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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

So many changes, so fast!
With spring coming on, the snow finally melted from our latest storm, and it's almost as though my old life is melting away, giving way to new possibilities. We managed to get the peas in and the daffodils are blooming, although we had to pick many to save them from the crushing snow. There are many new fragrant hyacinths this year, and the new tulips we planted are popping up everywhere. Spring has definitely arrived!

Once again I find myself writing this newsletter from the waiting room at the surgeon's office. Mark is undergoing his second wrist procedure, this time on his right hand. I am praying as I write, and you can send some healing energy, please, when you read this. Together we can help him have a speedy, pain free recovery…

About future Egypt tours:

This June I will turn 69, and I promised Mark that I will slow down and relieve the pressures that come with a multi-faceted business that takes up most of my time and our lives. The biggest change is that this tour I'm doing in the fall with Normandi will very likely be my last public offering as a tour leader to Egypt. I'm so pleased that it will be with Normandi, as she is one of my closest sister priestesses, and we love creating magic together with the neteru of Egypt. I will continue to arrange tours for her, perhaps with Gloria Taylor Brown, as their new book, Invoking the Ancient Scribes of Egypt, is doing quite well, and they make a great team. I will also continue arranging tours for other teachers, such as Danielle Rama Hoffmann, who has a pilgrimage coming up this September (click here for more info). There are several places left on the Egyptian Mysteries Tour in October, so get your deposit in right away if you are interested. See below for more information.

In the future I am willing to lead or co-lead two private, chartered tours per year for groups of people or teachers with students who wish to explore the Egyptian Mysteries with me. I am finding that the small and intimate tours that are invitational by leaders and friends bring together the harmony required to hold an alchemical container strong enough for the deep exploration that excites me.

Planetary Healing Call To Action

Things keep getting crazier all over the planet. The Arab Spring last year catalyzed huge transformation in North Africa and the Middle East where many countries are embracing change while others remain locked in violent struggles and repression. The weather has broken historic records for tornados, storms, deluges, and heat. And of course our own democracy seems to be on the line as our politicians are being purchased, and our rights eroded. I woke this morning to the news that an 8.6 earthquake hit off the coast of Indonesia. Thankfully there are no reports of a tsunami yet. Where to begin? I'm still unsure which practice from our Planetary Healing book we will be doing, but you can be sure it will be a relevant and powerful ceremony. Please register here for this free Call to Action, Thursday April 19, 6PM Pacific Time. When you register, please mention in the note space what topics are of most interest to you, and if you have any particular questions you would like us to address. Our last two Calls to Action are available as podcasts at

As we continue to build this Planetary Healing community, we'd love to hear your ideas and also about your experiences with the practices in the book. I've been away for sometime, so I haven't kept up with the online forum we created. It's up to all of us to get the conversation alive and running.

Alchemical and Planetary Healing Retreat— August 22-29

This year I am doing only one retreat at our home in Eugene. Please join us! Meals will be catered, and our slumber party includes beds, couches, teepees, and you are welcome to bring your own private tent, or, if need be, use one of ours. Space is limited, so sign up soon if you are planning on coming. This will be an intensive retreat, covering a significant amount of Alchemical Healing and Planetary Healing work. It is open to all levels of students and practitioners, and we will study the entire form, including processes and initiations from all three related texts (Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing). Advanced students are encouraged to come to this retreat, as it will be both a refresher and an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques and receive new empowerments that were not given in the original intensives. I am available to speak with you most anytime if you want to know more specifics on what we will be doing. For more information, and to register click here.

Upcoming presentations and conferences:

New Living Expo, San Francisco, April 27-29

I'm excited to participate in the New Living Expo in San Francisco April 27-29. I have three appearances there; the first is on Friday evening from 6-7:30 PM where I am moderating a great panel on the Rebirth of the Psychedelic Movement. Speakers on this panel include John Perry Barlow, Ann Shulgin, Ralph Metzger, Jon Hanna, and Maria Mangini. Following that panel, at 8:00 PM, I will be doing a presentation on What To Do When The Shift Hits The Fan, during which I will be sharing tools from our Planetary Healing book. On Saturday evening at 6 PM I'm on another panel, 2012; The Age of Renewal, moderated by Tricia McCannon and including Gregg Braden and other luminaries. Please check out these programs here…

This year New Living Expo has added an exciting new feature—a Virtual Salon, which offers conversations and interviews with all the Expo speakers, so even if you can't attend in person, you can register for free and participate in the event. I was just interviewed for their Virtual Salon, and you can listen to the interview here at

On May 18, I will be doing a presentation on Planetary Healing at the Sonoma County Pagan Network. The meeting is at the Luther Burbank Home & Garden Center at 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa. Contact Events Coordinator Susan Small at for more information. Doors open to the public at 7 PM, donation requested.

June is an exciting month, with a full moon extravaganza at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, the home/center of Alex and Allyson Grey in Wappingers Falls NY. I will do an afternoon workshop presentation prior to the full moon celebration, focusing on Personal and Planetary Healing with an Egyptian mysteries twist. Click here for more information…

On Monday, June 4 at 6:30 PM I will be doing an intimate presentation on Planetary Healing at Namaste Bookshop in NYC (2 West 14th Street). We will work with our planetary healing tools on timely world issues. The event will be listed soon on their website, or you can call the bookshop at 212-645-0141.

Universal Lightworkers 2012 Spiritual Awakening Conference,
June 8 – 10 in West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm very enthusiastic about returning to the ULC, one of my favorite conferences. This year it will be in Palm Beach FL, and I will be presenting a workshop each day geared to the powerful tools from our book Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. The theme will be the same for me each day, however the initiation and journey will be different. Click here for more information and to register with my special presenter discount.

I do have time in the next few months to do some private readings and Alchemical Healing sessions. If you are unfamiliar with my work, I recommend you visit any of our websites (listed at the bottom of this email), where you will find samples journeys, podcasts, articles and interviews about the work we do. We are still running specials at on all of my books. You can get a free oracle reading at; right now we are featuring “Higher Love and Wisdom.” We will switch to a new spread in a few weeks.

That's all I can handle writing about this time. There are more adventures coming up, including the Oregon Country Fair, the Gaia Festival, and the Women's Visionary Congress. Whew…I thought I was slowing down. Perhaps next year…

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

An Egyptian Mysteries Journey to Egypt

with Normandi Ellis & Nicki Scully

October 23 ~ November 6, 2012

This will be the third tour to Egypt that Normandi and I have led together. Like our last one in March 2011, it will be intimate, limited to 16 participants, and will focus on the Egyptian Mysteries and writing your spiritual memoirs. Normandi Ellis is an award-winning author, poet, priestess and scholar. For the last 20 years Egyptophiles and travelers to Egypt have regarded her translation of the Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris, as the essential text for any pilgrimage through the ancient Egyptian temples.

This tour will include writing sessions similar to the ones that resulted in Normandi's new book, Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt (co-written by Gloria Taylor Brown), a collection of inspiring pieces by participants on an Egypt tour in 2009. Normandi will offer writing exercises in the temples and on our exquisite, private dahabeya as we sail the Nile and participate in initiations and ceremonies at sacred sites. It will also include work with the Anubis Oracle cards and rites similar to those in Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt. Among the highlights will be a sunrise visit to Isis' temple at Philae, and private ceremonial visits to the Sphinx and the King's Chamber inside the Great Pyramid. Join us in learning to create meaning from our life experiences and manifest new destinies for ourselves through spiritual re-membering and writing.

More Information and Itinerary here…


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