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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I can't resist including the pictures I have of three of our grandchildren this halloween. The lights that these new young ones bring are the hope of the next generation, and the world. I'm so proud of the way they are being brought up and the values they are learning, although I'm not at all sure of how much candy they were allowed to consume!

As the weather chills and the nights lengthen, it's a good time for me to reflect and choose from my life's work the subjects I wish to share with you. Many of you know that I have a seven CD series called Becoming An Oracle, and that it includes nineteen journeys to fourteen oracle traditions. I've decided to choose two traditions to work with for the next two segments of the current Alchemical Healing Academy sessions. Although I have several in mind, I would like to hear from those who wish to delve into the world of oracular guidance regarding what traditions you would like to study first.

In order to learn more about this course, please go to where you can discover the map of the odyssey of the Oracle and see and read about all the different options. There is also a free sample journey with the Sphinx. For the second session, I plan on journeying with the Roma to meet an elder teacher of the tarot tradition. More info below…

I'm choosing that one partly because it fits right in with the class I am doing with Christine Payne-Towler December 7 and 8 at my home/center here in Eugene. I am especially excited about that class because Christine is one of the most brilliant and highly respected hermetic scholars, and a master of both astrology and tarot. She was also the person I trusted to test my work and rites before I made them available to the public 30 years ago. Please read her ideas about this class in her note below, and visit for more information about Christine.

Christine understands the relationship between the Anubis Oracle and the ancient and modern tarot systems, and how they can be used to inform your Astrology. Bring your birth chart! And come prepared to play and learn a new/ancient perspective on both. We will be keeping this class small enough to sustain an intimate dynamic, so register quickly if you wish to attend. I do have some accommodations available here on a first come, first served basis as far as room and board if needed. (More info…)

I am enjoying the private sessions immensely. I find that each reading or healing is also a great teaching for me. It's as though we mirror each other, and whoever is called to work with me this way provides a magnification of what's happening in the world—and thus we learn from one another. So I've decided to keep the special going at least until the end of the year, providing I have the time. It might make a wonderful holiday present for someone you love…more info here…

Regarding Egypt! We are moving quickly toward the deadline for the March Magical Service and Mystery Tour. Please contact us immediately for more information, and get your deposits in as soon as possible. Things are quiet there and all the groups that have chosen to go have reported wonderful care and a loving welcome from Egypt's generous and friendly people. Tourism is beginning to return, for which I am ever grateful as I think of my family there. It has been a struggle for a while. I'm available to talk regarding any aspects of our Egypt tours. The March tour I co-lead with Indigo Ronlov, and the fall tour I co-lead with Normandi Ellis, and both are an exceptional treat. Please visit our Egypt Tour Page for more information and to register your interest.

I hope your fall harvest has been fruitful and abundant in all ways possible.

Blessings and Magic,
Nicki Scully

We will be working with these and whatever decks you bring.
A Note from Christine Payne-Towler
Alchemical Astrology

In the course of assembling the Tarot of the Holy Light, Christine and Michael discovered a trove of alchemical art that opened into a very ancient teaching. This model was still cherished and held close to the heart of the esoteric Christians in Europe through all the persecutions and cultural interdictions of the centuries. Known under the title of the Ladder of Lights, this grid of zodiacal and planetary inter-relationships provides the actual architecture that informs the logic of the signs and their natural relationships. Astrologers learn these relationships under the title of the Doctrine of Essential Dignities, which were written out for the west by the Alexandrian astronomer Ptolemy (circa ~85 to ~165 AD).

Most people don't realize that these are not just nit-picky rules for astrologers to interpret charts with: they are simultaneously the rules by which alchemical formulations, experiences, tools and consciousness-experiments are devised! When the Ladder of Lights is superimposed upon your birthchart, and then the signs, planets and elements, are illustrated with your Oracle or Tarot cards (the traditional 22 Trumps), the flat, dehydrated chart becomes a living, breathing organism. And once one adds the current transits moving overhead, envisioning the system as it transforms and evolves, the birthchart becomes an alchemical calendar which guides the practitioner through the twists and turns of time.

With this tool under your belt, you will be able to find the most magical and potentized times to conduct your initiations. You will also be able to use the alchemical calendar inherent in your cards to guide you through current events with an eye for their internal karmic, evolutionary and magical potentials. This system can work with any pack of Tarot, once the astrology is connected to the cards through their Trump Numbers.

Bring your chart, your Oracle pack and other favorite Tarots, and learn to turn your birthchart into an ever-effulgent Alchemical Cauldron!

—Christine Payne-Towler

Alchemical Astrology with Christine Payne-Towler & Nicki Scully

Two day workshop in Eugene, Oregon December 7th and 8th 10am - 6pm

Register Online Here

Christine Payne-Towler has been a feature of the Tarot community since 1999, when her book The Underground Stream; Esoteric Tarot Revealed was released. At the same time, the interactive oracle company debuted their first product, a self-administered divination CD entitled Tarot Magic, featuring interpretive Tarot text written by Christine. That experiment went on to become the globally successful website at, which still delivers professional-quality Tarot readings at the click of a mouse. In 2011 Christine and partner Michael Dowers created The Tarot of the Holy Light, and are currently in production with the companion book. Her expertise lies in deep study of the history of magic, esotericism, and the shamanic arts.

Alchemical Healing Academy: Elements Tele/Web Seminar

Part I - Monday, November 11th at 5:30pm - 7:00pm Pacific

Part II - Thursday, November 14th at 5:30pm - 7:00pm Pacific

Part I

Most traditions, both indigenous and modern, use some sort of elemental system in their work. Some simply honor the basic elements from which we are all created while others, such as Chinese acupuncture, have a long standing ancient tradition of using the elements in healing. The Alchemical Healing elemental system is more aligned with that of the Western magical, or hermetic (Thoth), tradition and is unique in its expression. Initiation into this elemental form will not destruct or be in dissonance with any other form you might have encountered. It will simply add a unique access to the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Akasha. During Part I your hands and fingertips will be wired, or re-wired, so that direct connection is made with the source realms of each element. There will be practices to give you greater understanding of their power and utility. You will meet and work with the denizens of each realm.

Part II

In this final class we will practice the healing powers of the elements and develop our perception of them in nature and the totemic world. This is helpful to know more precisely what is called for in every unique situation and challenge. There are a number of exercises we can do with one another to deepen our understanding of the healing power and spiritual dynamics of the elements. Although you will be initiated to all five elements, we will be working primarily with Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Akasha is more advanced and will require its own class for which these classes will be prerequisite.

Online Registration

Becoming An Oracle
Connecting to the Divine source for Inspiration and Healing

Monday, November 18th at 6:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific

Thursday, November 21st at 6:00pm - 8:00pm Pacific

We will exploring two different oracular traditions, one each night. Perhaps we will travel to Delphi and learn how the ancient sybils received their information or possibly meet an ayahuascera for a ceremony in the Amazon. In the second session we will travel to the land of Roma to study Tarot. Please visit and explore the Journeys and oracular traditions map. If there is a particular region or oracular tradition that calls to you let me know when you sign up and I will choose which traditions to study the first night according to your requests.

An oracle is someone willing to set aside perceptual limitations for periods of time in pursuit of wisdom and information. In the ancient world, oracles were seen as a source of prophetic counsel and spiritual authority. Oracular traditions are found throughout the world: in Greece, Egypt, India, Mesoamerica, Scandinavia, Tibet, Africa, and elsewhere. Often, the oracle—from the Latin orare, meaning “to speak”—was considered a conduit of information and prophecy emanating from divine or supernatural forces.

While it may be useful to think of the oracular voice as coming from “elsewhere,” we now understand that the power of oracular vision is inherent in each of us—part of the vast untapped potential waiting just beyond the borders of the rational mind. To access this potential, we must go beyond the usual sources of knowledge—the rational mind and our sensory inputs—and tap into the deep, intuitive wellspring that lies below.

For more information on this program, visit

Price: $60 for both sessions, $35 for one

Online Registration

Night of the Mothers Annual Journal New Year/Old Year Life Review with Normandi Ellis

December 9 & 11, 15, 16, and 18
6-8 pm Pacific

Online Registration

The Night of the Mothers is an Egyptian Winter Solistice Ritual dedicated to Nuit and to the Black Isis. The Great Sky Mother wraps her arms around us, embraces us and holds us and our dreams within her belly until we are reborn in the new year.

On dark winter nights the sky fills brightly with the stars of heaven. This inspiring vision with its promised return of the light has underpinned many cultures that celebrated the birth of the divine child. Now, as we herald in the changes of 2014, we usher in the light within us. Through journal practice we can focus in and bring this divine light into expression through us.

Gather your 2013 journals, datebooks, checkbooks, calendars & spend a few of the dark hours of December looking backward through the passing year, gleaning the lessons and gifts, then carrying your intentions into 2014. This is a great way to share, write, learn and gain new inspiration and wisdom.

Space is limited please register soon as this class will fill.


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