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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter
Nicki (as Bast) and friends at OCF 2015 Opening Ceremony
photo by Spike Mafford

Dear Friends,

The magic of Oregon Country Fair this year was as alive and joyful, and the perfect follow-up to the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead concerts in Santa Clara!!! I am passing the Altared Space torch and am quite pleased with how it is growing and changing organically. We had a great crew this year and were given more space, allowing us to give the elements a more prominent role. The extra space also makes it more cohesive, with room for more activities.

Nicki and BlueMark and I just came back from an amazing three-day break with kids and grand-kids in Bend, Oregon. Blue is as smart as a tack, and blew my mind with her ability to swim and her over-all fearlessness. Wiley is bright-eyed (brown), healthy and cuddly, and surpassed my capability to lift—and he is only four months! My only complaint is that they live so far away that I can’t have nearly enough time with them.

Personal & Planetary Alchemical Healing Retreat

Except for the Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Retreat coming up August 12-18, I am taking a break to deal with some health issues, so I will keep this brief. I will continue doing private sessions here and by phone or Skype (see below).

The following paragraph about Alchemical Healing is from my website,

Modern alchemy is emerging as one of the most powerful tools for transforming our reality, and the comprehensive form of Alchemical Healing is an important vehicle for those who would heal themselves and others. Alchemical Healing provides ways to weave spirit and matter, to develop communications between divinity and humanity, to transform experience into wisdom, and to skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation. It honors the accumulated wisdom of the Earth and humankind, both in written and oral traditions, and it permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge. Through Alchemical Healing we consciously enter the infinite depths, prepared to bring forth that which has yet to be put into words, and to expand our capabilities to translate our magical experience into effective healing action.

This week long Personal and Planetary Alchemical Healing Intensive Retreat will deeply explore the salient rites and initiations from the entire form, providing tools and experience that will give participants depth, breadth and confidence in their personal and planetary Alchemical Healing practices. This retreat is open to all levels of students and practitioners, as we will study the entire form, including processes and initiations from all three related texts (Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and Planetary Healing). We will move quickly through the basics, thus students are highly encouraged to come to this retreat having already read Alchemical Healing, and practiced the form on some level. (Beginners, prepare to do some extra practicing.) This is also a great opportunity for advanced students and professionals as it will be both a refresher and an opportunity to learn and practice new techniques and receive new empowerments. This intensive class is a prerequisite for the Alchemical Healing Practitioner Certification. Guest appearances from other Alchemical Healing teachers will include: Indigo Rønlov, Jeya Aerenson and Dea Lisk.

More information and to register: Personal & Planetary Alchemical Healing Retreat

You can purchase signed copies of Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations and/or Planetary Healing in our store: If you mention the newsletter in your order, you will receive a 20% discount when we process your order.

Healing Demonstrations and Clinic

We are inviting anyone who needs healing to join us for demonstrations and practice work, so if you live close enough to Eugene or know anyone else who does and who needs healing, please let us know what your needs are and when you are available, and we will try to fit you in. We plan to do a healing clinic on the 17th. (All demonstrations and practice by appointment only)

To be a part of the free healing demonstration or clinic, please email Rooster a

Private Sessions

Meanwhile, private sessions and Anubis Oracle readings are continuing in person, by phone or Skype, and can include physical healing and spiritual and shamanic counseling. In a one-on-one private session, we will focus on your healing process in a deep and transformative way. Regardless of the depth of the problem or the difficulty of the challenge, together we will find tools in the vast medicine bag of techniques and processes of Alchemical Healing that bring relief and provide opportunity for continued healing beyond the immediate session. Plaease enjoy a free reading at

Book your Private Session Online

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer!

Blessings and love to you all,
Nicki Scully


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