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The Wisdom of the Neteru Initial Journey

Indigo Rønlov & Debbie Clarkin

You can listen to this journey by clicking here…

Egypt activates your relationship to the divinity within and wisdom of the neteru you meet along the way. This provides a deeper understanding of yourself within the context of life. This inner journey begins the alchemy for the outer journey through the magical land on the Wisdom of the Neteru tour in March. It also stands alone to introduce you to your heart’s sweet divine. May it serve your highest good.

Relax wherever you are . . . Breathe deeply . . . Feel love . . .

Breathe this love into your heart center . . . . . . breathe out love.

Breathe up the wisdom and vitality of the earth into your heart center to mix with your love . . . . . . breathe out wisdom, vitality, and love.

Breathe down the vast intelligence and power of the cosmos into your heart center to merge with both the wisdom and vitality of the earth and your love . . . . . . breathe out intelligence, power, wisdom, vitality, and love.

Breathe in this continuous connection with earth and sky . . . . . . breathe out love.

Breathe in deeply with the mystery . . . . . . as you breathe out allow yourself to sink into a knowing . . .

You are walking along the riverbank beside the River Nile. Notice the details of this scene; the sun permeating all, the blue waters, the browns of the sand, the white wisps of clouds in the sky. Notice the animals and green plants all around you, each going about their day, living on the edge of a river on the edge of a desert on the edge of time.

As you walk along your path, you find yourself drawn to something that feels symbolic—perhaps a feather or a stone or a flower—whatever it is, pick it up to take with you to be an offering where you are headed. Before moving on, feel into your heart center all the love you have and breathe that love onto the object you gently hold in your hands.

Continue now along the path and you soon arrive at a gated garden. Enter through the unlocked gates into this private garden sanctuary, where resides your inner heart naos, or shrine. Notice the beauty in this garden temple which is also occupied by many wise allies—members of the Egyptian family of neteru, and perhaps deities or wise ones from other traditions as well. Greet these beings and thank them for standing as witness to this moment.

Your attention is now pulled to a sacred cabinet, the shrine within the center of your heart temple. You notice all the details of how it is made and the way the closed doors are decorated. When you are ready, breathe in deeply with earth and sky and as you exhale love, step forward to open the doors of your holy of holies, this adytum of your heart.

Behind the doors is an image, a statue, or a representation that lets you know the holy one who inhabits your sacred heart center and who wishes to be your guide and mentor. Greet who has appeared as you look deeply into their eyes and/or feel deeply into their field.

You remember the gift you carry. Offer your deity the gift with your gratitude, as they have shown up just for you. In return, you are given an invitation to work with and pay attention to this holy being. You may also be given an additional invitation to continue your journey, inquiry, and initiation with this deity and the collective Wisdom of the Neteru in Egypt.

Wherever and however you work with this divine being, may you gain from their wisdom and teachings to help you become more potently and fully who you are meant to be. May this connection bring forward your sacred purpose for the well being of all. You are to know that this wise holy one is here to be in service to you, for you, and with you.

Take all the time you need to receive the divine message, teaching or initiation that this exquisite being has to convey at this time. As you go about your days ahead, to pay attention to how various aspects and energies of the deity appear in your thoughts, in your heart, in the world around.

When you are ready, but not a moment before, be sure to fully ground yourself back into your time and place, and record your experience from this journey and this initiation in your holy heart.

Breathe love.
Be love.

Further Instructions for building the adydem, the inner heart temple, can be found in the Union of Isis and Thoth by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully.