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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Sage, Blue and the Mad HatterI have a lot going on that you may want in on, but first a few words about my recent trip to NY. It included two well-attended speaking engagements at Open Center and one at Namaste Bookshop, and a glorious visit with my newest wonderful granddaughter, Blue. I love it when I can combine events with visits to my grandbabies!

I returned home just in time to rehearse and prepare for one of the most powerful and fun ceremonies in my memory, the Eugene community celebration of 11/11/11 (Sponsored by Alan Stein of Stargate, one of the only remaining metaphysical bookstore in Eugene). More than 200 people showed up to fill the beautiful octagonal shaped sanctuary in one of the local churches, where, backed by four musicians and a chorus of five singers, I led a ritual from our new book Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. The power of the ritual, and the potency of the medicine we created and imbibed, inspired us to create our first Planetary Healing Call to Action:

A Call to Action for Planetary Healing Tele-Webcast Thursday, December 1, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern

Our new interactive website, PlanetaryHealing
includes a forum for building community, making it possible for us to gather at specific times to work together on issues and challenges we face as a collective. When we focus together on these tele-webcasts, we have the exponential power of our numbers to apply whichever empowerment/healing we choose from our book. We have received several suggestions regarding what the focus of this first action should be, including the Occupy Movements, the waters of the world, and various other situations on the planet—some that are attracting attention right now, and others that are more obscure or have “fallen off the radar,” yet where suffering continues.

For this first Action we have chosen the specific ceremony of Making Spirit Medicine so that each of you can choose where you wish to direct the planetary healing. When we make this Spirit Medicine together, you will receive personal healing for yourself, you will send healing to people in your families and communities, and you will send this medicine to a place or situation of your choosing anywhere in the world. You will also be able to take this medicine with you, add potency to it and share it as needed. A rich studio recording of Making Spirit Medicine is the guided visualization ceremony on the CD that is included with each book, and is based on the Communal Cauldron journey that catalyzed the writing of our Planetary Healing book. It is supported with a song and lyrics by Alexa MacDonald, and produced with music by Roland Barker. Please spread the word so that this call to action can bring healing to people and places in need around the globe. Register for this free call here.

All of the journeys and rites in Planetary Healing involve communion with our higher selves and the intelligent field that surrounds and permeates our universe. Ideally your participation will be sourced from a wiser, more compassionate state of mind (and heart) than the rational mind-set that we most often present to the world. Some of you are practitioners of time-honored disciplines that strive to open the way and engage with the high self, others have found your way there on your own; our new book Planetary Healing contains a variety of roadmaps with the goal of invoking this greater wisdom to assist in the challenges of our times.

Mark and I are continuing our Planetary Healing, Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation book tour with Bay Area presentations in San Rafael and Mountain View next weekend, and in Seattle and Portland in December (see below for details). Did you catch that? “Mark and I…”! It seems the only way I could pry him loose from our Heaven-on-Earth in Oregon was to co-author a book with him. As the visionary behind the teachings and journeys in Planetary Healing, he will help make these presentations truly memorable.

Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt

Speaking of books, there is a brand new one that you should know about. My good friends Normandi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown have written Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling. I am honored to have written the foreword, as I think this is an important and valuable book for anyone interested in the ancient mysteries of Egypt, and especially for those who enjoy writing or who wish to expand their creative writing skills. Mark and I were able to participate on the journey to Egypt that inspired this wonderful book. During that pilgrimage, Normandi gave us writing exercises in the temples and on our exquisite, private dahabeya as we sailed the Nile. We wrote about our lives and about our experiences during the rites and ceremonies that Gloria led in the temples. Invoking the Scribes contains the meditations and creative writing exercises from our explorations of Egypt, and includes many of the transformative and inspiring pieces written by the participants, including Mark and me. I am particularly impressed at how this book can help readers create meaning from their life experiences and manifest new destinies for themselves through spiritual writing. There is a website, where you will find more information about this book and can read samples of the writing. This book is available on our e-bookstore at

Tele-Webcast to introduce Invoking the Scribes:

Please join Normandi, Gloria and me on Tuesday, November 29 starting at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) for a discussion about Invoking the Scribes, and how to use this book as a tool for developing your writing skills, and to understand how it relates to themes in Egyptian texts such as The Egyptian Book of the Dead and other ancient Egyptian mysteries. Normandi’s book Awakening Osiris is by far the most beautiful translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead I have seen, and there are many. Imagine a translation from the hieroglyphs written by a poetess/priestess/scholar—pure essence of Egypt! Register to join this Tele-Webcast here.

By the way, Normandi and I are co-leading another writer’s tour to Egypt in October 2012. See below for details.

You can purchase both Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt and Awakening Osiris together with Planetary Healing with a 20% discount during this holiday season. Visit and check out our featured products and holiday specials.

Please see below for more information on our book tour and upcoming Egypt Tours.
I look forward to seeing many of you this weekend.

Please forward this newsletter to those who would be interested in our work.

Blessings and Love,
Nicki Scully

Upcoming Appearances:

Northern California:

Friday November 18th at 7:30pm
Planetary Healing discussion, empowerment and signing
Open Secret Bookstore
923 C Street, San Rafael CA
(415) 457-4191

Saturday, November 19, 7:30pm
Planetary Healing discussion, empowerment and signing
East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA
(650) 988-9800

Sunday, November 20, 1pm - 4pm
The Consciousness of Water: a workshop with Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert
This three-hour workshop will include an in-depth shamanic journey from our Planetary Healing chapters on water. We will also discuss water altars and how to create, tend, and use them for healing the waters of the world and for personal and planetary healing.

East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA
(650) 988-9800


Friday, December 9, 7pm
Planetary Healing Discussion and Book Signing
East West Bookshop of Seattle
6500 Roosevelt Way, Seattle, WA
(206) 523-3726

Saturday, December 10, 11am – 2pm
Feeling Stressed Out About the State of the Planet?
A Planetary Healing Workshop
East West Bookshop of Seattle
6500 Roosevelt Way, Seattle, WA
(206) 523-3726

Sunday, December 11, 2pm – 5pm
Planetary Healing Workshop: The Global Shift
New Renaissance Books
1338 NW 23rd Avenue Portland, OR

Tours to Egypt

2012 will be an auspicious year to join us in Egypt!

We still have some room on the upcoming Stargate Tour to Egypt, led by William Henry, in February 2012. Click here for more information.

Normandi Ellis and I will be leading another small, intimate tour of Egypt together, next October 2012. Click here for details. This tour will include writing sessions similar to the ones that resulted in Normandi’s new book, Invoking the Scribes.

Lastly we are thrilled to announce that the Pilgrimage to Egypt with Alex and Allyson Grey is full! You can register to be added to the waiting list here…

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