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Spring flowers and the gazebo in Nicki's gardenDear Friends,

Four days into the retreat, four intense days of initiations, demonstrations, and of learning and practicing techniques of Achemical Healing, and tomorrow evening we would be working on strangers. There was nervous excitement as we went through the final preparations—one by one each of the students took the “Hot Seat” and through their willingness to demonstrate what they were learning, they discovered their direct access to greater wisdom and healing power as they moved into the realms of elements, plant and animal totems, and the intuitive and energetic forces that inspire the magic of Alchemical Healing. We coined the term “fifteen minute miracle” as one after another of the symptoms worked on disappeared or transformed under the direction of the new initiates. When this class exercise came to an end, I knew they were ready.

The first of our three healing clinics incorporated our monthly Wednesday night healing circle, and already we could feel confidence growing as the new students took on a variety of challenges and felt the magic awaken. Throughout our time together, there was an extra-ordinary feeling of depth and resonance in this retreat, both with the work and in the relationships formed amongst participants.

For those new on my list and not yet familiar with Alchemical Healing, please see my website and check out the book Alchemical Healing, a Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine.

Healers inevitably run up against questions of ethics in their healing practices. Here in Eugene we are fortunate to have someone that is an attorney who is also an expert in energy healing. She has agreed to offer a half-day course here at my home on September 12. I’m looking forward to learning what she has to share with us, and I know that there are many of you out there that will find this workshop of great value. Please join us: click here for more info.

We are down to the wire for our fall tours to Egypt. There is one space left in Normandi and Gloria’s tour in October and, due to a recent cancellation, two spaces left in mine, November 6-21. Please let me know right away if you are interested in either of these opportunities and I will be happy to discuss details.

In Joy, Nicki

Becoming an Oracle
by Nicki Scully

What is an oracle? An oracle is someone willing to set aside perceptual limitations for periods of time in pursuit of wisdom and information. In the ancient world, oracles were seen as a source of prophetic counsel and spiritual authority. Oracular traditions are found throughout the world: in Greece, Egypt, India, Mesoamerica, Scandinavia, Tibet, Africa, and elsewhere. Often, the oracle—from the Latin orare, meaning “to speak”—was considered a conduit of information and prophecy emanating from divine or supernatural forces.

While it may be useful to think of the oracular voice as coming from “elsewhere,” we now understand that the power of oracular vision is inherent in each of us, part of the vast untapped potential waiting just beyond the borders of the rational mind. To access this potential, we must go beyond the usual sources of knowledge—the rational mind and our sensory inputs—and tap into the deep, intuitive wellspring that lies below.

Every moment of our lives is spent in a flood of information. Yet because of the limitations of our sensory systems, we are oblivious to all but a relatively narrow range of the information spectrum. How can we learn to receive all—or at least more—of the information available, despite our physical limitations?

In the spirit of exploring our potential, I and my co-creators, Gloria Taylor Brown and Mark Hallert, have made a point of delving into our epiphanies to wrest out the meanings within meanings and bring back a body of work that can be conveyed to others. There is a part of the brain where new knowledge, intuition, and guidance from one’s higher self can be found. One problem we have encountered in our explorations of that realm is that to go “there” means to depart “from” the rational part of the brain, the place we normally reside, which is the place where language and reasoning dwell.

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Becoming an Oracle Mystery School Retreat
with Nicki Scully and Gloria Taylor Brown

August 19 ~ 23, 2009, Eugene, Oregon

Our Becoming an Oracle Retreat is more than a workshop—it is a pilgrimage during which we will explore ancient and modern oracular technology, with particular focus on ceremonies and initiations that heighten your intuitive senses and bring you into alignment with truth, harmony and your inherent divinity. During this unique spiritual adventure you will:

  • Discover your innate oracular abilities
  • Learn to find answers to life’s challenges for yourself, for others, and for the Earth
  • Receive initiations into a number of oracular traditions
  • Familiarize yourself with divination tools such as runes, tarot, palmistry, crystal gazing and scrying.

We begin and end in Egypt, and in between we will visit cultures from the audio program, Becoming an Oracle, and others that we were unable to fit into the published course. The Anubis Oracle (written by Nicki and Linda Star Wolf, and illustrated by Kris Waldherr), will be one of the primary oracular tools that we will consult and learn about during this retreat. The Anubis Oracle introduces us to the archetypal deities and elemental spirits from the Egyptian pantheon that have come forward to assist us on our journey of transformation and renewal.

The retreat will be held at the Lyceum of Shamanic Egypt, the healing center maintained at Nicki's home, a magical sanctuary in the hills on the edge of Eugene, Oregon. The retreat begins the evening of August 19 and continues through the evening of August 23.

Visit for more about the 7-CD set, Becoming an Oracle (published by Sounds True) and a sample journey.

Registration and more details on Hathor's Mirror

My friend Midge Murphy will be teaching a course on the ethical and legal principles for individuals working in the fields of Energy Therapies. If you are a licensed or non-licensed practitioner of the healing arts and incorporate energy therapies or techniques in your practice, then this course is a must!

Midge has a unique take on this subject. She was the first attorney to receive a Ph.d. in Energy Medicine. from Holos University under the auspices of Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy, MD, Ph.D. She understands both the law and the healing arts which allow her to lend her expertise as a bridge between the two worlds.

Midge is recognized as a dynamic presenter, teacher, and leading expert on ethics and legal principles in the practice of energy therapies. She is a professor at Energy Medicine University and the co-author of Creating Right Relationships: a Practical Guide to Ethics in Energy Therapies with Dorothea Hover-Kramer.

Midge also has an animal energy medicine practice offering a number of energy techniques, including Matrix Energetics, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and shamanic processes to her clients.

Ethics and Legal Principles for Practitioners of Energy Therapies:
The Sacred Contract Between Healer and Client

Presented by Midge Murphy, JD, PhD

Saturday, September 12, 2009
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, $65

Energy therapies are at the leading edge of treatments to reduce human suffering and promote peak functioning and are becoming more widely used in the personal development, coaching, and health care fields. Because of this innovative nature, energy practitioners face significant ethical, legal, and regulatory challenges that include and go beyond the concerns of more traditional practitioners of the healing arts. Energy therapies are multidisciplinary, comprised of many different types of helping professionals, both licensed and non-licensed. Each group has specific legal requirements and ethical concerns in conducting their practices. As energy techniques have been introduced and integrated into the personal development, coaching, and health care fields, schools and other training organizations have developed programs to teach and train individuals in energy techniques…many of them offering certification.

In this lively and interactive course, you will learn valuable risk management tools to reduce your ethical and legal vulnerabilities, helping to empower you to do your healing work.

For registration and more information, please contact Midge at 541-344-4743 or (free readings available) (sample journey available)
Private phone sessions with Nicki (click here)

For updated events and a full schedule, please go to our schedules page.

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