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Please note that due to the magical and spontaneous nature of these trips the itinerary is subject to change, although all sites listed will be visited.

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Our Egypt Tours Include:

  • 5 star Hotel Accommodations at the Pyramids and throughout Egypt
  • Deluxe Five Star Cruise to visit temples along the Nile
  • Most gratuities and tips for items included in itinerary (boat and guides not included)
  • All sight-seeing in itinerary including entrance fees. Private entries whenever possible
  • Private visits to many monuments.
  • Mystery School initiations, meditations & ceremonies at sacred sites
  • Private Initiation in Great Pyramid
  • American Breakfast daily, 8 lunches and 9 dinners

Dear Nicki,
What an incredible journey! Thank you for making it all possible- I feel like the "red carpet" was rolled out for us the whole trip! I'm enjoying the transformation taking place in me and my life. I'm still amazed that I was actually there at all...Thank you and blessings to you on your own journey. Taya

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Journey to Egypt By Loretta Vigil

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Spiritual Tours of Egypt

This video contains images taken from our Spring 2010 Tour.
Photos by Jake Cohl and Sage Scully; Video by Julie Knouse & Nicki Scully

Join Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. for one of our upcoming pilgrimages to Egypt. We are your most experienced guide to the mysteries of Egypt, featuring our transformative spiritual travel packages with the most exciting and inspiring tour leaders and teachers you'll find anywhere. Amongst other luminous visionaries of our time, Nicki has had the privilege of co-leading tours most recently with Dr. Bruce Lipton, Alex and Allyson Grey, and Normandi Ellis. Her tours and those that she organizes for other teachers and groups feature five star accommodations and deluxe Nile Cruises. They are particularly appreciated for the perks she has gained from leading 40-plus groups during the past twenty years. Most of the monuments are seen privately, with special after-hours permits. When timing requires visits during public hours, Nicki and her Egyptian staff know when and how to assure the privacy needed to experience the spiritual work without interruption.

For those unable to make the journey to Egypt itself, we offer the Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries Retreat, August 20 - 24 at the Lyceum for Shamanic Egypt in Eugene, Oregon. Click here for more information and registration for this intensive workshop with Nicki.


I've lost count of how many trips and groups I've taken to Egypt— more than 30 since I first traveled there with the Grateful Dead in 1978. From that original enchanting experience, my love for Egypt, her people and her mysteries has continued to grow. It is my greatest joy to share what I have learned and experienced with those who join our groups. Each journey is new to me through the eyes of those who engage with the ever-unfolding, ancient yet contemporary mysteries for the first time.

Because Egypt is fully booked with tourists from all over the world, we are making special arrangements for private entries into several sites during off hours where we will be able to do our spiritual work without disturbances. Some of these special services depend upon the size of the groups.

Please contact our office for further details, or register by sending a check to the address below.

Read more testimonials and reviews…

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