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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
As a grandma, I had the special privilege of spending twelve days with Sage, Jake, Blue Rose, and the newest member of their family, Wiley Rock Cohl, born on March 11th at 3:51am. Here are a couple of photos that do their best to express the beauty and perfection of our new little man.

Click to view the video…His big sister, Blue, will turn four in June, and nothing better shows her excitement than the included video taken by her other grandmother, Lori, while they were waiting during the labor.

It was as though the world stopped while I was in New York and I got my refill of joy and love. It's a good thing, too, because as soon as I returned home and went back to work on my upcoming book on Sekhmet, I had to remember why I was writing it. Sekhmet—In the Belly of the goddess, is a labor of love, and an assignment that I take quite seriously. Its importance is made greater and more relevant when I spend time with the children and see what love, purpose and healthy living can inspire. The hope for the future is alive and well in these children.

Returning to writing gave me an opportunity to deeply contemplate the complexity of our times, the light and the dark and the responsibilities we are charged with. At times, we find ourselves in a state of helplessness whenever we are faced with the insanity of much of the world. Even if you try to avoid following the news, the impact of the many tragedies throughout the world can sometimes intrude upon our lives in ways we couldn't have imagined.

The work all the many great teachers, most of whom are dancing as hard and as fast as they can, sharing their various modes and methodologies, will help us to prepare for and make the changes required to move forward, however it is up to each of us to show up and do our parts.

What is our mission? To create peace, share love, and change the world, starting with ourselves. How are we going to accomplish this amidst the chaos? By showing up and taking advantage of all the many amazing opportunities available so that we can amass the spiritual and energetic powers, as well as the scientific tools that we need. In other words, we have to become smarter, faster, and be willing to transform whatever is holding us back.

The guiding principles of truth, honor, and courage will help us move through the current expression of turmoil and madness into a place of global citizenship, cooperation, civility and respect. In our history, we have created an era where far too many people have grown up in war zones and have known too much terror and hatred for generations which makes our mission that more difficult, and yet, that much more important.

We are entering a time when it is even more important that we commit to positive core values and responsibilities as stewards of our precious planet. Tools found in a myriad of great teachings in books, at workshops, and on the internet, establish the core principles that will see us through. In Egypt, that would be represented by the Djed Pillar, the staff of Ptah that is the backbone that supports our spine. Entering this new age is the true raising of the Djed. In Alchemical Healing it is the Caduceus (See this article on Shamanic Journeys for an online initiation for the Caduceus). In some Native American cultures it is the recognition that we carry the sacred Chanunpa (Sacred Pipe) within us. Although the guidance from the deities of various religions and other ascended teachers is becoming more and more accessible, the challenge is that as the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds become thinner, some will have difficulty dealing with it, and will revert to wanting others to take care of the problems.

Much of the work many spiritual teachers, shamans, healers and new edge scientists have accomplished has brought people to the point of transition. They now need to move to the point of transformation. Some may worry that these are bigger assignments than they are capable of carrying out. However, we must release these limitations and fortify our faith in, and connection to, Spirit as well as the faith we have in ourselves.

Right now, I'm working on my book on Sekhmet, and her transformative work, In the Belly of the Goddess. Once you have fully experienced Sekhmet, from the inside out, you learn the power of fierce compassion. You learn to stand in your power and say, "I am ready to do whatever is needed of me to contribute to a more peaceful, joyful and healthy world." When you have fully accepted your sacred purpose and whatever assignment comes with it, the reverberation of your commitment begins the process and you will know when you are going in the right direction because everything will magically fall in to place, one step at a time.

There are many sacred sites all around the world, each part of an overlay of power that, when seen together, creates a kind of power grid. Some are vortexes of energy that express their unique power in specific ways. These are access points, like acupressure or acupuncture points on Earth. The goal here is not about going to these places to transform yourself so that you can be more materially based, money grubbing, or rich— rather so that you can be more spiritually in tune with what is necessary in order to carry out the missions you have been given on this planet in this life.

Think about it for a moment— what have you accomplished that you are truly proud of? What do you know that you let slide? Consider the possibility that you actually volunteered to come to Earth at this time to do certain things, and then when you got here you were distracted and forgot. Emmons family with Mayor Eslick and Councilmember Naslund. Photo by Chris HendricksonAs my friend Gloria Taylor Brown says, "We have to stop drinking from the river of forgetfulness and start drinking from the river of remembrance."

Sultan honors Elizabeth Emmons

Just as I was about the hit "send" on this newsletter, this article arrived. Our daughter Elizabeth provides a great example for all of us. Her many achievements and contrbutions to her community have not only brought about positive change, they have taught her children at a very young age the meaning of taking on responsibility, of gifiting, and of being a team player in the larger community in which she lives. We are so very proud of her. Please follow the headline above to learn about her amazing achievements.

The intensity level is increasing, which can be both intimidating and exciting. What we are facing is a global task that must be accomplished. Remember, "you have what it takes, and it's going to take everything you're got!"

Sekmet— In The Belly of The Goddess Retreat

May 20 - 26 in Eugene, Oregon

We have several relevant events coming up, all of which address our current situation. I highly recommend my Sekmet— In The Belly of The Goddess Retreat in May, whether you are looking for a solid start, an adjustment or healing, or a complete makeover. Although spiritual activism is a large part of the subtext, the meat of it is becoming who you really are, and what you are going to do on the other side.

What will you do when you complete the alchemy and gain all the skill, ability, access, and experience that comes with it? How will you change the world? How will you build networks of positive people and support systems so that you don't slip back into forgetfulness?

This work is about consistent presence and communication. Most importantly, it's about discipline and avoiding laziness. The intentions for this retreat are powerful. You will not be the same person after, and you will physically affect the world you live in through the commitment you make and the experience you will have gained when you have become fully involved in the physical plane in which we are currently operating.

The Personal & Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive

July 30 - August 5th in Eugene, Oregon

This yearly retreat is happening for one week, July 30- August 5th. There will be at least one other support teacher working with me. I apologize for having the wrong information on my website until now. It has been corrected and I hope those of you who are interested in this powerful work will attend.

More Information and Online Registration

Earth Day Planetary Healing Call To Action Tele-Ceremony Phone Bridge

April 22nd 6pm FREE

This Earth Day, we are reminded of the importance of our responsibilities as stewards of our precious planet. This Tele-Ceremony will reflect the needs of our time. Perhaps, we will do a rewrite of the DNA— perhaps something else will come up that is more relevant to the moment. Whatever we decide on, be ready to participate in this powerful work with an open heart and a strong intention for healing our blessed planet. You can contribute your ideas when you register with this link:

Register Online

Also, you can listen to previous ceremonies here…

Please share this invitation with everyone you know, and every group you know who you think would want to be a part of this. The more people, the more powerful and the more far reaching this work becomes.

Egyptian Mysteries Tour to Egypt
with Sandy Corcoran & Indigo Rønlov

October 29 ~ November 12, 2015

This third an undoubtedly most profound event is the Egyptian Mysteries tour in October. The work is comparable, however there is no substitute for actually being in Egypt and experiencing the magic, alchemy and empowerments at the temples, which have their own unique intrinsic power (as does my garden temple).

We have just received a new shipment of Sandra Corcoran's beautiful book, Shamanic Awakening: My Journey between the Dark and the Daylight.

Egypt Tour Information

When all is said and done, it comes down to who you want to be and how you want to live your life. Now is the greatest time to realize how great and how amazing you are!

Love & Light, Nicki

PS: I am giving private and small group sessions on Alchemical Healing, The Anubis Oracle and Shamanic Consulting. Please call the office or register online if you have a particular need that you wish to discuss or a group that you wish to put together.

Also, we are having some great new sales on Hathor's Mirror Other of my events and other teachers from Thoth's lineage can be found at

A Gathering of Priestesses

Join Gloria Taylor Brown and Kathryn Ravenwood, both members of the Lineage of Thoth, and Certified Alchemical Healing Teachers, and their special guest on the weekly Jam Session, A Gathering of Priestesses, Tuesday, 6:00 PM PT. April 13th guest is Karen Tate, author, travel host and radio personality. Go to for more information or to register. Here is a link to April 6th show with Barbara Lindsey.


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