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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

At the end of the retreat (Augut 18) Mark and I celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary. So many memories, and such a great wedding. It seemed fitting that there was already a ceremony and celebration on our special day. We had a full house for the retreat and somehow managed to get through three levels of Alchemical Healing, some important Planetary Healing initiations and even shared the Ba initiation from Normandi and my new book, The Union of Isis and Thoth. (to be released December 1) We also welcomed two new teachers, Elizabeth McCallum from London and Pilliaka Peter from Zurich into the Thoth Lineage. What a great week!

It was so magical and powerful, and so much healing occurred that I wish to share a healing journey with you. It just came as a spontaneous idea; it is an experiment to offer it this way, and you can let me know if and how it works for you. I suggest you put yourself into a quiet space where you won't get interrupted. Alchemical Healing is very fast, so it shouldn't take too long and it will be interesting to see how this works from the recording.

Listen to the Journey

Before you start, here is some information that may help you understand how the healing works from an intellectual perspective: the subconscious mind runs most of the programs that each of us live by. These programs were set in place during the first six years of our lives. In order to change the programs, which have become fairly automatic over time, requires our conscious mind and focus, and we must be fully conscious and present in order to make changes. Most of the time we revert to our subconscious programming. (see Bruce Lipton, PhD's work in cell biology, specifically The Biology of Belief) Our subconscious mind does not distinguish between dreams, visions, imagination and what happens in our ordinary three dimensional reality. Therefore, if you feel every detail of a cobra entering your body and eating a tumor, the likelihood of that tumor disappearing is quite high. The same if a spider sews up a torn ligament or other body part and you feel every footfall and dispensation of the web as it is being woven to assist in the healing.

After the Alchemical Healing Journey Allow a few minutes for the integration of the process, and then notice the difference. Has the pain reduced or disappeared? Is your range of motion improved? What has changed in whatever symptom(s) you brought to the healing? Take a moment to write your experience down in your journal or whatever is available, and be sure to let us know if working this way has been helpful to you.

Private Sessions

Although I will be spending the next couple of months completing the writing of the Sekhmet book and the final proof-editing of my book with Normandi Ellis, The Union of Isis and Thoth, I will have time to do several sessions per week between now and when the book comes out December 1. If you don't live near Eugene, we can work by phone or Skype. I am also available for Anubis Oracle readings. Please see my healing page for more information regarding private sessions.

More information on private sessions...

Available December 1, but you can preorder now!New Book Release

Finally, a dream come true! My newest book, co-authored with Normandi Ellis, will be available for delivery December 1. The Union of Isis and Thoth, Magic and Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt, is the culmination of two decades of working together, teaching our Egyptian Mystery School and co-leading tours to Egypt. I've wanted to write with Normandi ever since I read her magnificent translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Awakening Osiris. Since there is not enough hyperbole to give sufficient acclaim to Awakening Osiris, I usually tell people it is the one book I would want to have with me if I were marooned on an island for a long period of time. Meanwhile, I use it for weddings, funerals, invocations for work in the temples and monuments of Egypt, and to weave into my own prayers and invocations whenever applicable. Our new book together is a seamless weaving of our temple teachings, specifically those around building and consecrating sacred space, building the adytum (the heart temple within), working with the ancient Egyptian Neteru, and the various uses of the adytum for initiatory rites of passage, transformation and healing.

Preorders and more information

Sacred tour to Mayan sacred sites in Guatemala

13-day Sacred Journey to Guatemala with Grandmother Elizabeth and Indigo Rønlov

Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. is excited to announce the development of a 13-day Sacred Journey to Guatemala with Grandmother Elizabeth and Indigo Rønlov M.A. from January 20 – February 1, 2016. Although specific details are still in process, we wanted to share the news right away!

On this tour you will have the opportunity to explore this beautiful land and amazing ancient sites while working and learning with your tour leaders and other traditional Mayan Elders from the National Maya Council of Elders of Guatemala. In addition to the planned itinerary, private sessions with the Elders will be available for a donation made directly to the elders. Sessions may consist of an Egg Reading, Mayan Oracle Reading, Mayan Astrology, and Healing.

Grandmother Elizabeth calls Guatemala home yet travels extensively through the world to solidify unification with the Council of Wisdom Keepers. She works with the curative Mayan Fire Ceremonies and the teachings of the Mayan Calendar. Indigo is an Ecopsychologist who leads transformational journeys to sacred places. This opportunity to work with Grandmother Elizabeth and the Mayan elders in Guatemala in a sacred way offers a bridge connecting her worlds. For over 25 years, Indigo's family has been working with the Mayan people in Chiapas who grow the Café Mam organic, fairly traded coffee they import. If this sacred journey to Guatemala calls to you, please email Shamanic Journeys or register your interest in joining us.

13-day Sacred Journey to Guatemala

Egypt Tours

Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. tours to Egypt this fall and winter have been filled, however we just received a postponement due to injury, opening up two places in the October tour. There are also spaces available in the April 2016 tour with Normandi Ellis and Indigo Rønlov. If you've ever dreamed of a transformational journey to Egypt, now is the time! Please click here for more information and to register your interest.

Call for Sekhmet photos, art and essays

My next book will be published next year, also by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. It's title is Sekhmet—In the Belly of the Goddes. As with all of my books, it contains journeys and initiations that lead to transformation. Sekhmet's name means power, or Mighty One. She has charged me with providing an opportunity for alchemy at the highest level. If you have a high resolution photo, painting or illustration of Sekhmet that you would like to contribute or think I might want to include in my Sekhmet book, please send to and if I decide to use it in the book I will send you a permission slip from my publisher. I'm hoping to have a few special photos to help readers fully grasp her power visually in order to help them connect with her directly. I would be willing to include one or two special invocations as well. I would need these contributions as soon as possible.

Also, any essays, especially your experience from one of my classes with her would be greatly appreciated, as I did not collect the homework at the time.

Sekhmet Teleseminar in October

I'm considering doing a six-night course on Sekhmet—In the Belly of the Goddess as my final test of the manuscript before I turn it in. The work has grown significantly since the last time I offered this course. We don't have the details yet and won't be able to take registrations until mid September, so please let us know if you are interested and we will give you the first openings, since space will be limited. We are trying to include Sekhmet lovers in Europe, so are considering working from for 1 ½-2 hours starting at 4 or 4:30PM Pacific time. Would that work for you? If not, what would?

Now that the retreat it finished, its back to full time writing to be sure I can meet my deadline. I look forward to hearing from you regarding the healing, and hope the rest of your summer brings you a plentiful harvest of joy and nourishment.

Blessings and love,

Nicki Blue Eagle


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