jeya, Dea, Berit, and Yellow Wolf, magically wove together Alchemical Healing with Planetary Healing. It was a powerful eight days with an amazingly open and willing group that came together seamlessly, creating a powerful container to hold our individual and collective medicine. We each arrived ready to strengthen our connection to spirit, each other, and the planet that we love and depend on.

Were I to distill the most notable and profound knowing that came from these last many days, it is the knowledge and deepening recognition of how very powerful is the precept as above, so below. We live in a holographic existence in which planetary healing comes about as all humans address, face, and seek to understand our own inner battles and storms. The chaos we see across the globe is a reflection of what lies hidden within each and every one of the seven billion of us. Humanity has the tendency to hide our trauma and pain in the shadows in order to simply cope and move forward with what life is delivering or calling from us in the moment. I now acutely understand the importance of healing the wounds and scars that weave through lifetimes and generations. It is in healing our personal inner strife that we can begin to heal our relationship with each other and our planet.

A few days into the intensive, we came to what was perhaps the most powerful of our alchemical planetary healing processes in this retreat. Our group contained a number of us that had been affected by the suffering from the concentration camps in Germany either directly or through family, with both sides represented. We discovered ourselves confronted by the spirit of a man who worked in a camp and was responsible for the loss of many lives. He was appealing to us for healing for his soul. In response, we sought a way to find reconciliation to help heal the individual, generational, and planetary soul of this person and those he represents, while at the same time bringing healing to the souls of the victims and their families by using the powerful spirit medicine we had created. The result of our process gave us a sense of relief as we felt the power of forgiveness within the strength of our medicine. WWII and all its horrific conflicts and genocides have affected and continue to affect and recreate patterns of grief, fear, hate, and guilt that have been held within our collective psyche. Needless to say, this intense healing process that spontaneously came to fruition in our class is now working its way through our group’s collective consciousness as we take what we experienced out into the world. Our hope is that the potency of our experience penetrates the collective field of humanity and brings relief and healing to scars long ago created in both victims of hate and genocide and perpetrators who are haunted by their actions, even in death, throughout time.

During the break following this intense and profound Planetary Healing, I opened my journal and allowed the following messages to come through. I offer them to you. May these words serve the highest good…

With the ostrich feather I write:

Anubis Says—
Those who died in persecution, such as in the concentrations camps, have had their hearts weighed against the feather of Ma’at and in that action, all is balanced. Do not underestimate this. The cycles of persecutor/victim end as we all come to acknowledge and respect the tipping of the scales.* We are moving into a period where the balance will be equal, and in this, healing will occur. Do not expect this to look like ripe peaches and beautiful roses, but know and surrender to the decay as essential for the new seed to sprout. Without the decay there would be no life. Honor this knowledge.

Nephthys Says—
When the mountain blew its top, when the plenty became scarcity and fear for life set in. Instinctual survival put into motion a stream of energy that became distorted and generationalized. We will move into this time with the same outcome if we do not understand our role as co-creators of this existence. That which is hidden must be seen. This is important, for in this lies the keys to get out of the box of limitation, the casket of this current paradigm; in this, a new world order evolves. More suffering is coming, yet more and more will come to reconciliation with their own inner battles and storms, bringing that reconciliation into their relationships and choices. If you make it through this shift, your desires will become transparent and you will find that what was and what will be is no longer important. What is right now is all there is. Impeccability within this moment is called for from all those who are here now. Authenticity is key. It is no longer necessary to base who you are on the reflections of that around you, but instead be guided by your inner knowing. Do your work by showing up and remembering that you are made of stardust. Remember your ancestors. Remember there is always a choice.

Thoth Says—
The story of darkness is as old as the story itself. You still look to avoid that which hurts or you do not like. Get over yourselves and show up to this very time! Be who you are here and now because you have been called to be witness and servant to the great transition. Those that come will incorporate the essence of this world and evolve into who they are supposed to be. Trust that your actions are true and seek the shadows so you may understand what motivates you. When that which was unseen reveals itself, give it the attention it calls for so it no longer hinders your progress, but instead becomes your ally. For humanity to take its role, it will need to learn how to simplify itself and know at a base level that it is a part of the whole, but not the whole itself.

In Gratitude, Indigo