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An Egyptian Mysteries Journey to Egypt

Normandi Ellis & Deborah Jones

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December 3 ~ 17, 2015

Normandi Ellis is the author of six books, including two award-winning collections of fiction, Sorrowful Mysteries and Fresh Fleshed Sisters. Her spiritual autobiography Dreams of Isis has been the touchstone for many modern day seekers. For the last 20 years pilgrims throughout Egypt have regarded her translations of the Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, as the essential text for any pilgrimage through the ancient Egyptian temples.

Deborah Jones has studied with Dr. Gay Luce for sixteen years and now serves as the spiritual leader of the Mystery Schools and other Nine Gates programs. Deborah has worked intensely with wisdom keepers from around the world, practicing the healing arts, shamanism, the integrative application of the Hindu and Buddhist tantric paths, tribal trance dance, the transpersonal psychology of spiritual awakening through the energy and emotional bodies, and other ancient arts of the mystery schools. Her spiritual initiations led her to Egypt, India, Greece, Australia, Rome, the Yucatan, and the Orient. Deborah devotes her life to the awakening spirit alive and vital in all human beings. You will feel this devotion flowing toward you when you meet.

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Why Spiritual Autobiography Matters: Exploring Words of Power

Imagine if you will, a grand party with every sensual delight, the festival hall filled with music, song and dance, tables overflowing with fruits and bread and meat, candle flames glowing in lanterns, goblets of wine and beer, laughter, the cats lolling under chairs, and the sweet scent of lotus blossoms in the air. Imagine yourself in the midst of your life celebrating your community, your beloved, the recent harvest from your gardens and fields. In the midst of this party chaos enters. In the midst of the party death comes uninvited, and everything changes.

This is the story of Isis and Osiris. This is a tale of lamentation and loss. Osiris, a mighty chief on earth, is hacked to pieces and scattered. He must die in order to be born into his inheritance as Lord of Amduat (what is in the other world). He can not know in advance when his journey into the neterworld will begin, but everything he has done upon this earth has coalesced around this moment. He, who contemplates the meaning of his life while he is yet alive, who dies to the old self while he still lives, is reborn.

After the first death, they say, there is no other.

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Egypt Is Possible Now

book cover of Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis

Thoth speaks:

The ibis and the ink pot – these are blessed. For as the ibis pecks along the bank for a bit of food, so the scribe searches among his thoughts for some truth to tell. All the work is his to speak, its secrets writ down in his heart from the beginning of time, the god’s words rising upwards through his dark belly, seeking light at the edge of his throat. We are made of god stuff, the explosion of stars, particles of light, molded in the presence of gods. The gods are with us. Their secrets writ only in the scrolls of men’s hearts, the law of creation, death and change inscribed in the blood and seed of man’s love. In the beginning and at the end, the book in opened and we see what in life we are asked to remember.

—From The Speeches, Awakening Osiris by Normandi Ellis

This tour will be intimate, limited to 16 participants, and will focus on the Egyptian Mysteries and writing your spiritual memoirs. Normandi Ellis is an award-winning author, poet, priestess and scholar. For the last 20 years Egyptophiles and travelers to Egypt have regarded her translation of the Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, as the essential text for any pilgrimage through the ancient Egyptian temples.

This tour will include writing sessions similar to the ones that resulted in Normandi's book, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling, a collection of inspiring pieces by participants on an Egypt tour in 2009. Normandi will offer writing exercises in the temples and on our exquisite, private dahabeya as we sail the Nile and participate in initiations and ceremonies at temples and sacred sites. Join us in learning to create meaning from our life experiences and manifest new destinies for ourselves through spiritual re-membering and writing.

Mena House Hotel

Thank you and we look forward to sharing this amazing adventure with you,
Normandi Ellis

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