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Isis, Thoth, and the Red Road

Charla Hermann

The goddess Isis first made her way into my journals when I was nine. I was a sickly child, and she was often the healing ally who carried me through high fevers and the sleep walking that followed. When my mother woke me, I would always tell her I had been taking a trip to Egypt. It is somehow no surprise to find myself having come full circle, and deeply involved in her mysteries.

Meeting Nicki Scully in 1991 provided a large piece in the cosmic puzzle of my life. I joined her in lodge as her assigned singer for a Stone People’s ceremony. I had been training with my Native Elder for almost twenty years and I was ripe for the changes that were to come. Not long after our auspicious meeting, Nicki was diagnosed with breast cancer and I traveled west to offer my healing hands and a heart filled with sisterly support. I limped into her workshop (Nicki showed up to meet her commitment to teach at the 1992 Oregon Medicine Wheel Gathering bald, but not bowed.) with a fractured ankle, my hands reaching out to give her some of my energy. When I left her workshop I removed my cast and walked just fine to serve at the next healing lodge. I had no idea if my hands had helped Nicki, but I was certain that hers had helped me. Our relationship deepened significantly.

The healing experience with Nicki that day opened an ancient gateway filled with new healing allies. I was naturally concerned that my many years of Lakota training would not be compatible with the energy and support I seemed to be receiving from the Egyptian gods. My Lakota Spiritual Father immediately put that issue to rest as he shared with me the details of his relationship with the “Chicken Woman”, as he endearingly refers to Isis. He had a strong connection with her while doing ceremony with the cannunpa (the sacred pipe) inside the Great Pyramid, and has continued to nurture that relationship over the years. During our times together Grandpa always sang an honoring song to Isis and invited her to assist us with our healing work.

Isis has been known since the time of Ancient Egypt as the source of healing magic and much of the surviving healing formulae—and her teacher was Thoth, keeper of the great mysteries and wisdom teachings. Through the years my relationship with these great allies has become less intimidating, and far more accessible in my own healing altar.

I first became aware of Thoth when he entered my world in the mid-seventies. We have since developed a strong healing partnership. He has also been a powerful taskmaster in my world. Thoth was with me during my 30 plus years in broadcasting as I scribed and communicated many ancient stories and messages from the elders. He has been there to caution me and guide me as I have written and lectured around the country. His sage wisdom and grand humor have lightened up my most serious endeavors, and if I got off course, he was there within minutes to kick me in the behind and make me focus on a bigger picture.

During the celebration of my 50th birthday I accepted my place in the lineage of Thoth. The opening of that 50th year gateway expanded my 29 years of formal apprenticeship of the Native American traditions into a full relationship with the Altar of all nations; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akasha, and the teachings of Alchemical Healing.

The bigger picture is evolving as the Alchemical Healing workshops and the relationships with Isis and Thoth have been integrated into my healing practice and the teachings at our center, Hawkwind, and at other places where I travel. I am honored to be taking an active part in Thoth’s lineage and carrying it’s wisdom to the hearts of those who wish to receive. It is my pledge to be of service to this ever-strengthening and growing Altar of personal and planetary healing in this time of world crisis.

Charla Hermann is founder and director of the Hawkwind Earth Renewal Cooperative, a 100 acre wilderness center located in the Northern Alabama. A study group meets for a weekend each month to work with the energies of healing and the elements, weaving together the healing allies of all nations to create the powerful effects of the regeneration of sacred life.

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