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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Woke up with the sun shining through my window and still in the glow of the birth of my friends' new baby girl in the middle of the night. What strength it takes to labor for so many (I think 30) hours, and yet what joy at the end of the arduous journey. And so the circle of life continues…

Rock and Nicki back in the dayTwo weekends ago I attended an amazing tribute for my ex-husband, Rock Scully, at the Monterey Maritime Museum. As sad as it is to lose Rock, it was a joy to see old friends and family. Rock had a profound effect on his community, on the world of rock and roll, and on many people whose lives were influenced by him throughout the years.

The museum was decked out with photographs and posters from the 60s, some of which I will try to include in this post, although my own camera froze after a too long video and I'm not sure how to get others up onto Facebook. I will also attempt to get the audio of his brother, Dicken's tribute, as well as the congressional resolutions from both the US and California congresses, and a third from the mayor of Monterey.

Bill LaymonBill Laymon from the New Riders of the Purple Sage put together a trio that played dynamite music, each song picked for its connection with Rock and resonance for the occasion. There was also a showing of The Festival Express, the movie that documents the legendary train trip across Canada in 1970. At the time of original release, I had just had a new baby, so I stayed in Marin and house-sat for the Garcia's, and I hadn't seen the film. When I walked into the theater part of the museum, I didn't know what I was watching, although I knew it was Janice Joplin singing at that moment. She was singing her heart out; it was a song I'd never heard, at a level of intimacy I could not have imagined. Rock ScullyI was spellbound; I can't wait to stream the film so that I can hear more from the many musical icons who took that memorable ride…

For those of you who knew Rock, you know that he had tremendous influence over the emerging psychedelic rock scene of the '60s, and was involved with or semi-responsible for many, many events, some world-changing. Yet, when Dicken asked him what he wanted most to be remembered for, it was the 30 days he spent in jail for an equal rights demonstration he was arrested at. Rock was a humble man who, although he made many mistakes and could tell a great story, never made a big deal of all the good things he did. I was most pleased that so many people actually noticed, not just from “the days,” but also during his 20 years of sobriety, which was his greatest feat. He will be missed by all.

Free Planetary Healing Call to Action

Please join Nicki Scully and Kathryn Ravenwood for the first Call to Action of this year on Wednesday, February 4, at 6pm Pacific time. I feel pulled to address the health and well being of the waters of Earth. The aquifers, oceans, lakes, and the ice caps—all the waters are in need of spiritual activists and our united and focused energy. If something else is begging of our attention, please let me know. Meanwhile, Kathryn Ravenwood is a dear friend, a colleague, and the author of How to Create Sacred Water. (I wrote the foreword)

Alchemical Healing

This year I am offering Alchemical Healing in new ways, in preparation for the Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive this July 29-August 3, 2015. I am reaching out to those who wish to work with me privately or in small groups, here in my temple, in the phone web or Skype. These sessions can be devoted to Alchemical Healing to learn the form or prepare for the intensive, or they can include any aspect of my work: the Anubis Oracle, shamanic consultations, Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries, or tutoring. To schedule a private session, please call or email the office.

Indigo Rønlov has just completed a four day Alchemical Healing I class, and will be doing Alchemical Healing II March 6-9 in Eugene (previously Feb 6-9). She will focus on extensive practice with plants, allies and the elements. Students will have the opportunity to work on one another in class and experience a healing clinic with people from outside. Anyone with prior AH experience is welcome to attend level 2, either to refresh your skills or to continue where we left off after AH I. If interested in this class contact Indigo at and see

Debbie Clarkin is offering Level I in Ottawa, Ontario June 5-7, and another in Armstrong, British Columbia June 26-28. She will give Level II August 14-16 in Armstrong, BC, and Level III in Southwold, Ontario May 31-June 2. For more information and details, go to or email

Yellow Wolf Nieves's Alchemical Healing classes in Santa Clara, CA are as follows: Level I March 7-8, 2015 and Level II May 23-24. You can reach Yellow Wolf directly at, or 408/641-0217

Egyptian Mysteries

Sekhmet: In the Belly of the Goddess Class
May 20-26, 2015

Join Nicki Scully and Indigo Rønlov as you drink deeply of the nectar of the Goddess, and awaken to renewed life! Sekhmet's name means Power, the Mighty One. She is the feminine face of the sun, the Lady of Flame. During this time of planetary peril, she is calling for recognition and wishes to empower all who respond to her call. Known to all traditions, her myths and legends are as old as time. Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of both destruction and healing is the feminine fire that transforms; she is also the quintessential compassionate healer. Sekhmet's name is resounding from the lips of men and women who are actively reclaiming their power.

For details about the intention of this class, see Nicki's article “In the Belly of the Goddess” at

Online Registration

Alaska Cruise

My traveling is very limited this year, although I can't resist the shamanic cruise up the inland passage from Seattle to Alaska and back, June 12-19. I just got word that the cruise company is giving a sale for the last 50 cabins, and that was a few days ago. If you are interested in joining us, please register right away. Although we are a relatively small group, the entire ship will be sold out soon, if it's not already. Register online here.

Please remember to give me the credit for introducing you to this amazing event.

Sandy CorcoranIndigo Rønlov Egypt Tours

Shamanic Egyptian Alchemy in the Cauldron of Possibilities
with Sandy Corcoran and Indigo Rønlov
October 29 - November 12

I'm really excited about our tour this October 29 - November 12 with Indigo Rønlov and Sandra Corcoran. These two shaman priestesses are the perfect pair to lead a tour in the way that I would do it, but with their own unique style and empowerments. Both have the required experience, and Indigo has been working with me, either co-leading or assisting on four of my most recent tours. If you choose to read Sandra's book, Shamanic Awakening, My Journey between the Dark and the Daylight, you will understand why I chose her to help carry on the work. She has had many of the same teachers as I, and she delivers the teachings as only someone well connected to the magic can. We will get a page up for her at so that you can purchase it from us if you want, as she is also published by ITI/Bear & Co., and I will be offering a special on four or more ITI books from my site. For more information about Indigo and Sandy, and about the tour see here…

Some of the proceeds from this tour will go toward funding The Zahra Foundation, a 501-3C that Indigo founded. Check out the website for more information about what Zahra is doing.

I hope this year brings joy and abundance into your lives, and especially peace of mind.

Blessings and love, Nicki.


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