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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 2012—we have finally entered the year we have been hearing so much about for the past couple of decades. Many theories abound as to what this auspicious time will bring, and what is in store for all of us who inhabit this precious planet. Does December 21, 2012 presage the end of the world, as we know it, or perhaps the enlightenment of humankind? Ranging from doomsday to ascension and many points between, the rhetoric and hype surrounding this date have inspired movies, documentaries, fear and anticipation around the world. We are choosing to perceive this time as a window of opportunity for the awakening and elevation of consciousness, and perhaps the introduction of a new "smart gene" to raise the general intelligence quotient for humans. We know that many prophecies have foretold extensive changes, and we can already see them reflected in everything from the weird weather phenomena to a pandemic of environmental pollution; from the illusion of social and fiscal stability to teetering world economies; from the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements. Here in the USA 2012 is an election year in which our treasured democratic political process has been hijacked by Big Money super PACs, and the news is delivered to us in sound bites bought and paid for by the highest bidder/sponsors. Current technological wizardry allows us to communicate and inform ourselves and others in ways we could not have imagined, changing the way we think and store information. Most exciting to us are the mind-boggling strides in science, offering new views into both the inner and outer reaches of our universe. We are moving into a time when "consciousness" is entering the scientific domain traditionally reserved for the measurable, material world.

There is a chapter in our new Planetary Healing book called "Intelligent Evolution" that begins as follows: "Science has made great strides in both the understanding of DNA and its manipulation, yet there is ongoing controversy regarding the ethics of tinkering with this basic structure of creation. Already many of our staple food items, such as soy and corn, are being routinely modified in order to streamline cultivation practices and create disease-resistant strains. Although science is limited by its requirement of empirical, measurable data, there is another approach to this field of study that has been practiced by shamans and healers throughout history and has begun to enter the radar screens of some mainstream physicists and bioengineers. Nicki Scully & Bruce Lipton
at Oregon Country Fair, 2011
Alchemical Healing contains many correlations with shamanic principles as they have been practiced over time, and some interesting questions have been raised: What happens when you manipulate DNA in or from another dimension? Can we effect healing and strengthen our immune systems through inserting, deleting, or changing information encoded in the human genome? Can genetic manipulation or mutation in one person affect the collective genome? Where is the line that determines whether an act of conscious mutation is ethically viable?"

As we strive to answer those questions in our book, we discuss the mechanics of DNA and explore some of the work of Bruce Lipton, PhD. (author of The Biology of Belief) and epigenetics, the recently developed branch of cell biology that underscores our ability to change our thinking, and as a consequence, our destinies.

Through our Planetary Healing Calls to Action, Mark and I have committed to providing direct experiences of the tools we offer in our book. In preparation for the potential quantum leap in consciousness toward which we are striving, the free tele-web-Skype/conference call coming up on Thursday, January 12 (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern) will include a guided visualization conferring the DNA empowerment from the Intelligent Evolution chapter combined with Thoth's Magic Diamond, a powerful tool that takes us on a journey into ourselves to remind us of our divinity, and of the responsibility we have as stewards not just of our planet, but of our bodies and the miraculous and magnificent universe within. Join us as we put our hearts and minds together to help make the potential quantum leap of consciousness available to all people everywhere. Register for this Call here. Please forward this Call to Action to every person and circle that would be interested in becoming part of our developing Planetary Healing community. To find out more about our book, Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation, go to

It is our hope and prayer for this pivotal year that you will have these tools with which to renew yourselves and reconnect to the awesome power of love.

May you have a healthy, joy-filled and abundant 2012.

Nicki and Mark

The Anubis Oracle:
Higher Love and Wisdom Spread

As we move through the changes in 2012, we would like to offer an appropriate free reading from The Anubis Oracle. Higher Love and Wisdom features the archetypes Hathor, Set and Wadjet, and speaks to us about the duality in which we are currently living: Hathor, goddess of love and magic, is shown with her double grail—a sacred vessel that alchemizes the dark and the light—and helps us bring together opposites through the magic of her unconditional love. Set, our adversarial ally and inner trickster, shows us how to face and deal with our shadow, the dark side of our nature. Wadjet is the divine awakener who gives us the life force energy with which we purify and transform our lives.

This is a good spread to use when you are confused about a decision that you need to make, or find yourself in conflict or facing a trial of some sort. Questions that might fit here are: How do I deal with the tough situation I'm in? What is the most efficient way to remove certain obstacles on my path? How can I resolve a conflict within my relationship, my job, or my life? What is in my personality or situation that I need to take a closer look at? How can I heal myself in my current turmoil, disease, or situation? It will reveal both sides equally, the pros and cons, the visible and invisible. It will also help you when you need to integrate seemingly opposing forces in your life. The deities represented in this spread can show you how to use higher love and wisdom to embrace the dual nature of every situation.

Get your free reading at

Nicki will be available for private readings and healing sessions by phone or Skype through the month of January after which she will be traveling until mid-March. These sessions and The Anubis Oracle (by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf; book and card deck) are available for purchase at

Egypt, 2012:

There are only a few places left in William Henry's Stargate tour, February 14-27. The October tour with Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully is filling rapidly and we've extended the early bird special until February 1. Danielle Rama Hoffman and Dr. Friedemann Schaub will be offering another of their magical pilgrimages to Egypt in September 18.

Egyptian Mysteries and Retreat in Eugene, May 10 - 14

To learn about and register for the Egyptian Mysteries Retreat, "Exploring the Great Work" with Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully in Eugene this May, click here.

Alchemical Healing Intensive Eight Day Retreat and Clinic

This year I am excited to offer an eight-day Alchemical and Planetary Healing Intensive retreat seminar. We have decided to consolidate the learning process in order to make it more accessible and with less travel required. The practices in our new book Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation were initially created to expand the scope of Alchemical Healing beyond one-on-one healing to a larger scale where it can effect groups and situations such as environmental degradation, diseases, conflicts and disasters. In this retreat we will cover salient rites and initiations from the entire form, providing tools and experience that will give participants depth, breadth and confidence in their personal and planetary Alchemical Healing practices. This retreat will be held at Mark and Nicki's home in Eugene, Oregon from August 22 - 29. Please see this page for details, and call or email us if you have further questions. This intensive class is a prerequisite for the Alchemical Healing Practitioner Certification.

Holiday Specials Extended at Hathor's Mirror

We've extended our special price offers on many of our products at Hathor's Mirror until February. Please visit and check out our growing catalog of books and other products, including the new divination deck, Rainbow Warrior Awaken!


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