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The Coauldron of Thoth cover artThe Cauldron of Thoth

A Journey of Empowerment with Nicki Scully
Music by John Sergeant

The Cauldron of Thoth serves as an introduction to certain aspects of creation that offer unique attributes and wisdom that are useful for our survival, our healing and our spiritual growth. This journey is designed to put all listeners, male and female, in touch with their own Cauldron, a source of their deepest guidance, through personal empowerment and awakened sensitivities.

During this time of planetary chaos, when for the first time in our recorded history we face the possibility of self-destruction, we bear continous witness to the extinction of countless species of plants, animals and other natural resources. As we seek solutions to these grave problems, we find our awareness expanding to include those entities, seen and unseen, who have equal investment in the healing of our mutual Mother, the Earth.

It is helpful to have an understanding of the symbols before you begin your journey:

The Cauldron is a very ancient symbol which has its corresponding representative in most cultures as a metaphor for our own body as the receptacle of the creative forces. lt is the cup of the Tarot, the grail of the Christians, and the ting of the Chinese. lt is the soup pot of every nurturing Mother. lt is the vessel of our being, and it contains the whole of the collective consciousness. To organize and attain mastery over the contents of our own cauldron is to reclaim our power.

Thoth is the ibis-headed scribe of the Egyptian pantheon, god of wisdom, language and magic. Originally a lunar deity, Thoth is also Hermes and Mercury. He is said to have lived during the age of Atlantis, and was chosen to carry the light and the knowledge to Egypt, to teach and bring forth an enlightened civilization. The teachings that appear in this journey and that eventually develop into all the journeys that appear in Power Animal Mediataions are a gift from Thoth, who is the main guide and guardian of the gateway to these realms. These teachings are a gift from Thoth, who is the main guide and guardian of the gateway to these realms. He also watches over your body while you travel in this way.

Mut is the oldest Mother Goddess of the Egyptian pantheon, according to ancient folklore. She is Mother of All, born of none, and her symbol is the vulture. The vulture is prominent in Egyptian mythology, found on the crown of Pharoah and representing Upper Egypt.

The Crone is the wise, old woman. She is the keeper of the storehouse of herbs and knows the ways of the Earth. As priestess of Mut, she confers initiations and gives ongoing guidance to those who visit her. lt is especially advantageous to visit her during the full of each moon cycle.

For optimum results, it is important to be relaxed and focused while experiencing these journeys, without interruptions or distractions. What you accomplish will vary according to your awareness and processes. lf possible, it is a good idea to sit up straight or stand during the first, initiatory experience. After the first time, any comfortable position will be appropriate; however if you are drowsy it is best to remain upright. Hit "pause" if you find you need more time during any segment.

As with any of the journeys from Power Animal Meditations, you will have a uniquie experience each time you travel in this way. As you develop relationship with Thoth and the Crone, ask questions of them. You will find that you can retrieve very specific information. Keep a journal of your experiences.

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Copyright Nicki Scully, 1986