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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter
© 2016 Spike MaffordOregon Country Fair Opening Ceremony
Left to right: Indigo Rønlov, Bruce Lipton, David Sunshine, Hope Medford, Halie Loren, Areeya Marie, Luna Marcus, Alexa MacDonald, Megan Basset, Brandelyn Rose, Ari Lesser, Nicki Scully, Lucy Kingsley

Dear Friends,

It's full on summer and I just completed my favorite couple of weeks (so far).

The Oregon Country Fair was fabulous! As always Altared Space continues to get better as it matures and evolves. Indigo, Lori, Amanda, Kalita, Alexa, Lisa, Ellis and an amazing crew of more than 30 came together with new inspiration, with new governance and lots of new, creative energy that expressed itself in the live music, the additional spaces for Altared Advice and Altared Healing, and a continuous fire as part of the honoring of the elements. I heard that the night temple was over the top magical, but unfortunately past my bedtime.

Blue at the FairI was especially delighted to share the fair for the first time with my grandson Alex. It was wonderful to see his twelve-year-old eyes open to the different way of being and co-creating that the Fair has always expressed as a microcosm of possibility and joyful cooperation for our world. That, along with experiencing the joyful wonder and delight of two of my other grandchildren, five-year-old Blue and sixteen month old Wiley, were amongst the highlights for me. I expect (hope) that one Fair soon I will share this magic with all six of my grandchildren at the same time!

Of course, participating in the opening ceremony and teaching with Bruce Lipton are always an exciting part of my service, and this year was no exception. Indigo Rønlov created an exquisite opening ceremony, during which I offered the opening prayer and Blue represented the 1-10 year olds that were third in line to open the spiral dance for the audience. We were honoring the ancestors and descendents, starting with the elders on stilts followed by a pregnant mom and then the decades that follow…

Spike Mafford 2016The Grand Convergence in SeattleThe Grand Convergence: Science Meets Shamanism

The following weekend in Seattle with Bruce Lipton, PhD felt like it was launched by the OCF, and the “regular” audience for our Grand Convergence: Science Meets Shamanism presentation turned out to be more receptive and appreciative than I could have imagined. I will have some video to post soon, possibly from both events. If you have somehow missed awareness of Bruce, world famous and award winning cell biologist and author of The Biology of Belief (new tenth anniversary edition just released) and The Honeymoon Effect, and Spontaneous Evolution, co-authored with Steve Bhaerman‎, do yourself and the world a favor and check out his website,

Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat

Only two more events for me this summer, and both are going to be exceptional. Indigo will be working with me during the Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive retreat August 1-8. We are doing it Monday to Monday so that we can have the free clinic for the public on Sunday, thus allowing more people an opportunity to participate. So whether you wish to come to the retreat (there are just a few spaces left) or live in the area and would like a healing (again, the number of spaces is very limited, so claim yours before they are gone), this is going to be the only opportunity this year to study Alchemical Healing directly with me.

More Info and Register Online

If you are interested in the clinic or being the subject of a demonstration earlier in the retreat, please let us know what your issue is that needs healing and when you are available to come to our center in Eugene. Alchemical Healing is meant to be adjunctive rather than diagnostic, and we neither prescribe nor make any claims of practicing medicine. If you choose to buy any of the text books, or any of the Bear & Co. books at the same time you register, you can take off 20% from the retail price. We will be working with Alchemical Healing, Planetary Healing, and Power Animal Meditations.

Whether or not I will be able to do a teleclass this fall or winter depends upon my editing schedule for the Sekhmet book. I should have that information soon.

Thoth and Isis's Egyptian Mystery School

Normandi Ellis and I are coming together for our 19th annual Egyptian Mystery School workshop and retreat: the workshop will be in Hillsboro, Oregon on Sunday, August 21, and at my home in Eugene Monday evening through Friday, August 22-26. Drs. Mitch and Lori Stargrove are building a temple for their community in Hillsboro, and on August 21 we are going to consecrate it in the ancient Egyptian way, as transmitted to us by the goddess Seshat and published in our recently published book, The Union of Isis and Thoth. During the rest of the week we will be working from the book, and adding additional initiations and rites according to Thoth and Isis, and what they want us to share with you during this magical week. You can take one or the other or both.

More info and Registration…

Speaking of our new book, I am currently offering a special for those who buy the book from If you purchase the book I will also send you a copy of the Hymnal that Normandi and I recorded for our launch gift. It's really quite lovely …And if you purchase that and any other (Bear & Co. only) books at the same time as you sign up for either of the retreats, we will take off 20%, which you can do with your check or credit card.

Indigo & Normandi in EgyptEgyptian Mysteries Tour with Normandi Ellis & Indigo Rønlov

Although I am taking a break from traveling, my two favorite Egypt teaching companions will be leading the fall tour to Egypt this year, Living Hotep: Manifesting Peace Within and Without, an Egyptian Mysteries Tour with Normandi Ellis & Indigo Rønlov November 26 – December 10, 2016. If you have been called to Egypt, now is the time. Our private dahabeya (built like the ancient royal yachts) will carry you and your closely knit group safely, luxuriously, and with impeccable timing for nine nights as you go back in time and experience the deep and abiding magic that has guided true wisdom seekers for thousands of years. More information and to apply for this extraordinary pilgrimage here…

Regarding our current political situation: you can expect to hear my thoughts and opinions on the subject soon. This has been a long newsletter, so for now, I send prayers to ALL of the victims of violence and their families, in our towns and cities and around the world. I pray for peace and cooperation amongst our leaders, and I ask all of you to vote your conscience. Please don't be duped by the buffoon who is using every technique available to hypnotize America and who is brandishing fear as if it was our salvation rather than our demise. He is so despicable that his name gets caught in my throat and I can't even write it at the moment. More to come in my next missive, when I will also announce the next Planetary Healing Call to Action…

Have an amazing, magical summer and I hope to see you soon,


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