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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As we approach autumn equinox, there is a crispness to the fading summer warmth. I am grateful for the perfection of the days following my surgery; I have been surrounded by the bright and fragrant beauty of summer at its peak. Our garden has been bountiful, and with the help of our garden elf Elizabeth, we have preserved some of our harvest by canning and creating medicine, and will continue these efforts until the first frost signals the true change of seasons.

Our new book is here!

This year's harvest is very rich indeed. The quarter century that Mark and I have tended this garden, served the temple, and co-created much of the work that I have taken out into the world, has finally resulted in what might be the strongest medicine that we have yet created. The first copies of our new book, Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation, have arrived! We are thrilled to be able to ship our first orders on the auspicious occasion of the Autmnal Equinox. Purchase your signed copy at our online store Hathor's Mirror.

Technology has given us a virtual reality that affords new opportunities for us to communicate and work together, so that this potent medicine can more readily achieve the healing on the planet for which it is intended. We will be putting into play a number of opportunities — tele/web conferences, presentations, and synchronized meditation events — where we can come together to develop our skill and work on specific issues as they arise around the planet.

Free Introductory Web/Teleconference

Toward this end, we would like to offer a free Introduction to Planetary Healing via tele/webcast on October 4th, 6-7pm Pacific Time, (9pm ET) to discuss the contents of our new book and how it applies to our capacity to meet the current and coming challenges. Click here to register…

We are also developing a new interactive Planetary Healing website that will be a place where people who are working with this book can come together to share and work on global issues as they arise. We will let you know as soon as it is ready, probably within the next few days.

Alchemical Healing Level I in Eugene:

Even as Alchemical Healing is expanding to include Planetary Healing, the Alchemical Healing lineage of Thoth has expanded to include a new teacher, Indigo Ronlov. Initially a student of Liisa Korpella and Kalita Todd, Indigo came to me for advanced studies and also worked closely with me helping with the final manuscript for Planetary Healing. Indigo will be assisting Dea Lisk, a prominent Alchemical Healing teacher, in a Level 1 Alchemical Healing class at my home/healing center here in Eugene on October 1st and 2nd. For details on the content of Alchemical Healing Level 1, click here. To register for this class with Dea and Indigo, click here.

Book launch party and promotional tour:

I will be doing a limited promotional tour, starting with our book launch party here in Eugene at Tsunami Books, October 16 from 4-6pm. Save the date; details coming soon.

I will be traveling to New York the following week to begin a light promotional tour, starting with the Open Center in New York with a free evening on Planetary Healing October 28th and a full day of Awakening Alchemical Healing during the day October 29th. If I am strong enough I intend to go to Alex and Allyson Grey's Deity and Demons Halloween Costume Ball later on October 29th, at CoSM's new home in the Hudson Valley in New York. Alex, Alyson, and I will be leading a tour to Egypt, February 12th to the 26th, 2012. Please visit my schedule page for other book tour information.

I'll be giving you updates soon, and we will roll out the new website sometime next week.

May this Equinox bless you with balance and a good harvest for you and our beloved planet,
Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert

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