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An Egyptian Mysteries Pilgrimage

Witness the Ancient Ones through Visioning, Dreaming and Writing

with Normandi Ellis & Sandy Corcoran

March 18 – 31, 2017

Sold Out: Waiting List Only

Normandi Ellis is an Arch-priestess of the Fellowship of Isis, a clairvoyant Spiritualist minister and an internationally known teacher. She is the author of 12 books, most notably the spiritual classic Awakening Osiris, based on the hieroglyphic text of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. For over 25 years Awakening Osiris has been a touchstone of the spiritual tourist through Egypt and was described as an essential text for the spiritual pilgrim. Her other works in the Egyptian mystical tradition include Dreams of Isis: A Woman's Spiritual Sojourn, Feasts of Light: Celebrations for the Seasons of Life based on the Egyptian Mysteries, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt, Imagining the World Into Existence: A Manual of Ancient Egyptian Consciousness (with Gloria Taylor Brown) and her original Egyptian hymns collected in Words on Water. Her most recent book with Nicki Scully is The Union of Isis and Thoth: The Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt.

A sought after teacher of the mysteries, she also teaches as creative writing, having received advanced degrees for her creative work and journalism. Her award-winning fiction includes Sorrowful Mysteries and other Stories, Voice Forms, Going West and Fresh Fleshed Sisters. She is the recipient of writing fellowships, including those from The Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Kentucky and Colorado Arts councils.

Normandi is a Spiritualist minister and certified medium missionary through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. She teaches in the Metaphysical School at Camp Chesterfield (Indiana) and offers clairvoyant circles private consultations on the phone or in person, and online classes.

Sandy Corcoran, M.Ed. is a shamanic counselor, body-oriented psychotherapist and indigenously trained dream decoder. She was initiated into the Sisters of the Violet Flame in ‘85, a lineage that arose out of Egypt and is said to have its roots in Atlantis. From this tradition she offers Moon ceremony and women’s rituals internationally.

She is the published author of Shamanic Awakening: Between the Dark and the Daylight through Bear & Company and the recent meditative CD, Souled Out. Her wide variety of penned articles span the metaphysical, the dreamtime, shamanism, and even healthcare design trends used to uplift patients in high stress hospital settings, all which have been published in an extensive array of magazines, as well as addressed in multiple radio interviews.

Sandy co-created the STAR Process™ in '91; an integrative spirit retrieval modality. She has conducted soul retrievals, susto healings, and Thoth tarot readings world-wide. Mentored throughout the Americas, she has been teaching for the past 35 years in North, South, and Central America, as well as throughout the British Isles, Turkey, and Egypt. She conducts phone readings and is available for consultations, classes, workshops and sacred journeys nationally and internationally. Visit her website:

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The dahabeya Afandina The Dahabeya Afandina

Join authors, shamanic guides, and priestesses of the Egyptian mysteries, Normandi Ellis and Sandy Corcoran for the journey of a lifetime throughout Ta-Sheme'aw, the land of upper and lower Egypt. We will introduce you to the magic of the neteru, the gods and goddesses who are still palpable and accessible at the sacred sites and ancient temples we will visit. We will dedicate time to write, weaving the personal awareness that comes from our energetic exchange with these Ancient Ones as we walk the Sands of Time.

Awaken to the sight of the Great Pyramids, at the beautiful hotel we have chosen for our time in Cairo. Participate in the magic of nine days of Nile river sunsets and sunrises as we sail on our personal dahabeya (boat), the Afandina. In the evenings we dock where water buffalo graze peacefully and the ibis walks amongst the reeds. It is as if you have traveled back 3000 years in time.

Sunrise between the paws of the SphinxMany special opportunities have been created throughout this spectacular journey. Included are three special private visits—Equinox sunrise between the Sphinx’s paws, sunrise ceremony in the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, and a final initiation in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid—all scheduled when the monuments are not open to the public. In addition to these private ritual sites, we will take in many beautiful and still empowered locations, built thousands of years ago, including Saqqara, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, the West Bank of Luxor, Dendera, Abydos, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Elephantine Island.

At the Cairo Museum, we will see magnificent statues and artifacts of antiquity that once populated the sites we visit. In Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan we walk through the ancient, thriving markets where treasures and special keepsakes can be found. Additionally, we may stop and visit a village along our sail!

In this journey of spiritual initiation, we will have the opportunity to engage the alchemical energies, which can further open our perceptions as we access the ancient ways of the Egyptian Priest and Priestesses of Egypt. Sandy and Normandi will guide you through meditative journeys and oracular exercises using the Medju Neter, the Anubis Oracle, and the Thoth Tarot Decks. We will incorporate writing exercises that flourish from our dreams, our ceremonies, and the whisperings offered to each of us from the neteru themselves, as we play and pray within the magic and mystery of this pilgrimage.

Long after we leave Egypt and return to our ‘individual lives’, the Ancient Ones will continue to provide a container for our spiritual transformation. This journey offers us an opportunity to heal our connection with the Self, and to recognize that our sacred processes―guided by Ma'at herself, She Who Sees All―is to actualize the transformation we seek. This is a gift shared with us, both individually and as a group, through our interactions with the land, the neteru, each other, and the Egyptian people we meet along the way.

We welcome you to join us for this IS the trip of a lifetime. 16 participants only.

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