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Stargate Egypt 2012 Celebrate 2012 and uncover the mysteries within with William Henry February 14th  27th, 2012
Nicki Scully

Celebrate 2012 and uncover the mysteries within with investigative mythologist and author William Henry, the world’s expert on ancient Egyptian stargate symbolism and metaphysics.

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More about William Henry on his website:

In addition to on-site talks and guidance, William will present three presentations:

“Stargate Egypt” – The ultimate slide show featuring ancient Egyptian stargate symbolism. In his work, William has revealed a startling truth encoded in Egypt ‘stargate art’.

“The Egyptian Roots of Christianty” ­ explores the Egyptian origins of Christianity. Discover the alchemical secrets of soul transformation – the ‘Resurrection Code’ - in the art and artifacts of Tutankhamun and how this code manifested in Christian art and tradition.

“Seti, the Transfigured Man” – Everything modern science needs to learn about the transfiguration of the human body into light is encoded on the walls of the Osiris Chapel at the Temple of Sety at Abydos. William reveals this code and the astonishing secrets of this temple the ancient Egyptians called the Gate to the Gods.

Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. proudly presents:

Stargate Egypt 2012
with William Henry

February 14th – 27th, 2012

William Henry is honored to present Stargate Egypt 2012, a remembering of the original ancient Egyptian Stargate Mystery School and the initiates who gathered there and who left us a legacy to discover.

A message from William Henry:

Life, the ancients believed, is about preparation for existence in another dimension. I have discovered that the magnificent artwork left on the temple walls of ancient Egypt preserves an advance sacred science based on stargates and wormholes, the Way of the Stars. This science focused on the transformation (or transfiguration) of the human body into a being of light in preparation for entering the next world. Join us as I lead you through the temples of ancient Egypt to the deepest secrets of our world and how to enter the next. You’ll see the artwork portraying the advanced sacred science of the gods and experience the timeless power and transformative energies radiating from these extraordinary temples/gates.

Discover and experience the Gate of Eternity of the ancient Egyptians.

If you let it this experience will open your heart. You’ll fall in love with the sacred journey and life all over again. You’ll experience:

  • The Great Pyramid inside and out.
  • Initiation in the Great Sphinx enclosure.
  • Saqqara and the hidden texts of the afterlife.
  • In depth exploration of Abydos, the Gate of the Gods.
  • The Osirion, the Temple of Time.
  • Denderah, the gate of the Hathors.
  • The Temple of Man at Luxor.
  • The Temple of Horus at Edfu.
  • The Temple of Isis at Philae.
  • Tour the incredible Cairo Museum and the newly opened Coptic Christian Museum.

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Tour Price

PRICE AND PAYMENT: The price for this tour package is $5588, including domestic Egypt flights, but not international airfare. Shamanic Journeys Ltd. can book your roundtrip airfare from New York for an additional cost of $1200 per person, plus taxes and any applicable airline surcharges. Single Supplements are available for $1500 per person.

A deposit of $1500 is required to secure your position on this trip. If you do not wish to pay the entire trip cost at one time, you may pay in installments at any time, but no later than the following payment schedule (after the deposit has been made): $1400 is due on September 14, 2011, an additional $ 1400 is due October 14, 2011, and the final balance of $1288 is due by November 14, 2011. Please note: the final, full payment for the trip is due 90 days prior to the scheduled departure.

If you choose to pay in full by check or money order you will receive a $250 discount on the tour price.

The deposit is fully refunded if we cancel the trip for any reason. Otherwise, it is non-refundable outside of an exceptional, case-by case basis. Please register early, as Egypt is a popular destination and accommodations must be arranged well in advance. Space is limited. Tour costs are based on a minimum of 16 participants, double occupancy, and are subject to change. A late fee of $200 will be levied if the final payment is not received within one week of the deadline, unless prior arrangements have been made. We reserve the right to decline anyone who does not complete the final payment two weeks after the due date, without a refund.

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Please note: if you pay the full amount by check or money order, you will receive a $250 discount on the tour price.

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