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Visionary Pilgrimage
to Egypt and Jordan
Martina Hoffmann
& Nicki Scully

March 18 – April 1, 2013
Optional Jordan Extension April 1 - 6

Nicki is transitioning to co-leading semi-private chartered groups on the Afandina and arranging tours for other teachers. Her co-leader on this first private charter is the great visionary artist Martina Hoffman, and she is permitting us to invite a few participants from Nicki's list. Please contact Nicki only if you are familiar with Martina's work and have either studied with her before or know that you would like to share in this extra-ordinary adventure. We will be turning our dahabeya into a painting studio as we sail the Nile.

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Martina Hoffmann works as a painter and sculptress and is considered one of the foremost contemporary female visionary artists. Her paintings offer the viewer a detailed glimpse into her inner landscapes - imagery that has been inspired by expanded states of consciousness: the realms of the imagination, meditation, shamanic journeys and the dream state, with the Sacred feminine as a central theme.

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Nicki Scully has guided many hundreds of spiritual seekers through Egypt, while forging relationships with the family of the divine neteru, and also with the people of modern Egypt who care for us and guide us throughout our adventure. For more information about Nicki, see our staff page.

Monatery at Petra by David BjorgenPetra, Jordan

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“Let us play together in the realms of dream, art and mystery and prepare for the birth of a powerful new self and global consciousness.”“Curandera” Martina Hoffmann, 2012

As I’m commemorating the 11th month of my beloved Robert’s transition, I’m now also preparing to move from a chrysalis state to unfolding my wings and take flight into a new life. These past long months have taken me on a powerful and deeply transformative journey towards creating a brand-new existence for myself.

It has been a very silent and introspective time, during which I’ve been mostly focused on the realms of my inner landscapes, a solitary walk through the shadows of what has been a beautiful 30 years of profound love and partnership. And as I’m listening to the echoes of this magical dream about times past, I hear Robert’s voice encouraging me to create a new song and a harmonic melody to be sung by my own voice and those around me.

Synchronicity and perfect flow has brought me this gracious invitation, extended by my dear friend, Nicki Scully, to co-host a once-in-a-lifetime trip into the mysteries of Egypt. And this couldn’t be more timely, as all of us will be ready to turn a fresh page in Spring of 2013 and allow for new personal and planetary beginnings.

“Cusp” Martina Hoffmann, 2000

Through ceremonial/shamanic traveling we’ll be opening up to the great mysteries for guidance and inspiration. Through artistic explorations we’ll be re-membering the magic in our lives and the unlimited creativity that Source Energy has endowed us with. Together we’ll be facing a blank canvas, metaphorically as well as in actuality and fill it with images of deep knowing, trust and loving certainty of our divine nature. This is the secret and journey of the artist, who treats the gift of creation as a daily opportunity to invite the unexpected, the new and all that the universe has in store for us.

On our shared journey to this ancient land, we hope to discover renewed clarity, physical, emotional and spiritual strength together. We’ll be opening ourselves to leaving our shadows behind, cleanse out the old and allow for bright healing light to rise and flood every cell of our body and fill our hearts with hope, joy and excitement.

Let us play together in the realms of dream, art and mystery and prepare for the birth of a powerful new self and global consciousness.

I’m deeply grateful for this opportunity to share this journey with you.

—Martina Hoffmann

On the practical side, just to whet your interest further, here are some links to the hotel where we will be staying and to a video about the Afandina, the private dahabeya (traditional Egyptian boat) on which we will sail the Nile:

Please contact Nicki at (541) 484-1099 or email if you are interested in joining this private tour.

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The price of the Egypt tour is $6988, including international and domestic Egypt flights. The price of the entire package, including Jordan and the flight to Jordan if you are on the same EgyptAir ticket, is $8888. If you choose to do your own international ticketing, there will be a $400 supplement for the Jordan ticket. otherwise, the land only cost for Egypt is $6288.

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For more information or to register for this tour: E-Mail us at

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