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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends and Family,
The hills are alive with the sounds of spring. As I sit here, I can hear a pressure washer, multiple lawnmowers, a weed-whacker and a leaf-blower. Not to be outdone, the birds are singing up a storm, which I imagine includes melodic phrases about how good it is to be back after a long flight home. “Check me out!”, “Hey Good Looking.” And “imagine a nest full of our eggs.”

Included in the multiple generations of some birds we can count on returning year after year are, black-capped grosbeaks, ducks (we have a pond), downy woodpeckers, at least one or two blue herons, and lots of crows. A family of red-shoulder hawks spend the winters here but slip away each spring.

Ah, add to the list of sounds— a neighbor just fired up his chain saw, as we are all still recovering from the December 2016 ice storm.

Oh, did I mention my new book is out? That's the most exciting thing happening here in Scully Gully. Our shipment of Sekhmet, Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess arrived here more than three weeks before the stores get theirs (June 20) and we've been kept hopping shipping signed copies. Add to that the intense travel plans, (mostly to do with the book release) and I find writing this letter to you a welcome opportunity to listen to the sounds of spring. Regarding book sales: if you live in the US, please support your local author and buy from my online store, If you live in Canada, you can buy the book directly from Debbie Clarkin. Email her at and save on the exchange rate and shipping.

Nicki at the Sekhmet Temple, Las VegasHere's some events coming up that may put me in your neighborhood. I hope so, as book launches and all the other things I've planned are a great way to re-visit friends I otherwise don't get to see. Also, following my schedule there is a letter to you from my friend and sister, Debbie Clarkin, who is leading the March, 2018 journey to Egypt with Indigo Rønlov through the always mysterious and life-altering lands and temples of the Nile River. Keep the dates, March 8-21, open for this. You will be a new person forever more if you choose to go. See Debbie's story about Egypt below.

So here we are, spring, 2017:

Las Vegas, June 2-4 at the Sophia Center for Goddess Study

We have kept the early bird price for this workshop, following a Friday night introduction that is open to the public but required for workshop attendance. The new book is included in the tuition for this seminar. We will also have the privilege of doing ceremony at the Sekhmet Goddess temple in Indian Springs outside of Las Vegas.

Learn more about this transformative class and register here… There are still a few spaces left.

CoSM, Wappingers Falls, NY, June 10—Afternoon Seminar and Full Moon Ceremony

If you've never been to to CoSM, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. The three hour workshop Saturday afternoon will be followed by dinner and a full moon ceremony with me, Alex and Allyson Grey, and other luminaries. For more information about the amazing temple at CoSM, my workshop, and the full moon ceremony, visit

Nicki with Bruce LiptonPalo Alto, CA, June 17:

Please join me and Bruce Lipton at Ananda Temple, Palo Alto, where I am opening for and in discussion with Bruce. This extraordinary convergence of science and shamanism is sponsored by East West Bookshop in Mountain View (Bay Area, California).

More Info and Reigstration

Friday, June 23, Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR:

You are invited to a Book Launch Party and presentation, to celebreate the completion and publication of my new book. Well will meet and greet at 6:30 PM, flollowed by a reading and initiation from the book. Wine and snacks will be provided.

OCF Opening Ceremony, 2012Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon, July 7-9

I will be participating in the opening ceremony of this year's tribal reunion on Friday morning at 11:30. At 12:30, also on Friday, I will be offering a presentation on Sekhmet at the Front Porch. Although I will be tripping around with grandkids much of the time, you can often find me at Altared Space, the multidenominational temple just up the path from Shady Grove stage.

More information here…

Collage by Katlyn BreeneSeattle East West Bookshop, July 21-22:

On Friday July 21, there will be an evening presentation and book-signing on Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess, and Saturday, July 22 an afternoon workshop from 1 'til 5 at East West Books, Seattle, WA.

Info and Registration here…

August 25-27, New England Women's Herbal Conference, New Hampshire:

This is the 25th anniversary of this remarkable event. As I've previously mentioned, this is one of th most informative and magical gatherings ever. I will be doing two workshops, an intensive, and readings and healings at my table in the Emporium.

More Info and Registration Here…

Free Sacred Earth: Teacher, Healer Summit, June 7-13

Elizabeth Walker is giving a great free speaker series, Sacred Earth: Teacher, Healer Summit which airs June 7-13. This global online event includes fifteen visionary leaders who offer their knowledge of ancient Earth-based wisdom. My interview will air starting June 10. I'm particularly happy about this interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed and which, although it was primarily about the Earth-based aspect of Alchemical Healing, includes a powerful journey during which I demonstrate an alchemical healing for the interviewer (and the listeners) with Sekhmet. I am offering an exciting new gift on this one as well.

More Info…


February 21-March 7, 2018
Off the Beaten Path Through the Layers of Time, with Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov

This tour is designed for those who have been to Egypt and would like to explore some of the lesser-known sites, although we will of course visit some of the “must see” favorites, and of course have some special private access. More information and itinerary here…

March 9-22, 2018
The Wisdom of the Neteru with Debbie Clarkin and Indigo Rønlov

This tour has our usual itinerary with an eight night sail on our private dahabeya. Following is a letter from Debbie Clarkin about her first (of many) experiences in Egypt with us in 2006. More information on this tour here…

Nicki and Debbie ClarkinThe transformative power of Egypt

Debbie Clarkin

When I was six years old I saw a pictures of Egypt and the pyramids and I knew this was the place I had been yearning for ever since I could remember. I dreamt of the temples, the pyramids, the desert and of course, sailing on the Nile. When my classmates wanted to take ballet and play dress up brides with long veils I wanted to belly dance and wear a veil like in the pictures of Egyptian women in story books.

In 2006 my life-long dream came true. I finally got to go to Egypt, and it forever changed my life. What appeared to be strange and different in so many ways, was extremely familiar— I could recognize the sounds and smells— it felt as though I'd spent many lifetimes in this ancient land.

Even though this was a group tour, it felt like a homecoming party prepared especially for me, as Egypt welcomed me with open arms. The people, the food, the temples and sites, and especially the family of the Egyptian deities, the neteru, all came together to create a powerful, magical journey into the mysteries of my soul. Egypt spoke to my heart in ways that I had never experienced before, from one synchronous moment to the next.

My mother had crossed over the previous year, and on that first trip to Egypt one of the other participants that I knew through Alchemical Healing was also dealing with grief. While at the temple of Dendara, we entered the small side chapel known as the birthing house (mammisi), which honours Hathor and the birth of her son, Horus. In this place of new life and motherhood it finally felt safe enough for me to allow my grief to express itself fully. It must have been the same for my friend, for we both began to weep. As our tears fell like offerings to the goddess, I became aware of Hathor holding us in her loving embrace and I stopped clinging to my pain and sorrow. While opening my heart to Hathor In that moment of total surrender, there was a healing in the bonds created at birth, both with my mother and my daughters. The wounds created when my heart strings were ripped out when my mother died were healed, and Hathor reminded me of the joy and love still remaining in those invisible, yet palpable bonds. I felt like I was alive again after more than a year of walking around in a state of apathy and numbness.

There are many more amazing and wonderful things that happened to me on that tour and throughout each of my subsequent trips to Egypt. Each experience opened my heart further and took me deeper into the magic and mysteries of my newly rediscovered spiritual home. With my ordinary sight I see Egypt as it is today, however with my inner sight I see it as it was in all it's ancient glory, just as it was in the past when I walked along the Nile and through the towns and temples of ancient Egypt.

I hope you will join Indigo Rønlov and me next March, so that you, too, can remember more fully who you are and why you are here, now.

Sa Sekhem Sahu,
Debbie Clarkin

I've begun using a video conferencing software for my classes and private sessions, making them almost as intimate as if you were here, minus the plane fare! I wish you all a joyous spring, with lots of birdsong in your world, wherever you are. Please share this around, and I hope to see you at one of my events or on line soon.

Many blessings and love,
Nicki Scully


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