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Journey to Egypt
Sandra Corcoran
& Nicki Scully

2015 (dates to be announced)

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Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., Shamanic Counselor, Author Co-founder of the STAR Process®: soul retrievals in 1991, and author of: Between the Dark and the Daylight Awakening to Shamanism, 2012. She has been trained in modern and ancient healing techniques for the past 30 years. Mentored by Native American ‘Grandmothers’ in energy healing, women’s ceremonies, and as a dreamtime decoder, she was initiated into the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge by the late Grandmother Twylah Nitsch in the early ‘90‘s and continues to teach her body of work through the Seneca Earthpath Energy Charts. Initiated in ‘94 into the Andean Mystical Tradition as a 4th level priest and a Chunpi paqo by Dr. Juan Nunez del Prado and the late don Mariano Apasa Marchaqa. A contactee, she was guided through her anomalous experiences by the late Dr. John Mack and PEER: The Program for Extraordinary Experience Research. For thirty years she has offered guidance and alternative perspectives to clients world-wide through her diverse workshops and Thoth Tarot Readings. Workshops, ceremony, sacred travel & readings have been offered nationally & internationally.

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Nicki Scully has guided many hundreds of spiritual seekers through Egypt, while forging relationships with the family of the divine neteru, and also with the people of modern Egypt who care for us and guide us throughout our adventure. For more information about Nicki, see our staff page.

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I am a seeker of the arcane, luminous, and magical, working all my life to bring what is inside myself, and those untapped jewels within my clients, forward into the light of our human potential. Like many seekers, what brought my feet to this rich path was deep personal loss. I believe this is something we all share at some point in our life’s. Learning how to move past those wounds, making them allies in our changing world, is a gift we give our self. Each step has been an amazing journey that I never would have imagined, but one that despite the loss and pain, I would do again as it has enlivened my life exponentially.

I have been a soul retrievalist, ceremonialist, and dreamtime decoder for over 30 years in both my private practice and in the workshops and sacred journeys I have led. I have been blessed to have been guided and mentored by many indigenous elders throughout North, Central and South America over the years, as well as having the opportunity to lead workshops throughout these same lands, Europe and England. This trip to Egypt has been a life long dream to connect to the neteru and the sacred places that ancient land holds. To share this sacred journey with others, is to share in the continual awakening of who we each are, bearing witness to the font of wisdom we each carry within.

As we move into a new time for humanity, our emergence into the Sixth Sun, this trip offers participants a way to consciously solidify and/or shift their dreams, as we all continue to travel around the Wisdom Wheel of life. It is with this renewal that I wish to offer my shamanic teachings, participate with the energies of the “ancients” at these sacred sites; spend time sharing and decoding our dreams to let our inner wisdom be manifest; writing of the experiences of our rituals to deepen the knowledge of what the neteru will share; and to be able to offer individual’s Thoth Tarot readings to uncover an answer to one personal question.

The invitation to do this work with Nicki, who I consider one of the pr-eminent teachers of this path, is a delight. Thank you Nicki!! The rituals and ceremonies Nicki will share with us present a once in a life-time adventure that I am grateful to experience, and one which I hope you will be encouraged to join.

Ka deesh tay-from my heart to yours-Sandy

Among the highlights of this tour will be a sunrise visit to Isis’ temple at Philae, and private ceremonial visits to the Sphinx and the King’s Chamber inside the Great Pyramid. Join us in learning to create meaning from our life experiences and manifest new destinies for ourselves through spiritual remembering. In order to jump-start your excitement about this adventure, here is a web link to the hotel where we will be staying in Giza, and a video about the Afandina, the private dahabeya (traditional Egyptian boat) on which we will sail the Nile:

Please contact Nicki at (541) 484-1099 or email if you are interested in joining this private tour.

For more information or to register for this tour: E-Mail us at

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Tour Pricing

The price for this tour package is $5888. There are no single supplements available on this tour.

This price includes: domestic travel between Cairo/Aswan and Luxor/Cairo; deluxe hotels in Egypt; a 7-night luxury Nile cruise on a private sailing yacht; all meals on the boat; breakfast daily; welcome and farewell meals, and at least two extra lunches; extensive sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary, including entrance fees and English speaking guides; all transfers and luggage handling, and miscellaneous gratuities. It also includes sacred initiations, ceremonies & meditations at sacred sites, and a private visit in the Great Pyramid.

Please Note: this price does NOT include international airfare to/from Egypt.

A deposit of $1500 is required to secure your position on this trip. If you do not wish to pay the entire trip cost at one time, you may pay in installments at any time, but no later than the following payment schedule (after the deposit has been made): a payment of $1800 is due no later than May 21st 2012; another $1800 is due by June 21st; and the final balance of $788 is due by July 21st. Please note: the final, full payment for the trip is due 90 days prior to the scheduled departure.

For our cancellation policy, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Please register early, as Egypt is a popular destination and accommodations must be arranged well in advance. Space is limited. Tour costs are based on a minimum of 16 participants, double occupancy, and are subject to change. All prices in US dollars.

It is recommended that you obtain trip insurance. See our trip insurance page for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: In the event unexpected Hotel or Airline surcharges exceed our contingency budget these extra charges may be added to the tour cost.

Detailed information including terms, conditions, responsibilities and a packing and book list will be sent upon receipt of your deposit.

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For more information or to register for this tour: E-Mail us at

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