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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
Happy Groundhog Day!

Mole: The Oregon "Groundhog"We hope his shadow, or lack of it, answers your need for more or less winter wherever you are. Here in Western Oregon, we find ourselves looking with a little nervousness at how early our spring sprouts are popping, how low our mountain snow pack is, and how behind we are in our rainfall accumulation. Therefore the unexpected bright sunny weather today (at least here in Eugene) means six more weeks of welcome winter. Hurrah! Too bad we don't have any ground hogs.

Of course wishing to influence weather comes with some risk. Many South Texas churches organized to focus the congregations' prayers for rain during a dry spell and then had to deal with record-breaking flooding. The work we do in Alchemical Healing that pertains to weather requires the High Self of each participant to be included— that a wisdom greater than that of our day-to-day musings awakens in us and sees a bigger picture. With the help and guidance from our High Self we can ask for weather that is positive and offers a greater good that benefits all forms of life, near and far. We've both had the experience of going into ceremony with a clear wish, only to watch our original desire become small, even petty in the face of a greater need that only occurred to us once the High Self became engaged.

The "day-to-day" we mentioned is an important piece of our survival, but invoking our High Self gives a certain depth beyond survival and is an empowerment, an awakening each time we bring it forward. There are some pitfalls to watch out for that need to be re-stated once in awhile if you are already working in this realm, or are interested in starting:

  • Know the difference between a gift from something greater than you and a self-serving shout from your ego.
  • Know how to get out of the way.
  • Invoke sincere gratitude for any gift or insight that comes to you this way.
  • Keep it alive; don't allow the ritual that works for you to become dogmatic or rote.

Following is a journey from Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation (By Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert) to help familiarize yourself with working with your High Self in a shamanistic way:

Process for Evolutionary Understanding

We recommend that you set aside a quiet time and prepare for this journey with grounding meditations that are familiar to you. A recording of something with a consistent cadence would be helpful—for example, drumming with a simple rhythm or chanting.

Start with going in and finding your heart flame. Sit with it, acknowledge it, and begin to slowly feed and nourish it with love. . . .

Notice how your breath affects the flame. . . . Feel the essence of love that resides in you. . . . Allow your love to grow with the fire. . . . There is a growing energy that radiates from you. . . . Know that all of this radiance has an infinite source that fuels the intensity of this flame and of this love. . . .

Notice a deep pulse, a slow, strong beat that grows with your attention until its power begins to tug and pull on the core of your being. This pulse is powering your radiant love. Be with it and feel its growing strength and coherence.

Now, imagine the influence these radiating energies are having on people, regardless of how far they are from you. Look for resonance, and notice how some people naturally increase their radiance in the presence of yours. . . .

Sit with the growing love you feel for yourself, others, and everything. . . .

Now be in your body in all of its glory. Acknowledge and thank the senses you've been gifted with, that have served you your entire life.

Think about your abilities of sight and hearing; think about the nerve receptors on your skin. Remember your senses of smell and taste. Acknowledge them and recognize what they're sensing for you at this moment. . . .

One part of your brain is active as information from your senses comes to it. Imagine that part, for the moment, is separate from any other part of your brain. Acknowledge, honor, and thank it for the service it has always rendered to you. Admire its intelligence: it already knows that you're about to process more information than it's used to receiving, or that it has ever received before. . . .

Notice the observer part of your brain that is the core of your identity, the witness. This witness is the gate to divine mysteries that come to us in dreams and visions. This is the part of the brain that witnesses the reception of information from your other senses, and interprets that information. Memories are sorted and stored here.

You're about to transmit a desire for more information, which you will then receive. Emit the following wish into the universe: “With all respect, I wish to know what direction we the people, the entire human community, can take on the evolutionary path. What are the mechanics of how evolution works? What are the options that we can work for consciously and with compassion? How do we accomplish this?”

Transmit and receive . . .

Practice propelling the wish, strengthening the call, and articulating your desires without words. Feel it like a hunger. Look for and recognize any attempt from the universe to address that hunger. (Long pause.)

Take as long as you need. Sometimes these questions require a gestation period, and you may need to come back again to retrieve your answer, or to better understand your vision and the particular form it took. Be open to whatever path by which the information may come; it may even come at the cellular level or as a tone. The strength of your appeal will begin to abate when it's time to come back.

Offer gratitude to your High Self or whatever source responses came to you.

Mark at Christmas in FloridaGround and center yourself in your physical body and ordinary consciousness. Take the time you need, and inhale through the small of your back, exhaling downward, into Earth to assist in your grounding. Take plenty of time to feel your body, and wriggle your fingers and toes. Even once you've fully come back to yourself, don't rush your reentry: allow any hypersensitivity you may feel to recede before you attempt to interact with the world.

You can repeat this process with other questions once you're comfortable with the way this journey works.

Well, since starting this letter the sky has clouded over and the feel of rain is in the air. We couldn't have wished for more.

I (Nicki) hope to see some of you in Florida, or in a private or mentoring session soon. And remember, if you've ever felt called to Egypt, perhaps now is the time!

With blessings of joy and love,
Mark Hallert and Nicki Scully

Alchemical Healing Level I

The Mystical Moon, Bonita Springs, Florida
Friday March 16 5:30-9PM, Saturday, March 17th 9:30AM-6PM, and Sunday, March 18th 9:30-4

My retirement is actually working, and I am enjoying my time with Mark, and some much needed rest and solitude. As previously stated, I will come out to teach if it takes me to where I can have an opportunity to spend time with my grandchildren on the East Coast or Washington state, and have arranged to do another class at the Mystical Moon in Bonita Springs, Fl, which puts me in position for a visit with the kids during spring break. The class is from March 16-18, and I am looking forward to sharing this powerful foundation piece of my healing work with the growing community in the Fort Myers area that has been so welcoming to me.

We only have a limited number of seats available for this workshop, so please call The Mystical Moon 239 301-0655 ASAP if you are interested.

About Alchemical Healing

As most of you know, Alchemical Healing provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to retrieve knowledge, and to transform magical experience into wisdom in order to skillfully influence physical reality and achieve healing. It honors the accumulated wisdom of the Earth and humankind, both in written and oral traditions, and offers entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge.

We will combine lectures with discussions, and I will provide demonstrations and initiations. Whether you are a beginner whose only exposure is an article, interview or the book, or an old hat with a professional practice, this class will be of great value. Level One Includes:

  • Introduction to Thoth and Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Opening of the hands and third eye
  • Using the eyes in your hands to feel a person's energy field and distinguish states of health and dissonance
  • X-ray Vision
  • Learn safe and effective techniques for clearing pain, trauma, illness & emotional blocks
  • Work energetically with plants and animal totems for healing Safely Access and work with Spirit Allies, Guides and Totems
  • Distance Healing
  • Forgiveness as an Alchemical Process
  • Introduction into the elements for healing and more . . .

View from Elephantine Island TempleWisdom of the Neteru—Egypt Tour with Indigo Rønlov and Debbie Clarkin, March 9-22

Egypt—her name invokes exotic images of monuments such as the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and magnificent temples the likes of which are not seen anywhere else in the world. While most everyone is familiar with the Sphinx and the Pyramids, the remaining great temples and monuments, mostly in the South of the country, were built by adepts who were so intent on making sure that what they believed to be true would remain to enlighten future millennia that they not only built to last. They expressed their wisdom in both hieroglyphs and carvings that could be read and understood according to the station and education of the supplicant. Today's visitors to Egypt are met by warm, friendly and generous Egyptians whose families and ancestors have been hosting the curious for thousands of years. Anyone who enters the monuments with an open heart and sincere quest for Truth and Wisdom will not be disappointed. Magic and synchronicity are everywhere, however if you have guides that are experienced with the mysteries and have made relationships with the neteru, the deities of the Egyptian pantheon, the opportunity for awe and a multitude of AHA! moments increases significantly.

I have personally led over 60 tours, and both Indigo and Debbie have worked with me intimately both in Egypt and in the Egyptian Mysteries and other retreats and classes over the years. Both have been instrumental in helping me write some of my books—they are invaluable as both friends and visionaries, and their knowledge and experience will provide excellent guidance for a safe, joyful, and profoundly transformative journey.

Hank Wesselman:— Free on line presentation Saturday, February 10

My dear friend Hank Wesselman, author of the critically acclaimed Spiritwalker trilogy and The Bowl of Light, as well as Awakening to the Spirit World with Sandra Ingerman, is undertaking an extensive, 25 week on line course that I highly recommend. He will be introducing his course with a free presentation next weekend. Hank has spent 28 years respectfully practicing shamanic principles from traditions around the world — and on Saturday, February 10, he will present a free lead in virtual event, Become a Shamanic Navigator of Light: Exploring Bardos, Cosmic Contracts & Soul Pods. He will discuss

  • Discovering how to enter the timeless bardo realms to help shed karmic burdens
  • Seeing how to move beyond nature mysticism into authentic Deity mysticism
  • Understand your life lessons in a deeper way from the perspective of cosmic contracts
  • Preparing us to journey with our spirit guide to the “gathering of oversouls” to find our homebase and connect with our soul pod

You can register for this free virtual event here…

Don't miss this opportunity to hear him share practices and principles for accessing clarity and wisdom in other realms that can align your life with the design of your soul's purpose. You will also learn details about the 25 week course. Register here for this FREE online event:

Create Don't Wait, a new free online summit beginning February 21

Marcelle Voomz, is on a mission to show you how to fulfill your dreams and create your visions by living in the flow, fearlessly expressing yourself, and elevating the world in the process. To that end, she's put together a no-cost interview series that unites more than 20 diverse teachers, artists and entrepreneurs, including me. In my 20 minute interview I intend to discuss Co-creation Through a Shamanic Perspective. I will also be giving a gift, but as yet have not decided what it will be. I'm getting a jump on my promotion agreement because my newsletter is coming out now, so if the link isn't live when this arrives to you, it will be this weekend.

One of the reasons I am participating in this summit is because in the Sekhmet, Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess class that I am currently engaged in we just did a journey from the book called “Lost Hopes and Forgotten Dreams”, and I was reminded how profoundly we are affected by the roads not taken, and by what we may consider our failures because we couldn't or for whatever reason didn't do some important things to our satisfaction, regardless of how passionately we desired them. In my almost 75 years I've learned a few tricks, and they are not really complicated. I look forward to sharing what I've learned in the hope that you won't need to re-learn many of the most difficult and burdensome lessons that shaped my life. Register at

I hope you enjoy the rest of winter, or an early spring. With prayers for peace — Love will prevail . . .



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