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Responsibility In Healing

Sarah Salter-Kelly

We share responsibility for our own healing.

Each and every one of us holds the key to our health. With that knowledge we may turn misfortune into gold, disease into transformation, and grief into enlightenment. We all, individually and collectively, have power— perhaps more than we are aware of!

Utilizing imagery that is meaningful to us to discover and see for ourselves what is going on inside presents us with tools we need for our own continued healing. What do we see? How is the body talking to us? What do we hunger for? How do we envision our healing? The power of imagery acts as a gateway to our subconscious mind. Imagery is the doorway into “non-ordinary” reality, where we may access our truth, our soul, our purpose. It is through this door that shamans have moved for millennia tracking the source of dis-ease, and bringing back healing power. This door way is old but not forgotten.

In the summer of 2007, as part of my ongoing learning in the field of alternative medicine and practical mysticism, I took the Alchemical Healing Intensive training program. This particular tradition has been woven together by Medicine Woman, Nicki Scully. It is a process of learning to connect with the realm of spirit in the present moment, manifesting the highest healing potential available. It teaches you how to engage and empower your client so that they may “see” with their own senses what is needed to create their healing.

Working with the building blocks of creation, the elements, (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) we learned that by adjusting the quantities of each we are presently made of, that we may cultivate what it is we need or desire. Earth adds foundation and brings dreams into physical form. Water cleanses, releases rigidity, and helps us trust the flow. Fire burns off old patterns that do not serve, and can empower and aid you in taking action in your life. Air inspires, lightens things up, reminds us of the power of our voice. Akasha, the basic medium of all creation, contains all information and all possibilities, past, present and future. Akashic energy informs.

We connected with our own personal “healing team.” Plants, stones, animals, and other spirit guides showed up for us and we learned how to access their unique intelligence for the purpose of healing and enlightenment. We also learned how to stay present to allow new ones to show up as needed.

It was gratifying to learn how to help others discover and work with their own team (yes, we all have one!), and to use their intuition and imagination to “see” who shows up for them. The attraction to a certain stone, plant, animal, or archetype, can be a response to an important signal. (Remember, your Intuition!) The stone people, plant people, four leggeds and guides are always communicating with us; we just need to learn how to hear, and then to listen.

I watched these techniques used effectively on my classmates and volunteers. We journeyed—we moved into chakras to balance them, and worked with our guides to allow ourselves to unfold while releasing any fears or anger that we felt bound by. And of course we explored and discovered the art of forgiveness. Each person went away from the experience feeling uplifted, empowered, and equipped with solid tools to work with. Although they are often etheric, they are solid!

These methods also bring a much-needed sense of play into the healing experience. Sometimes we are so serious, so attached to our perfect outcome we lose all sense of the magic of now. Play brings that to us; it puts us right here in this moment with a lighter heart and clearer mind.

It is my belief that when we have faith, without doubt, in ourselves and in our power, we can heal most anything. When we know we have the power, believe in it, and seek guidance for its use—sometimes by simply asking the silent question and listening for the answer—we learn how to take responsibility for our own healing.

Sarah is healer and teacher who is also a student and practitioner of Alchemical Healing. She integrates a deep natural talent for healing with other forms she has studied, including Reiki, Andean Medicine tradition, Soul Retrieval, and Aromatherapy to create her own unique expression. She is in the process of anchoring her work with a healing center on her land near Pigeon Lake, Alberta. You can reach her at