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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

The Mandarinfish is native to the Pacific.Dear Friends,

I so want to eat Pacific seafood, but every time I go to buy it I wish I were carrying a hand held Geiger counter. As a result, I don't eat fish anymore except when the urge overwhelms me. Even then I exercise discernment; I avoid fish that cruise the waters of Japan. Can you believe it has come to this? Am I paranoid or are we being bombarded with unnecessary news static to cover a real problem, misinformation, straight up lies, or simply not being informed as to the true health of our blessed Pacific Ocean. Water pollution is systemic throughout the planet, and its distribution is being rearranged in unfamiliar and scary ways by climate change, yet the huge elephant/octopus in the room for me is Fukushima.

It's Planetary Healing Call to Action time again, and I keep thinking about Fukushima. We have not yet directly addressed this issue on our Calls, and it is time. I am simply not sure what is the safest, most effective way we can do this.

We can certainly do a prayer circle around it, and perhaps with our numbers and geographic spread around the Earth can perform rites that are safe and effective, however I need to know a bit more about the people I'm working with if we choose to go deeper. What is your experience? Your commitment? Your thoughts and ideas? Perhaps there is a smaller group of experienced healers and alchemists that know how to safely hold a circle that can participate in a new ritual to help in the safe-keeping of the radiation that continues to leak from the plant and into the complex food chain. Perhaps we can also find solutions that will protect what remain at the reactor site for centuries to come.

It is sometimes quite difficult to know when and how healing work is appropriate. Should we rely on the concept that Gaia ultimately heals herself, and only She knows why this is happening? How can humanity mature to serve this collective self-healing? Is there a safe way to gather, filter or move the radiation to a safe place, and if so, where? As an Alchemical Healer, I feel strongly that it is not up to us to go in and fix things, rather we are participating in a kind of dance between the healer, the healee, magickal allies, and Spirit. In this situation, the healee includes all living things in our ocean, all people who rely on the ocean for their food source, the soil itself, especially beneath Japan, and the very air we share. We can also offer compassion and healing support to those who risk their lives while decommissioning the reactor site. As radiation levels rise in people near, downwind, or down ocean currents, I wonder: can the effects that will attack our health also nudge us into speedier, more conscious evolution?

Gaia Self-Healing
by Sean Woodward
There are a number of empowerments and techniques in Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Medicine that could get us going and help us vision our own particular way of approaching this situation. My current thought is to start there and see where it goes from time to time. The Beacon, one of the first Planetary Healing tools that came to us in 1987 might be the place to begin. In that work, we embed ourselves in a safe, natural altar of our choosing and learn to find our place of power in the air above it. From there we can transmit our call for help from other intelligent beings in the universe, including other people that are working on the same wave link, or frequency, that we are striving for. Together we can come up with innovative and previously unimagined ideas with which to approach this ongoing situation. This process allows us to implement them in the moment from the safety of the circle we create together with our heart centeredconnection.

Regardless of how we choose to go about it, I keep getting a big “yes!”—we have lots of work to do…

My biggest concern is for safety, especially for the safety of anybody on our Calls who gets too close to the essence of the radiation. Mark and I are currently working with some friends to create a ceremony in which we hold space for Gaia to heal Herself as only she knows how to do. We've had various visions over the last several months about how we can contribute, and so the next several (unless some other more immediate emergency comes up in the meantime) Calls will have to do with discussion, preparations through ceremonial work, and the discovery of our particular healing community's part in this healing dance. We want a small, focused and skillful group framing and guiding the Work while at the same time, engaging the support and participation of a larger world community. Please let me know your thoughts at the Planetary Healing Open Group on Facebook, and PLEASE join us this Saturday morning at 9am Pacific for our free call, Register here…

Side Note from Mark: When Mark was a deep-sea diver off Scotland in the mid-seventies, he was introduced to a fleet of World War I ships that had been sunk. The English and Germans were at war and this fleet was trapped in the harbor. Rather than letting the ships fall into the hands of the other side, they scuttled the entire fleet—sank them all. There's steel in those ships that is of value because it was processed before radioactive ions were so pervasive in the atmosphere. Any steel made today will have a hint of radiation that the steel made pre-atmospheric testing does not have. For really ultra-sensitive measuring devices, the steel from that fleet of ships is desirable; it is a source of steel that that has intrinsic value in its lack of radiation. We are speaking of a very slight difference, but for the sensitivity of the current equipment, it is a huge difference. Further, the radiation injected by way of above ground testing into our stratosphere circles the globe today and will continue for the unforeseeable future.

Alchemical Healing Tele/Web Class

For various reasons it became apparent that cancelling Alchemical Healing Level II and waiting until February 10th to begin Level I will be best for me and my health. I hope this does not inconvenience those that have already signed up. We will of course call you personally, and I will let you know when I reschedule Level II.

I am offering Alchemical Healing Level I by tele/web/skype seminar starting Monday, February 10th, at 5:30pm Pacific time. This work is the basis of all that I teach, all that I do, and all that I create in my life. It is dedicated to healing, providing access to the energy and the spirit helpers within ourselves, within the Earth, and around the universe. We are all connected, and as such one giant organism. Perhaps as each of us is a cell in the community of the organism we call Homo sapiens, our planet is a part of a solar system that is a part of an organ of a being that is far too complex and large for our limited understanding, partly because we don't have the wiring to fully comprehend or conceive of the hugeness of consciousness, and partly because we have not developed the abilities that we already have.

I wish to speed up this work so that we can get the basic principles down, so that these principles can become part of our deepest knowing and understanding, and so that we can begin to enter a phase of more advanced development of our neo-cortex and the possibilities of accessing greater vision and other sensibilities with greater wisdom.

Please join me as we spend four evenings with Thoth and other Spirit Allies learning, giving and receiving Alchemical Healing.

To learn more about Alchemical Healing and the class, see our classes page. Register online here…

Sorry for so much mail, but I felt I had to get these thoughts on Fukushima out in time for this weekend's call. More news coming soon.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

Free Planetary Healing Call to Action

Saturday, January 25 at 9AM/PST

We will be focusing on the devastation to our beloved Gaia and the Pacific Ocean caused by the Fukushima reactor meltdown in 2011. We will discuss what we can do as a global community to assist in the healing process of our precious planet, set our intentions for a journey together, and participate in an empowering initiatory ceremony. Your suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Please tell everyone you know to get the word out!

Register here…

Alchemical Healing Level I
with Nicki Scully

Mondays and Thursdays, February 10, 13, 17, 20
All classes held from 5:30-7:30pm/PST

Level One includes:

  • Introduction to Thoth and Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Opening of the hands and third eye
  • Using your hands to feel a person's energy field
  • Learn to feel states of health and dissonance
  • X-ray Vision
  • Learn safe techniques for clearing pain, trauma, illness & emotional blocks
  • Work energetically with plants for healing
  • Safely Access Spiritual Allies, Guides and Totems
  • Distance Healing
  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Processes
  • And whatever else shows up!

Alchemical Healing class, Portland, January 2013You will need my book, Alchemical Healing, A Guide to Spiritual, Physical, and Transformational Medicine, which is our main textbook. We will also be using Power Animal Meditations, Shamanic Journeys with your Spirit Allies. The third part of the Alchemical Healing trilogy is Planetary Healing, Spirit medicine for Global Transformation, co-written with my husband Mark Hallert.

There will be homework, assignments, and partnering for practice with others in and between these classes. Since you need Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Mediations, I am offering a 30% discount on those books on Hathor's Mirror when you register.

To learn more about Alchemical Healing and what you will learn in these classes, visit our classes page. Online registration here. Click here to see what others have said about Alchemical Healing.

Register Here…

Healing Our Ancestral Lines tele/webinar
with Nicki Scully

February 11 & 18 - 6:00 to 7:30PM Pacific time

The first evening we will journey to the Cave of the Ancestors and connect with the spirit shamans who still dwell in this ancient cave in the White Desert of Egypt. With their assistance, we will strengthen and reconnect the fragmented lines between ourselves and the old, wise ones whose strength, courage and tenacity have sustained life for our people so that we are here today. The second evening we will go deeper, learning to heal the wounds and scars created from the many breaks in our historical, physical and spiritual lines, freeing up the energy and channels so that we can receive and send forward the power that will sustain us and the future. You will also learn how to work with these shamans for future healing for yourself and others.

For more information on the Cave of the Ancestors, visit

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