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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I've recently returned from a magical month in New York City, where I spent almost three weeks with my daughter Sage, helping get things together with her and Jake for the birth of their first child. Blue Rose Cohl entered this life alert, aware, healthy, and blessed and surrounded by love on June 9 at 6:49am. I was able to spend 11 more days with them before I had to return home to Eugene—11 days of incomparable grandma bliss and delight. I took this photo just before I left for the airport.

Leaving Blue was difficult, and having paradise to return to has been helpful. Here is a small taste of Kuan Yin's garden this year. I hope you will be able to come for a session or a retreat, and feel for yourself the healing power of this land.

Egypt, 2011 and 2012

I was far too busy having the quintessential New York experience to keep up with my newsletters. Although I didn't get up to CoSM, I did get to spend some time with Alex and Allyson Grey, and plan a small, dream tour of Egypt for February, 2012. We will only be able to take 16 participants, so if you missed the last one we did together, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss! We decided to use our private dahabaya, which we will turn into an art studio during our eight-day sail down the Nile. Please contact our office if you are interested. We are already accepting deposits, although we are just now working out the full itinerary and will post details soon on the tour's web page. We still have space in our October tour as well. Please check out all of the Shamanic Journeys tours for 2011 and 2012.

If you feel called to Egypt, there is no better time than now, before the crowds return. Egypt is safe, secure, and brimming with potent magic.

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark

As magical timing would have it, I got to experience a star-studded red-carpet premiere on Broadway. Many of you may or may not have read or heard about the adventures (and misadventures) of the Broadway rock-musical, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. I have had the privilege of observing first-hand the development of the show for almost a year, and couldn't help but notice a classic shamanic journey in its evolution.

Initially written by Julie Taymor and Glen Berger, and directed by Julie Taymor, with music created by U-2's Bono and The Edge, Spiderman has been in the making for a number of years, at a cost of about 75 million. It is far and away the most expensive and technically ambitious Broadway production, ever. It features aerial sequences you might expect in a movie, or a Cirque du Soleil performance. It's plunge into shamanic darkness and near death started with it's inability to meet deadlines for openings, and from then on was plagued with a series of injuries, scathing reviews, and a sense that the production was cursed. It seemed to some that the audience for the sold out previews were partially there in hopes of witnessing a train wreck.

In a classic shamanic journey of dissolution, the show went dark while new spirit was infused into almost every aspect of the production: the story was rewritten, the musical score tweaked, characters dropped and added, a new director installed, and most amazing of all, the cast was rejoined by Christopher Tierney, the lead flyer who was seriously injured in a 35 foot fall just three months earlier. Witnessing the triumphant redemption on opening night was a highlight of my New York experience. (Brushing elbows with Bill Clinton was especially memorable.) Having seen two earlier previews, it was the evolution of the production and emergence of truly great theater that made the night. The new show was true to its classic comic book origins—pure entertainment from start to finish with a predictable love story, a wonderfully nasty villain, some great music, and spectacular visuals in sets, costumes and aerial displays throughout. If you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a truly fantastic Broadway spectacle that will leave you smiling and humming some good new tunes.

Oregon Country Fair

Back in Eugene, I am preparing for my yearly fun-fest, extended tribal family reunion, the Oregon Country Fair, where I will be participating in the opening ceremony on Main Stage, sharing prayers with Joan Borysenko and Grandma Agnes Pilgrim. On Saturday Joan and I will be offering a presentation we are calling What To Do When the Shift Hits the Fan! And on Sunday Bruce Lipton and I will give a presentation called: Science and Shamanism Warmly Embrace 2012. At Altared Space, a small park staffed with by Altar Babes holding sacred space, we will be featuring our capable Altared Advisors and Healers, a Water Altar, and many new spiritual attractions, including the crafting of dream catchers in our Altared Crafts space. The Oregon Country Fair is one of the few events I plan my year around. Please join us for an amazing joy-filled three days of music, art, entertainment and great food set along the Long Tom River in Veneta, OR.

Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

There are only a couple of spaces left in the Egyptian Mysteries Retreat with me and Normandi Ellis, July 22-28 in Eugene. More information here…

The Gaia Festival, August 5, 6, and 7

There is a new three-day music festival and sustainable living fair, the Gaia Festival, at my favorite venue, the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California. Check out their website for detailed information. I will be participating as a workshop presenter, ceremonialist, and part of the elders' council. Please join us and help us to celebrate our blessed Mother Earth with music, joy, and inspiration.

Also coming up: Awakening Alchemical Healing Workshop at Hollyhock, in British Columbia, Canada, September 4 - 8.

I hope to see you at one of these events. Meanwhile, have a great summer.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

P.S. please check out our latest offerings at Hathor's Mirror

Exploring the Great Work of Thoth: An Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

Co-created and led by Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

July 22-28

Eugene, Oregon,
The Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt
at Nicki Scully's home/center/temple

Normandi Ellis (author of six books, including Awakening Osiris and Dreams of Isis) and Nicki Scully will be co-leading this intensive exploration of the ancient Egyptian teachings in a new, modern context. Follow Thoth, the lunar god of wisdom, and learn how the ancients worked with natural laws that enhanced their abilities to create opportunities for magic to happen, and how that work can prepare us for the next stage of our evolutionary process.

Enter new portals into ancient teachings, explore the Emerald Tablets in a new, modern context, and learn how the ancients worked with natural laws that enhanced their abilities to create opportunities for magic to happen, and to further prepare us for the next stage of our evolutionary process. [more…]

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