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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Ayahuasca Vision by Anderson DebenardiDear Friends,
In my last newsletter I spoke about my feelings about the psychedelic and entheogenic movements for which Lorna Liana is a spokesperson, and got lots of comments about the subject, so as I am sending this to further promote the Modern Shaman Summit, and to discuss the subject in a deeper way.

I don't know whether all shamans from indigenous cultures around the world use or used plant medicines, however I would be surprised if they didn't. The closest thing my generation and culture initially had to the time honored indigenous substances was an amazing little crystal called LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide). When I first heard about LSD in the early 60's, I was fascinated, and somewhat fearful because I didn't know anyone at that time that even smoked pot. Long story short, after considerable research (not that much to read back then) I went to Berkeley in search of acid, found it, and my life was forever changed.

So what was that really all about? At that time, most of us had no access to any shamanic culture that relied on someone's ability to download directly the wisdom of the ancestors, deities, and other helping spirit beings from "the other side" of the veil that separates the physical from material worlds. We only had access to a fragment, more or less, of the required book of knowledge, the nature in which we find ourselves immersed. LSD as sacred medicine, along with peyote, mushrooms, and other sources of mind-expanding sacraments, became the wakeup call for a generation or three, many of whom heeded the call to action and helped end a war, promote civil liberties and integration, and a growing few were called to venture into altered states that resembled what we know today as modern shamanism. Are those sacraments required?

One of my readers asked straight up if she should attempt taking psychedelics, despite the fact that she had a brain injury and is extremely sensitive to all medicines and chemicals. As I did with her, to those of you that have real issues and are truly sensitive on your own, I would say "No." The ultimate goal is to achieve direct access without the need of any substance. I have spent half my lifetime (73 years and counting) creating maps that can open the same (or similar) doors, without the occasionally dangerous side effects that sometime come with psychedelics. Either way, expanding consciousness takes work—focus and intention, and attention and gratitude. Add a healthy dose of respect and you have a recipe for finding the experience that will give you the wisdom, and perhaps the solutions, with which to meet many of our most debilitating challenges.

It's when I found my teachers in spirit that I truly became free to trust my experiences and follow the guidance that came from Thoth, Anubis, Sekhmet, Bear, Cobra, Kuan Yin, and others that respond to respect and attention paid, and to gratitude given, for when all is said and done, what else can you give to a being without a body?

Back to the Modern Shaman Summit—

The Modern Shaman Summit is a free on line video program from November 3 - November 12, 2016

My friend Lorna Liana received a message from the Brazilian Amazonian rain forest while she was living with indigenous shamans in 2004 (40 years after my first psychedelic trip) in which she was requested: "To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people." This mission led her to her career as a new media strategist, helping intuitives become visionaries, and visionaries ignite a movement. She's gathered world-renowned practitioners of modern-day shamanism to share their wisdom on how you can access visionary states, master intuition, and cultivate relationships with plant allies and spirit guides while you fulfill your soul's purpose in a way that makes lasting impact in the world.

I remember when I was a child (a very long time ago) I was told, "it's only your imagination." Imagination was then used as a derogatory term for time spent in the imaginal realms of spirit. Perhaps I daydreamed a bit too much during school. I've learned since that If you hear it enough when you are young, it is likely to become your truth. Yet consider the term I-Magi-Nation: You are the magician that creates your own reality. My friend Christine Payne-Towler told me that several decades ago, and it's taken considerable time for me to own it. And that, in a nutshell, is the journey to becoming a co-creator with Spirit.

The presenters in the Modern Shaman Summit assume that this is true— it is one of the foundation principles of shamanism, and it requires people to recognize that this physical reality in which we find ourselves is but a fraction of the possibilities. It is the job of the shaman, both ancient indigenous and modern shamans, and also those who practice shamanic ways of working with nature and have the ability to travel between the worlds and through time in order to bring back power and healing for their communities. Each has their tools, and their maps to help guide people into a respectful relationship with the spirit world and nature herself.

My interview with Lorna is happening at noon, November 5. In it I talk about my personal journey and some of the things I've learned along the way, and I also lead you through a direct experience so that you can meet trustworthy teachers from the "Other Side", such as Thoth or Anubis, or whomever is there for you at this time.

I hope you decide to join this free summit, and if you do, please give me some feedback via email, as I might not be able to listen to all of the interviews. Click here to register for this FREE Event

May this All Hallow's Eve (Western Christian version), originally celebrated as the pagan Celtic harvest festival of Samhain, bring you the joy of gratitude and shivers of fun fear as you consume this year's sweetest harvest. For me it was seeing the joy in Blue as she tried on her Tooth Fairy costume, which she asked for and her mom managed to create. Happy Halloween!



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