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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

…And the changes keep on coming. Some, like the seasons, have a similarity about them, layered year after year, decade after decade. The colored leaves once again have begun to cascade and the fireplace has been welcome as the night's chill. Meanwhile, a change I haven't experienced before, putting the garden to bed and preserving it's bounty while healing from my broken hip. Instead of work, this year's harvest time labor, along with swimming, is therapy, and it's working. I would like to celebrate the changes by offering a substantial discount for private Alchemical Healing sessions and Anubis Oracle readings. For me changes include more time in my lovely home with my husband, and more time with you by way of various available technologies.

Alchemical Healing can be quick, as can the Oracle readings, and they can be combined in longer sessions. Many of you on this list are new and perhaps don't realize that healing is my first love, and Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive form I created with Thoth, is joyful, fast and effective. You can read about it on my website, or simply read my book, Alchemical Healing, A guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine. Of course if you do, you won't really need me as it is self-initiatory and you can teach yourself by taking the guided journey initiations and doing the practices in the book. Please purchase through, where you can see all of my publications and many others from my friends.

Many people who are studying Alchemical Healing enjoy my trainings via tele/web/Skype conferencing, as it is quite intimate and the work seems deeper when each participant is alone or with close friends in the comfort of their home. The last time we did two levels we discussed the possibility of offering specific aspects of the work in classes where we can delve deeply into the chosen subject or initiations. I'd like to get at least half a dozen classes in before the week of Thanksgiving, and have decided to offer them on Monday and Thursday evenings to give a chance to those of you that have told me that Tuesdays don't work for you.

Five In-Depth Teleclasses Starting with a Free Planetary Healing Call To Action

The first session will actually be a free Planetary Healing Call to Action, in which I will give the Caduceus initiation, a rite of passage that includes all the openings and connections necessary to learn the entire Alchemical Healing form. It is also a practice that, when done frequently, will become one of your greatest teachers. This 90 minute Call to Action (can be stretched to two hours if need be) will also include a demonstration of healing using the Alchemical Healing form. I'm starting with this Call to Action because I think this work is the underpinning of my Alchemical Healing and Planetary Healing books, and is one of the most useful tools of our time.

Sessions two and three will be about plant and animal allies, and how to use them in healing for yourself and others. The relationships you create and develop in this class will serve you throughout your life, in ways you can't begin to imagine. It is also great fun! In the first session we will meet and greet and begin to build relationships with plant and animal totem allies and experience what these powerful guides and helpers have to offer us with their intelligence and unique gifts. The second session will get deeper into the healing properties of totem allies and how we can access their healing and guidance to help ourselves and others. I recommend that you take both of these classes together if you can. Regardless what experience you have had with totem allies, there will be something new for everyone.

Sessions four and five will cover the elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Akasha, and I will guide you to wire or rewire your hands and fingertips to the energy of each. Once awakened, this direct connection to the elemental realms is generated by drawing a specific symbol that accesses the energy from each of the elemental realms, allowing you to access specific elements for healing along with the Universal Life Force as needed. Using the elements this way gives greater precision to your healing work. There will be journeys to learn directly from the elemental denizens in their home turf. By the second session we will be doing healing work with Earth, Water, Fire and Air and learning how to perceive and incorporate with them into our lives and our environment.

***The textbooks for these classes include Power Animal Meditations and Alchemical Healing, which are part of my trilogy that completes with Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. I highly recommend that if you don't already have a copy of the first two you purchase them before the class. It will definitely deepen your experience. If you choose to purchase the trilogy you will receive a 30% discount. There is a special offer online of 30% for any three of Inner Traditions, Bear & Co. books at Hathors Mirror, which is where you will register for these classes.

I'm leaving the final sessions to be announced so we can determine together what aspects of Alchemcial Healing you are most interested in persuing.

Click here to learn more about and register for these classes.

Imagine the changes in your life with these sessions, classes and the new tools you will receive. Interested? Jump on it soon, secure your place right away before they disappear like autumn leaves.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully


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