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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked about my surgery and how the recuperation is coming along, so here's the latest: I think a younger me (and one without osteoporosis) would heal faster, and I like to think wouldn't have whined so much…and, the reality is that I am regaining my strength and flexibility little by little every day. I'm very thankful to my PT and my chiropractor for helping me with this process, and to all of you who have sent healing energy my way.

I heard Terry Gross on NPR this afternoon quoting someone as saying, “Pain happens, suffering is a choice.” We can all agree that pain sucks, and people deal with it with many gradations of grace, or lack thereof. I like to think I went as far as I could with it before I opted for surgery, and I remain hopeful that soon it will be finally behind me. Sadly, it is still a prominent part of my life, so that fleeting quote has set me on a thoughtful, and hopefully transformative course regarding how I deal with it. Please keep me in your meditations and picture me dancing and laughing, and continuing to serve.

Our book launch at Tsunami Books was a wonderful affair, with a good turnout and a scrumptious birthday cake for Mark. Mark and I presented together in a new format that I hope will continue. He can easily complete my sentences better than I can—and I his. One of our friends likened him to George Burns, sans the cigar. Mark will accompany me on our book tour in the Bay Area next month, and in Seattle and Portland in December. If you haven't ordered your copy of Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation, do order signed copies from us. You can learn more about it at our engaging new website,

New York October 28 and 29

Amid controversy about when the Mayan calendar ends—whether it is December 21, 2012 or, as many are now saying, October 28 2011, I am delighted to discover that we are launching our new book in New York on such an auspicious occasion. I will deliver an empowerment appropriate to the potential of the moment. Please join me at the Open Center Friday evening, October 28, when I will be presenting material from our new book, Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation.

On Saturday, October 29 I will be offering my only full-day workshop on Alchemical Healing until next summer. Click this link for more information on what Alchemical Healing offers. During this class we will power through some of the major initiations so that you will have an immediate grasp on this comprehensive healing form and how to use it on yourself and others. See below for details on both Open Center events!

I look forward to sharing these events with you, if you can't be there there, please let your New York friends know about it.


We are finally approaching 11/11/11. It was many years ago when that date was first called to our attention by Solara. She had a huge group (several hundred participants) in Egypt for the Activation of the First Gate on 1/11/92. Her group, all dressed in white, circled the pyramid to mark the moment with an exquisitely choreographed ceremony that was motivated by and designed for the occasion. I happened to have secured the inside of the Great Pyramid exclusively for my group that night, so we all worked together to assist in the powerful shift that occurred on the planet at that time. To honor and participate in the upcoming 11/11/11, I will be conducting a ceremony with others from our community at a free event sponsored by Stargate at the Unitarian Church on 40th at Donald in Eugene the evening of 11/11/11. It promises to be a great opportunity to celebrate our 1-ness, with music and sufi dancing, as well as the main ceremony at 8:30pm and other offerings. Doors open at 7:11pm.

I hope that you are finding peace in your heart and your surroundings in these intense transition times.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

An evening of discussion with an empowerment from:

Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation

By Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert

Open Center, New York City

Friday, October 28 2011 7pm

Feeling stressed out about the state of our planet? Want to do something about it that will advance your own healing as well? Join Nicki Scully, acclaimed healer, teacher and author of numerous works including Alchemical Healing, Power Animal Meditations, and the Anubis Oracle, in this exploration of her newest book. Planetary Healing offers specific meditations, initiations and shamanic tools that empower readers to tackle personal and global issues such as environmental pollution, the cancer pandemic, and natural and man-made disasters. Nicki will lead a shamanic journey from the book for both personal and planetary healing. Signing to follow.

To register for this event at Open Center, please click here.

To learn more about the book and accompanying CD, visit

Open Center
22 East 30th Street
(between 5th Avenue and Madison)
New York, NY (212) 219-2527

Awakening the Power of Alchemical Healing
With Nicki Scully

Open Center, New York City

Saturday, October 29, 2011
10am – 5:30pm

The ancient art of alchemy is emerging as one of the most potent means for transforming reality. Alchemically, carbon undergoes tremendous heat and pressure in order to become a clear, exquisite diamond—we achieve clarity and brilliance through the management of stress and adversarial conditions. In this introduction to Alchemical Healing, learn efficient techniques through empowerments and shamanic journeys to catalyze growth and awaken abilities to heal oneself and others. You will:

  • Access the infinite Universal Life Force Energy (Chi)
  • Learn to Transform Fear
  • Connect with totem animals and spirit allies for healing guidance
  • Deal with cancer and environmental diseases
  • And much more!

Please click here to register for this event at Open Center.

To find out more about Nicki Scully, Planetary Healing and other events click on this link to our website:

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