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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As I head out for another adventure in Egypt, this time co-leading with Alex and Allyson Grey, I am experiencing mixed emotions: There is excitement for returning to a place that I love so deeply in the midst of concern for the harsh realities of the world economic crisis and its impact on the way of life so many of us have taken for granted. At the same time, I am feeling a strangely unfamiliar optimism, hope, and even pride in what I see going on in Washington with President Obama at the helm; I look forward to experiencing the shift in Egyptians’ attitudes toward Americans, for I know it reflects a change in sentiments throughout the rest of the world as well. I am also feeling gratefulness for the magic that has put me on this road, and for all of you that have taken the ride with me.

For those of you who feel your body has betrayed you, take heart. There is hope, and miracles do happen. Case in point: my back has improved significantly! For the first time in many, many months (almost two years!) I am actually taking my life back, and even taking it forward…

The Tree of Life The Tree of Life Spread is based on this composite card

The Anubis Oracle website,, continues to attract a virtual crowd for its online Anubis Oracle readings. In keeping with my promise to change the layouts periodically, I have switched to a new one, The Tree of Life reading, based in composite card IV, which includes Bast, Anubis, and Osiris. Some of the questions you might bring to this spread are: What do I need to do when everything is changing around me? What is my heart’s desire and how can I fulfill it? What am I birthing at this time? What aspect of myself is dying at this time? Or make up a question according to your need or situation. I think this is a perfect reading for this time, as almost everyone of us can relate to being hung upside down, and forced to surrender to influences beyond our control. It is in the surrender to the inevitability of the cycles of life, including the natural alchemical and shamanic experiences of surrender, death, illumination, renewal and rebirth, that we find true peace of mind. “A great change is coming, and you are opening to a metamorphosis that is taking place within your soul’s path. To move forward, you must acknowledge the chrysalis process that is happening within you and in your life—a process that requires dissolution of an old form to make way for something new…”

Speaking of something new, I am proud to have a new article by one of my favorite authors, Normandi Ellis (Awaken Osiris, Dreams of Isis, and Feasts of Light,) a true High Priestess of the ancient Egyptian mysteries. Please read her article below, and learn about the unique way she and her co-leader, Gloria Taylor Brown, plan to bring out the writer in each of those who journey with them as they share their beloved Egypt with you this fall: Special Tour of Egypt for Writers: Re-membering the Divine.

Daffodils up the path at my place in Eugene, Oregon

Another bit of wondrous magic: I am continuously grateful for the little piece of paradise I call home. I'd love to share it with you. The two intensive retreats I'm hosting this summer would be a great way for this to happen. Imagine steeping yourself in Alchemical Healing or Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries with like-minded adventurers while enjoying great food, lush gardens, and excellent company. Please see our schedule page or scroll down for these and other offerings from me and other Alchemical Healing Academy teachers.

I will try to send a postcard from Egypt, including pictures.

In joy and with love,


Why Spiritual Autobiography Matters:
Exploring Words of Power

by Normandi Ellis

Osiris card from The Anubis Oracle

Imagine if you will, a grand party with every sensual delight, the festival hall filled with music, song and dance, tables overflowing with fruits and bread and meat, candle flames glowing in lanterns, goblets of wine and beer, laughter, the cats lolling under chairs, and the sweet scent of lotus blossoms in the air. Imagine yourself in the midst of your life celebrating your community, your beloved, the recent harvest from your gardens and fields. In the midst of this party chaos enters. In the midst of the party death comes uninvited, and everything changes.

This is the story of Isis and Osiris. This is a tale of lamentation and loss. Osiris, a mighty chief on earth, is hacked to pieces and scattered. He must die in order to be born into his inheritance as Lord of Amduat (what is in the other world). He can not know in advance when his journey into the neterworld will begin, but everything he has done upon this earth has coalesced around this moment. He, who contemplates the meaning of his life while he is yet alive, who dies to the old self while he still lives, is reborn.

After the first death, they say, there is no other.

(read the rest on…)

Special Tour of Egypt for Writers:
Re-membering the Body Divine
with Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown

October 13 through 27, 2009

The Afandina on the river Nile

Open your heart. Learn to utter words of power. As we sail in our dahabeya and tour the temples that were home to the highest spiritual principles, we will come home to the Self, to the inner sanctum.

Join us in this spiritual writing practice as we sail, like Isis, along the Nile gathering the fragmented parts of ourselves and weaving them back together to create the sacred narrative of our lives. Meditate upon your life. Feast upon the fruits of the goddesses and gods. Steep yourself in magic. Open your heart. Learn to utter words of power. As we sail in our dhabaya and tour the temples that were home to the highest spiritual principles, we will come home to the Self, to the inner sanctum.

During the tour, we will be creating a book, with each person contributing a chapter, that would be publishable, either on the web, or in print. Bring your laptop computers, your digital recorders, or your pen and paper. This is your opportunity to begin your masterpiece.

New Online Oracle Reading on The Anubis Oracle Website

The online reading from the Anubis Deck has been so well received, we've switched to a new layout, the Tree of Life spread. Come check it out at Please let me know how it works for you.

Special Offer: purchase both The Anubis Oracle and Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt—signed by Nicki—for $42 until March 15.

Available for online purchase only at Hathor's Mirror.

Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat

August 1 ~ 9, 2009, Eugene, Oregon

Participants who enroll in our intensive summer retreat will be guests at my home for nine days of immersion into the Alchemical Healing form. During our time together, you will become comfortable and confident in practicing Alchemical Healing and will be able to integrate many of the advanced practices into your life and your healing work. You will also experience the new edge of Alchemical Healing as it has come into the form since the book was published.

Register Online at Hathor's Mirror

Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

August 19 ~ 23, 2009, Eugene, Oregon

Join Nicki Scully and Gloria Taylor-Brown in Eugene this summer as we explore and weave together the new Egyptian Mysteries that are calling to us. As we continue spiraling upward and forward through the shamanic cycles of death, illumination, regeneration and rebirth that punctuate our ongoing awakening process, we have found that the Egyptian Mystery teachings provide a consistent, unique and always surprising high note each summer. Although the teachings and rites we will be sharing have their foundations in Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and The Anubis Oracle, this retreat is an opportunity to reach beyond the neteru that appear in those and my other published works.

Registration and more details on Hathor's Mirror

For updated events and a full schedule, please go to our schedules page.

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