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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Painting by Kat LunoeDear Friends,

Exciting news! The cover of my next book has been posted on Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.'s on line catalog. This means I can show you the cover of Sekhmet— Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess, which will be released in June, 2017. In preparation for the editing process, I am teaching one more tele/Skype/web-seminar to get my juices flowing. Care to join me? This is a great opportunity for participants to engage in this over-the-top alchemical transformation of your most deeply held, yet inappropriate and sabotaging characteristics— those reactionary responses, illness, or weaknesses that are ingrained in your subconscious programming and just won't go away. Oh yes, and you need to know that the second session has been moved forward one day: the correct dates are Thursday, September 22, Tuesday, September 27, Thursday, September 29, Monday, October 3, Thursday, October 6 and Monday, October 10. All classes are from 5:30pm Pacific to approximately 7:30pm Pacific time.

Register for the Sekhmet Tele-Seminar Here…

Meanwhile, I'm finding it amazing how quickly things I think of manifest. Remember when I suggested that I would start a mentoring program? I had barely started thinking about it when people started calling and emailing and I already have a full schedule for the time being. Of course I will probably have to stop for awhile during the editing of Sekhmet, but for now, the magic is alive and well!

Victoria RamosYesterday I had a session with one of my mentoring students, Victoria Ramos. She had asked for a private session the week before, and by the end of it we found ourselves at the beginning of what was obviously a new journey, one that we hoped would hold the answer to the guidance she was looking for. I told her she could take it from there on her own, but that if she wanted me to join her we could consider a mentoring program that would include six sessions, but would be less expensive than doing individual private sessions. She definitely wanted me to join her and to set up a mentoring program, and when we met again yesterday we found ourselves exactly where we had left off. Our journey was amazing, yet it was obvious to me that it was meant for more than just one person. I found it synchronous that we would be given such a journey just before a (free) Planetary Healing Call to Action, which is happening this Monday afternoon, September 19 at 5:30 Pacific time. It also occurred to me that it would be more appropriate if Victoria led the journey on the call. After all, the gift had been given to her. It takes us to an exciting new dimension where our experience also fed into the guidance she was looking for in her life, and for her future. Suddenly the magic amped up as we realized the magnitude of our discovery in terms of Planetary Healing and what we had co-created together, with the help of our magical spirit guides Anubis, Bast, panther and others. I hope you will join us Monday evening as we enter the dimension of clear, White Light, and experience a cleansing of your own and our planet's field. Fasten your seat belt, and be ready for a reverent, yet exquisite ride into a dimension between the worlds, one of beauty, purification, and clarity.

Register for the Planetary Healing Call to Action Here…

I hope to see you, or at least hear you, on one of these tele-conference events coming up. Life is good, and the magic is alive and well!

I'm also quite proud that I was able to finishing processing all the pears from our incredibly abundant single pear tree harvest. I managed to dry most of them while enjoying delicious pear sauce. In case you have a dehydrator and access to pears, I find the trick is to peel the pears and coat the slices in lemon juice. Yum Yum!

Blessings as we move toward the end of summer and the apple harvest.

Hope to see you in webinar space,


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