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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
For someone who is seriously attempting to retire, I seem to be busier than ever. At the moment we are gearing up for the Oregon Country Fair, which is a counter-culture event immediately following the Fourth of July, and we have Airbnb guests staying for four days. (Yes, we occasionally rent the cottage to help with the expenses incurred hosting paradise and retirement, and it has been quite fun and helpful, although we don't do it often.)

The Oregon Country (Not County) Fair is always a high point in our lives, filled with magic, joy and laughter, and our yearly tribal reunion. I am part of the community of Altar Babes that maintain and facilitate Altared Space, a multi denominational temple within a park that includes Altared Advice, Altared Healing, a meditation space to chill from the awesome cacophony of the fair, and crafting for children of all ages. We now also have the five element altars that include a fire circle.

Nikci and Bruce Lipton, PhD at thOregon Country FairAlthough I passed on the directorship of Altared Space, that is where you can usually find me. Also, I am participating in the Opening Ceremony on Friday morning at 11am on the Main Stage, and speaking with Bruce Lipton, PhD. on Friday afternoon at 1pm at the Rabbit Hole. Our presentation is on The Grand Convergence: Science meets Shamanism, and we always have a great time weaving our divergent yet synchronous ways together. This will be a joyful warm up for our events in Seattle Friday evening, July 15 and all day Saturday, July 16, sponsored by East West Bookshop, The Grand Convergence - Science Meets Shamanism

In the meantime, Bruce and I will be speaking live on Tuesday, July 5 from 1-2pm on KVMR radio with Michael Stone . You can listen to it live here.

Radio and TV are big for me this year, and I'm honored to be one of 20 “wisdom teachers” chosen to participate on a world summit on shamanism.

I also have a TV show with Sher Safaran coming up live on July 13 at 1pm.

In keeping with theme of my “retirement,” I am only doing two other events this summer: my two annual retreats August 1-8 is Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive with me and Indigo Rønlov, and our 19th annual Egyptian Mysteries Retreat with Normandi Ellis August 21 in Hillsboro, Oregon, and August 22-26 here at my home/center/temple in Eugene. You can find out the details for both retreats at Please check them out and share it around. Both will be stellar! (especially the one on August 21 at Drs. Mitch and Lori Stargrove's home where we are consecrating a communal star temple on their land.)

The real retirement kicks in when Sage and family arrives for two weeks of Oregon family fun. Hopefully all the Northwest cousins will be able to spend time together. It's difficult for me to fathom that Blue Rose is five and Wiley Rock is sixteen months old. (I'm only doing two interviews and two events while they are here, plus OCF—Please note tongue in cheek…) I love my NYC family and am grateful for any time I get with the two generations that live there.

The Shamanism Global Summit

a free web event held July 19-21

There is a free web event that you need to know about: the Shamanism Global Summit. I'm honored to be one of the 20+ shamanic teachers and healers who have been interviewed for this event, sponsored by the Shift Network and happening July 19-21. Speakers include Sandra Ingerman, Lynn Andrews, and Alberto Villoldo and many other fine wisdom keepers. Each of us will be sharing our unique visions of modern and indigenous shamanism and how people from non-indigenous cultures such as our own are answering the call to serve their communities in a sacred and time-honored way, regardless of what they are called. Nicki in retirement…You will have opportunities to learn various shamanistic practices as well as how to co-create with the Earth, the elements, and the spirit world from those who have mastered the art of moving between the worlds to bring back power, wisdom, and healing for their communities.

RSVP for free at

A personal note from my husband, Mark Hallert: There should be a dictionary in existence that describes: “The Antithesis of Retirement”: see Nicki Scully

19th Annual Egyptian Mysteries Retreat

August 21 (Hillsboro, OR) and 22-26 (Eugene, OR)
Normandi Ellis and Nicki Scully

In this time of uncertainty it is more important than ever to connect with the eternal mysteries and sacred possibilities of transformation. Many substantive maps and tools for achieving the level of transformation required at this time can be found in Normandi and my most recent book, The Union of Isis and Thoth: Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt. A true offspring of Thoth and Isis, it conveys the love, creativity and wisdom they represent and presents a culmination of almost two decades of Egyptian mystery schools and seven pilgrimages to Egypt together, engaging seekers in rites and journeys that connect them with Source in accordance with the ancient Egyptian wisdom tradition.

It is the potency of that connection that we will focus on in this year's beautiful celebration as we tap into the passion that has been developing during the writing of the book and the one-year hiatus since our last mystery school retreat—and we plan to make up for lost time!!! To learn more about this two part temple consecration and Egyptian Mysteries Retreat, please go to We hope you will join us for these extraordinary opportunities.

Online Registration and Info

Nicki's books are available on
Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat

August 1-8 with Nicki Scully and Indigo Rønlov

Please join us for our annual Alchemical Healing Retreat at Nicki's home/center. Whether you are a newbie or a teacher, this time will be well spent learning to heal yourself and others, and adding to whatever healing practice you do. Called by some as “Reiki with power tools,” this comprehensive healing art form is fast, inclusive, and effective, and will very likely change the way you understand how healing, alchemy and shamanism works to create immediate physical and emotional transformation.

As part of this intensive retreat, we have a number of opportunities for demonstrations on people outside of our circle who are in need of healing. We also have a free clinic on Sunday, August 7, during which all students will get to work on someone who signs up, giving you the opportunity to become more confident in the use of the tools you have received. If you or anyone you know is in need of healing and lives within range of Eugene, Oregon, please email us with their phone number, time available, and situation. For the demonstrations we are looking for acute problems where people are dealing with serious pain, movement limitations, and/or other symptoms that we can measure and determine the results in the moment. We can work on cancer and other chronic diseases, however it is harder to determine how effective we have been without proper diagnostic testing, so bear that in mind if you choose to participate. We can work on certain emotional and spiritual issues, however we make no diagnosis and in no way are practicing medicine or suggesting medical prescriptions.

Two nights have passed since I started this letter, and, lo and behold, Mark and I found ourselves alone, enjoying breakfast on our deck, surrounded by green and trees and colorful flowers, with birdsong as our soundtrack. What can be better than that? But then, of course, as soon as I uttered the words “this must be what retirement feels like,” the phone rang…

I love you all!


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