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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Summer is nearly upon us, and as you can see, the garden is already fulfilling its goal as a place of sanctuary, healing and beauty.

I am enjoying the work with Sekhmet during the retreat this week. By the time you get this, we will have been prepared to dive into the belly of the goddess for what I feel is an ancient, yet powerful new way of transformation whose time has come around again. Hopefully the work will spread out from our temple and create healing and renewal that will reach others that are in need.

Sekhmet Retreat 2015
Photo by Mark Hallert
I am cutting back on my teaching schedule this year, and will be doing only one other retreat this summer in order to complete the two books I am working on for Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. The Union of Isis and Thoth, co-authored with Normandi Ellis, and Sekhmet—In the Belly of the Goddess, which includes the work we are doing this week. I will, however, be available for private sessions and perhaps a phone class or two this fall.

The Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive will be happening here at my home, August 12th – 18th. I will be going through the entire form, including work from all three textbooks: Alchemical Healing, Planetary Healing, and Power Animal Meditations, and will include new processes that have continued to enter the work. One lesson I've needed to learn over and over again that I will share with you now is: Do Not Despair! A world in crisis in not new; how that information is broadcast at us is new. Some things that are changing can seem alarming, but we can deal with it. Keep your feet on the ground, except when you determine it is time to fly. Keep your eyes and ears open, and let love be the predominant filter you run the information through. And age gracefully; there is a seat at the table of elders that has your name on it. I hope you can join us at our August retreat—it's going to be fun, deep, and heartfelt.

One thing that happens in the class is the practice of Alchemical Healing techniques on volunteers from our local community. If you live near and have a need or know someone, please email Rooster at our office and let her know what you are dealing with and when during the retreat you would be available participate in a demonstration or practice during the retreat. I particularly like to work with acute physical situations where we can see the difference in pain and range of motion or other obvious signs of immediate relief. We can take some emotional and spiritual work as well. Alchemical Healing is not meant to replace allopathic care. If you are in need and can't make it to the class, I will be doing private sessions and readings when I am available and the need arises.

I recently did an interview with Julia Griffin during the Power of Inner Connection Summit. This unusual interview offers the best introduction to Alchemical Healing, including a live demonstration on multiple people simultaneously, you can listen to it on our Broadcasts Page. Meanwhile, here is a bit of feedback we received from the show:

Hi, I just listened to your wonderful interview on the Power of Inner Connection. It was very enlightening and interesting!, LOVED it!!

When we did the healing for Julia's frozen shoulder, I also was doing the healing on my frozen shoulder and stiff neck at the same time. Wow, the energy from my hands was so strong and powerful. My neck was very stiff to begin with. I have a hard time turning it all the way to the left and it was very uncomfortable. My right shoulder was frozen to the point of not being able to move my arm in 2002. I had surgery which helped immensely yet I still do not have full range of motion. While doing the healing today, I immediately felt my neck and my shoulder become very relaxed. I could feel the warmth of the healing energy and the healing of the flower essences and water working in both areas a lot. Afterwards, my neck was so relaxed I could move it from side to side and up and down without any pain. Also, my shoulder was more relaxed and I could lift it higher than I did before we did the healing. It is amazing and I truly love this healing work I am learning about from you. I am a Reiki Master and I do Reiki with animals and people and myself all the time. I am excited about learning this new healing.

Thank you very much, Jan S. xox

Register for the Personal and Planetary Healing retreat here. To find out more about Alchemical Healing visit our classes page, and for more about Nicki's private sessions click here.

Nile Sunset from our dahabeyaThere are just a few places left in the October 29 - November 12 Journey to Egypt with Indigo Rønlov and Sandra Corcoran. They have been working with the neteru to cook up some special alchemy for this most exciting shamanic pilgrimage coming right up on our private dahabeya. For more information, visit the tour details page.

Debbie Clarkin and Nicole Balogh will be taking a group March 12-26. More information about this journey to Egypt can be found here…

Please check my schedules page at for more events and the latest from the other teachers from Thoth's lineage. Meanwhile, I have to get back to my Sekhmet Retreat. I hope to see you or hear from you soon. Pass the love around.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully


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