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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

With so much turmoil and confusion swirling around the world, and especially the Middle East and our relationship there, I wish to focus this newsletter on Egypt. You are all aware of my love and passion for Egypt, her people, and the mysteries held within her magnificent monuments. I am including in this newsletter a very heartfelt statement from my dear friend, Mohamed Nazmy, president of Quest Travel and another excerpted letter from Lorraine Dunn, a Canadian friend who has been in Egypt throughout the month of August and who witnessed first hand the realities on the ground both in places where there has been problems, and also throughout the areas where we go to visit on our tours. She speaks as an eye witness what I know to be true in my heart.

Upcoming Egypt Tours:

Egyptian Mysteries Service Tour to Egypt with Nicki Scully and Indigo Rønlov
March 18th - April 1st, 2014

The first will be a very special tour lead by myself and my colleague Indigo Rønlov. In addition to the deep and magical explorations of the ancient Egyptian mysteries, we are adding a new component. We will come together in service for our beloved Egypt. Joining in collaboration with local people, hopefully school children and their teachers, we will be Spiritual Service Warriors, removing trash and litter in and around some of the sacred sites we visit, and sharing our knowledge in the practical uses for recycling the plastic into art forms and other utilitarian items.

One of the forty-two laws of Ma'at called the Negative Confessions states “I have not polluted the water.” We will bring this intention with us as we travel the Nile. In essence, when we step forth in service we move from our heads to our hearts, a potent alchemical process for transformation. We plan to have cooperation from the government and appropriate NGOs as this trip.

Although we do not yet have specific details, we do believe our service work is related to the next level of the Egyptian Mysteries that we will be discovering and exploring during this tour. In Peru, this would be called “ayne,” and it's all about reciprocation. We look forward to you joining us!

Please see the tour page for details and to register your interest. Prices to be announced.

Pilgrimage to Egypt with Nicki Scully & Normandi Ellis
November 1st - 15th, 2014

Normandi Ellis and I are really excited about the new work that we are developing together. By November 2014, we hope to have completed the first draft of the manuscript for our upcoming book. We will offer these new teachings for the first time in private ceremonies at the monuments along with the spontaneous teachings of the moment. These mysteries will be consolidated through the writing processes that Normandi will provide. We will share more details of this tour in the next few weeks, meanwhile, go here to register your interest.

Journey to Egypt with Nicki And Sandra Corcoran

It is with deep regret that Sandra Corcoran and I had to postpone the upcoming October tour. The violence in Egypt, the closing of the US embassy for a time, and the looming questions about stability throughout the Middle East created the perfect storm to disrupt our plans. However, as my personal limit of two toues per youe is already booked for 2014, we are currently determining what dates in early 2015 would be best, or whether she and some of her clients wish to join Normandi and me next November.

Learn more at our page for this tour and register your interest and thoughts here.

The Egyptian Mysteries Retreat
September 19th-23rd, 2013
(next week!)

This retreat is happening here at my home in Eugene next week. We can handle one or at most two more students at this time before we're out of room. If you are genuinely interested and looking for an opportunity to delve deeply into a new level of the Mysteries, please contact our office immediately, or visit to register. Make sure if you email us that you leave a phone number, or call us at the number below.

The Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt through the Anubis Oracle Tele/web/Skype seminar with Nicki

  • Part I - Thursday, October 10, Tuesday October 15, Thursday October 17 and Tuesday, October 22
  • Part II - Tuesday October 29, Thursday October 31, Tuesday November 5, and Thursday November 7

Participants can choose either or both classes. A discount is extended to those that register for both parts at the same time. Classes are limited, so please register early.

I am quite excited to present this unique tele-web seminar during which we will utilize the Anubis Oracle deck to read for ourselves, our group circle and the collective consciousness of all people. This class and the importance of doing this work virtually came to me during my intensive workshop at the New England Women's Herbal Conference last month. As we went around the circle during introductions, each person pulled a card. We soon realized that we were in the midst of a group reading, based on our intention for the class. The class was on spontaneous evolution, mutation and and how we can co-create a habitable, harmonious, joyful and conscious world. This reading led each of us into a deeper understanding of not only the cards, but the directions we can take as individuals, and in circle, as we move forward in our evolutionary process. It was a great way to meet the neteru, the Egyptian pantheon, and begin to build relationships with each of them as allies. It also became obvious how the cards related to the subject at hand and which rites of passage and initiations we needed to take to fulfill our potential in helping do the sacred evolutionary work.

In part one of our upcoming course, we will discuss The Anubis Oracle, learn how it works and determine our collective and individual intentions, and as the cards reveal themselves, we will be directed to the deeper work of the initiations that are required to experience directly the meanings expressed in our readings. The cards that come up will direct us to certain work that needs to be done from Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, some of which we'll do together during our conference calls, and some of which you will be able to do as homework.

In part 2 we will delve more deeply into the deities represented by the cards and learn to read the cards for ourselves and for others, with the recognition that every reading that we do for another is also a reading we do for ourselves. We will also study the layouts as sacred glyphs, and the various ways they can be interpreted. This course will also include include rites and journey form Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt as directed by the cards.

Because both books and the deck are required as text books, we are making a special offer to students of this class only. When you register and ask for the Anubis Oracle and Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt set, you will pay the special price of $40. (retail would be $51))

If you are not familiar with the Anubis Oracle, please visit for a free reading.

Online Registration

Alchemical Healing Classes, October

Yellow Wolf Nieves
I am so proud to be presenting a new teacher in the lineage; Yellow Wolf Nieves will be teaching Alchemical Healing level I, in October 26-27 and Level II November 23-24 in Santa Clara, California. Please go to the Shamanic Journeys website to learn more about Alchemical Healing as a comprehensive healing form and to learn more about Yellow Wolf. You can connect with her directly at with questions and to register for this class.

Deb Clarkin
My friend and extraordinary teacher of the Alchemical Healing arts is offering courses for our friends in Canada starting next month.
Alchemical Healing level I:
October 18, 19, 20, 2013, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
November 1, 2, 3, 2013, Southwold, Ontario, Canada
Alchemical Healing level II:
October 25, 26, 27, 2013, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

For more details and registration, contact Debbie at:

Free Planetary Healing Call to Action, October 3, 2013

There is so much going on right now, we are not yet sure what we will focus this evening's call on. Please tell everyone you know to get the word out that we will be doing some serious work on that day for the healing of our precious planet. Register here…

To listen to previous to Planetary Healing Calls to Action, go to

Below you will find the letters from both Lorraine and Mohamed about the current situation in Egypt. I hope you are all well and I get to see some of you soon.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

Current Situation in Egypt

A letter from Lorraine Dunn

Hi Nicki

Further to our phone conversation I thought I might add an email to give you my impressions of the current climate in Egypt at present.

I arrived on August 6th and will be here until September 3rd. When I arrived, the airport was very quiet and it only took about 20 minutes to obtain my visitor's visa, check through passports and customs, and be on my way to Giza. For the first time ever, it only took about 20 minutes to get to the apartment. I immediately went to the rooftop to say hello to the Pyramids and thank them for welcoming me back yet again.

I made the conscious decision to come this year (it has become an annual trip for me),even knowing the potential for conflict in the country. As it turns out, I feel as though I have had all of Egypt to myself this trip. There are tourists here but of course, the numbers are small. The world has the impression that our beloved Egypt is a dangerous place to be right now. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have walked streets by myself and been made to feel most welcome.

Please read below, a response to a friend who was also concerned about being in Egypt right now. (The curfew has now been reset to 9 pm, and people are still out and about well after that time. The only time you are going to get stopped is if you are actually doing something you should not be doing)

I am currently on the Afandina with Mohamed, Emil and families. We have had the most amazing couple of days sailing on the Nile and have been warmly greeted by everyone on shore as we sail past…it is so sweet to see all the children run from their villages to wave to us and yell out "Welcome to Egypt"

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to my friend. Please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have about coming at this time. I will do my best to answer in a timely manner.

Mohamed, Hanan, and I just got back last evening from a lovely visit to Alexandria. We were there apparently when they caught the Number 2 man in the MB, trying to escape into Libya.

There was a military presence in the streets but nothing intrusive. As they walked up the streets, accompanying the tanks (only 2) and the armored vehicles and trucks, people actually walked up to them to thank them personally for protecting them. I saw this scene from my balcony at the Sheraton Montazah and have some great photos that tell the story.

Even at the toll booths leading from Alexandria there is a military presence but they are subtle, and actually a calming influence.

People here are simply trying to get back to daily living, and make a living to support their families.

There was a minor demonstration in front of the Meridien Pyramids on Tuesday but the crowd was quickly dispersed by the military and security forces and the whole situation was over within a couple of hours. It made the local news here but was nothing to speak of really.

The only unusual observation I have made this trip really is the fact that I have not been approached by ANYONE wanting to sell something to me. They are more curious about my presence than anything else but are keeping a respectful distance.

At no time have I felt unwelcome or fearful for my safety.

The average person in the street with whom I do have a conversation is grateful that I chose to come to Egypt and cannot stop thanking me enough for doing so.

The army is dismantling the Muslim Brotherhood, one member at a time, so this is the big news here at the moment. Egypt, the army, the security forces, the police, and the average peoples of Egypt are all united to rid themselves of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the influences they have had here.

When you see the news reports stating "Egypt Fights Terrorism" you can believe it is true. They are doing everything possible to resolve this situation and restore stability to the country. As in any other country, the military is going to play a role in national security and they are taking the current situation very seriously…

…Mohamed has been very open with me regarding what is going on and answers my questions when I ask him to explain current situations with me. No one here is trying to sugarcoat the situation so I take away the impression that everything is "OK". They know I see with my own eyes, and am able to assess situations quickly.

No one knows yet where this will all lead. That is yet to be determined. However, I have not heard any reports of violent activity against tourists (and yes, there are tourists here… the Meridien was full of Filipinos last week). Anyone traveling within the country simply has to be mindful of their own security (as they should whenever they travel) and pay heed to recommendations being made by the tour company (ie, flying to a destination instead of traveling the road or taking the train).

Would I feel comfortable staying in Egypt right now? Yes. The only thing that is a bit of a nuisance is the curfew in place at the moment. They are taking it very seriously and it is a necessary action for the time being. I expect this will be lifted soon and already people are beginning to relax. Keep in mind this is intended to be for a short time only, so the defense systems can truly gain control of the current situation. There are sporadic check points here and there but they are not intruding into the lives of the average person here.

I know you love Egypt and her people. I know your heart mourns for what is happening at present. I know you would like for this all to be over. Trust me when I tell you, Egyptians feel the same way.

As a foreigner here right now, I would have no problem coming back, or staying for that matter.

Reincarnation through Revolution
Mohamed Nazmy

My dearest friends and my beloved ones I am sure that your hearts are aching for your / our Beloved Egypt when you watch what's happening on TV. Accordingly, I would love to share with you some of my thoughts and the truth of our feelings considering the current situation.

Revolutions all over the world, not in Egypt, have always been out of passion to your country, you revolt for peace and you revolt for justice. Egypt has always been a witness of revolutions, wars and victories.

No one on Earth would be happy or satisfied seeing blood, killing people or burning his country's entities; however, it still happens.

A year ago, when the Muslim brotherhood had their chance and won the presidential elections hidden behind Morsi; however, we completely dumped behind any of their history and believed in equality and democracy which is the road we draw for our future. We believed that they would utilize this opportunity and do their best to achieve political success for the sake of Egypt. However, and as time passed by, our dreams, wishes and hopes were all demolished and eradicated.

Yet, we kept on challenging ourselves, thirsty to reach our goals and top our revolution with success, development and a fully mature society living in peace.

I am not even in a place where I can judge that Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists. However, I would be glad to clarify and ask; if they are Islam defenders, then their place isn't the presidential palace. But if they are political supporters and analyst, then they are for sure welcomed; however, they aren't welcomed under the title of any religion.

In a nutshell, country is for all and religion is for GOD. Mixing them just to hypnotize people is a complete disgusting action that reflects their weakness in both fields. Violence of any kind is terrorism, threatening not only our present, but our future as well, and country's judgment upon their relationship with Egypt becoming volatile due to what's happening; all of this for me is terrorism and violence.

One thing that we have to remember, that now gates are open, boundaries between people all over the world are erased, electronic platform where all information are shared became as fast as the speed of light. Hence, we as people shall not be controlled or moved by the governments.

Political leaders great achievement, recently, would be winning a war or controlling over another country; completely forgetting about the internal peace of their people, dreams of their children, blood of their martyr and death of their soldiers.

While we are working to advance ourselves we should also spread these wherever we go. Our hand is open in friendship. We don't seek hostility. We don't want to be forced into it, but we are determined to protect our right. My experience through more than 50 years has taught me that people of good will of all races can work together to bring about justice for all betterment of mankind.

Let's us all unite!

We have to remember, that Egypt is part of mother Earth that is everyone's asset. We are born into this world with no boundaries, no country limits, no religion and no ID. We are all born as humans. We are all born to follow our hearts, create our own beliefs and build up our experiences.

Egypt is part of what we - humans - inherited; we need to preserve it & keep it safe. This will not only happen through Egyptians; but it will happen through each and everyone's support in this world. We need to help one another, support one another by joining them, by pushing forward and encouraging their positive beliefs.

Egypt is safe & will forever remain safe. God promised us this from the day he created Earth. Egypt now needs each and everyone's support; it needs our love, support and presence. Egypt is calling you, calling for your presence, inviting you with love to feel its warmth, to see the beauty of the Nile and to enjoy the Egyptian's smile.

Looking forward to 'Welcome you Home' and to embrace you all with all the love and peace.



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