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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Pick a miracle—any miracle… Rather than obsessing over the cruddy things that have been and are going on, let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge some magic that occurred during the past year. What is it that you have personally witnessed, and for which you are grateful. Look within and try to imagine the goodness and opportunities for joy that are coming into your life and into the world this Happy New Year!

For me— I am celebrating the third year, cancer-free miracle of my daughter, Acacia. The doctors had written her off and instructed us in how to recognize and deal with the end of her life that they said would happen in about four days… and then there was a miracle. I’m also celebrating the miracle of my three small grandchildren, and the speed with which they are growing and blowing our minds with their brilliance and cool.

What miracles can we hope for in the coming year? Peace? Prosperity? Health? (and health insurance for all?) Any of these would be a miracle, and, given the current world situation, a tall order, even for miracles. If, through hard work and heart-felt and intelligent governance, our new administration rights this careening train wreck and returns us to the warm embrace of the global community— would that be a miracle? Sure looks like it from here. Sign me up… I’m going to imagine it, pray for it, and do anything within my power to help bring this miracle into the light of day.

Meanwhile, if we can hold peace in our hearts, realize and recognize the abundance and prosperity in our own lives, and take care of our bodies and our minds with conscious living, we will be well-prepared to fulfill our parts in the co-creation of a future in alignment with our individual and collective hopes and dreams.

My friend Gloria Taylor Brown suggests an exercise that is appropriate to helping us develop awareness of the miracles that are already happening around us every day: Upon waking in the morning, and again before going to sleep, take a moment to think of five things that you have to be grateful for, and express that gratitude from your heart.

Free New Years Reading: In the spirit of coming together to co-create the dream of wholeness and harmony that we all carry within our hearts, we are offering a new free reading from The Anubis Oracle, at This is the Sacred Purpose reading. When you cast this spread, you learn more about your sacred purpose and what aspect of your purpose you are bringing forth at this time. As we enter this New Year, what part of your sacred work should you be manifesting in your life? Where is the best place for you to be on your path? What do you need to do to manifest your goals, and who is there to help you accomplish your New Years resolutions? Click here to get your free Sacred Purpose Reading.

With joyful blessings of peace, abundance, wisdom and love,

Nicki Scully

My New Love Affair

by Gloria Tayor Brown

Many years ago, I fell in love with Egypt. My affair with this great love has survived many other lovers, three husbands and fifty years. This last November, I fell in love again. My new love's name is Afandina and she is beautiful. Her name means guardian spirit in Arabic.

I first saw her at a distance last year when we were in Aswan, in Upper Egypt. She was floating on the Nile, seductively beckoning. I was unable to get closer to her then, and had to be satisfied with dreams of her. (more…)

The Sacred Purpose Spread

For the New Year: New Online Oracle Reading on The Anubis Oracle Website

What will be your Sacred Purpose for the new year? We have changed the free online reading to the Sacred Purpose spread. Come check it out at Please let me know how it works for you.

Personally signed copies of the Anubis Oracle are available for online purchase at Hathor's Mirror. We are extending our holiday special for another two weeks.

Alchemical Healing Level I & II Phone Classes

Beginning Tuesday, January 27th

I am offering this basic Alchemical Healing courses by phone so that those who can't find another teacher in their area, or can't come to my yearly intensive retreat have an opportunity to study Alchemical Healing with me. Each two-hour session will include empowerments, demonstrations, and discussions. There is opportunity for practice with other participants during private exchanges by phone with pre-determined partners. This is a powerful and economical way to support your own study of the book. Learn and practice techniques of Alchemical Healing, utilizing the latest in conference phone technology from the comfort of your home.

All classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00pm Pacific time (9:00 - 11:00pm Eastern).

Level I Series held January 27, 29, February 3, 5. $169

Level II Series will be held February 10, 12, 17, 19. $189

Special tuition for both classes is $338.

Register Online at Hathor's Mirror

Two New Egypt Trips for 2009

the Dahabeya Afandina A Special Dahabeya Tour of Egypt for Writers
with Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown

October 13 - 27

Join us in this spiritual writing practice as we sail, like Isis, along the Nile gathering the fragmented parts of ourselves and weaving them back together to create the sacred narrative of our lives.

During the tour we will create a book, with each person contributing a chapter. Our book will be publishable, either on the web or in print. Bring your favorite writing tools: laptop computers, digital recorders, pen and paper. This is your opportunity to begin your masterpiece.

More info on this tour can be found by clicking here.

Read Gloria's article about the inspiration behind this special tour of Egypt.

Shamanic Mysteries in Egypt
with Nicki Scully

November 6 - 21, 2009

Join Nicki on an extraordinary pilgrimage to explore the ancient mysteries of Egypt. While holding the dynamic of a mutually supportive, co-creative and harmonious traveling community, we will delve deeply into an experience of healing and transformation that is played out within the ancient sacred temples and monuments that still reverberate the intentions of the magician/priesthood that built them. During this consciousness expanding, life-changing spiritual adventure we will experience some of the initiatory rites of passage from Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and receive guidance from the new oracle card set, The Anubis Oracle.

Click here for more information about this journey.

Free Phone Bridge for Healing Cancer

Thursday, January 8th - 6:00-7:00pm Pacific time

Our Bridge for Healing Cancer program presents phone bridge rituals conducted by Nicki Scully to heal and transform cancer. Whether you have cancer or want to assist and support those who are suffering from cancer, you are welcome to join our bridge. Participants from around the world meet by telephone for each bridge to practice an Alchemical Healing process during which we join together to create a vessel in the shape of a parabola. From this form, which is similar to a satellite dish, we receive potent healing energies and also transmit cancer cells outward in a safe and effective way. This is a free event.

Click here to register.

Beyond the Stargate Teleclass
with Gloria Taylor Brown

Beginning Tuesday, January 6th

Beyond the Stargate Free Preview Teleclasses: Jan. 6th at 6:00-7:00PM, PST and Jan. 10th at 10:30-11:30AM PST. Click here to register for this free preview class.

Class Schedule: Saturdays, January 17th and 24th at 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM PST.

Personal consultation will be scheduled to occur after the class begins.

Beyond the Stargate program is designed to develop that space within you that will allow you to connect to Spirit, and will create new neural pathways within your brain, as your own experience takes you deeper into contact with Spirit. This will be especially useful for those who would like to become or are teachers and leaders.

This course includes a one-hour 1:1 personal phone consultation with me, scheduled at your convenience.

The cost of this course is $222.00.

There will only be a maximum of 25 places in this class. Register now, to reserve your space. You will receive notification of phone and Internet connection as soon as they are available from the new technology I am installing. To register, please visit

A Voice for Spirit

Thursday, January 8th – 5:00pm Pacific
Thusday, January 22nd – 7:00pm Pacific

We will explore the universe together, as a variety of Spirits and Guides, along with various guest Voices join me in providing a door into the Spirit world, for healing and transformation.

Registration at

Nicki on The Judith Conrad Show Cable Broadcast Live in Eugene

Monday, January 5th – 7:00-8:PM Pacific

See Nicki live with Judith Conrad on Comcast Channel 29 for the Eugene/Springfield viewing area. LIVE CALL IN at 541-341-4671.
This live broadcast is also pre-recorded for Tuesday, January 6 from 7-8am and 1-2pm and Wednesday, January 7 from 2-3am and 2-3pm.

Nicki and Star Wolf on The Point of Life Inspirational Show with Mike Levy

Wednesday, January 7th – 7:00-8:AM Pacific/10:00-11:AM Eastern

Hear Nicki and Star Wolf talk about the recently released Anubis Oracle book and card deck with host Mike Levy, 60 minutes.

Listen Live at (or
Call-in Number: (646) 595-4739

The Donna Seebo Show

January 15th from 3:00-3:30pm Pacific

Nicki will be speaking with Donna about Power Animal Meditations. The broadcast can be heard on BBS Radio, Station 1.

Free Alchemical Healing Circle in Eugene
with Dea Lisk

Wednesday, January 7th

The first Wednesday of each month, we are holding a free Alchemical Healing Circle with Liisa Korpela, Jeya Aerenson and/or Dea Lisk at Nicki's home in Eugene, Oregon. For those of you who have never heard of Alchemical Healing please come early at 6:30PM for the introduction. The circle will be from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Everyone is welcome, but space is limited so please register with the office at the contact info below.

For updated events and a full schedule, please go to our schedules page.

Shamanic Journeys, Ltd.