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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Icicles off the back deckDear Friends,
As I write this I can hear trees cracking and falling all around me. It's eerie and a bit scary. The big black locust at the edge of our deck fell, fortunately away from the house. I am rushing to finish this while the power holds, as the lights are flickering and the wind hasn't even started yet.

This holiday season I will be spending most of the time editing my next book, the final copy edits for Sekhmet—Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess. Our West Coast family will be celebrating Solstice this year, and I look forward to being with four of our grandchildren and feasting the turning of the light. Solstice is my favorite holiday, as it is the time when the longest night heralds the lengthening of the days ahead, and although it is the beginning of winter, it has always seemed to me more like the real New Year. It's time to redo your altars and make our prayers for next year's garden, both the one in which you plant your seeds for medicine and nourishment, and for the garden of your life, so that when springtime arrives, you will have gestated your intentions and allowed the mysterious magic of the darkness to embolden its power to reach for the light.

Planetary Healing Call to Action

The Planetary Healing Call to Action that I collaborated with Michael Stone on last Saturday is available by recording on the front page of, and I think it was especially powerful, as we delved into deep time to connect with our ancestors to discover our gifts, strengths, and talents, and to our future beings to learn how we got through these chaotic times. Here is a letter that Michael and I received from a new member of our Planetary Healing community, printed with permission:

Dear Michael and Nicki:
I wanted to let you know how touched I was by todays call. I'm new to all of this but I felt such a connection with the two of you and those who called in. My heart was really touched. I tried to call in, but it was at the end as I was too discombobulated after the 2nd meditation to do much but weep. I had a very powerful experience when you led us to open up to beings from the other side to come to us and bring us something. At that point in the mediation I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of compassion. This came to me in a way I had never experienced before. It was much more than simply feeling compassion. It was an impartation of compassion that came with such strength that I feel like my inner landscape has been reconfigured through this experience. I have the sense that part of my part in the Great Turning is to be a channel for compassion. Its hard to describe in words what has transpired, but my heart is filled with gratitude that you are making this offering available. I feel like mountains in my life have been moved out of their place and my earth has been shaken. It is all so wonderful and I am humbled by it all . . .

Blessings, Siskiyou James
Applegate Valley, Oregon

You can listen to the recording here…

Before I disappear into edit-land, I want to remind you about the things that are coming up for me so that you can put them into your calendar:

Making Spirit Medicine Tele-Seminar

I'm excited about the new Making Spirit Medicine tele/Skype/web/class happening in four sessions Tuesday evenings starting January 17. It will include many of the newer, unpublished Alchemical Healing techniques and methods that are relevant and important aspects of our, as Michael Stone says, Revolution in Healing. There is so much to be done and so little time that we must share what we learn as fast as it comes to us. Some of these new techniques have been waiting too long, so I can't wait to share them with you. More details and registration for the teleseminar here…

Practical Applications of Egyptian Mysteries and Becoming an Oracle atWomen of Wisdom

Early bird pricing through December 16th! Register Here…

Hieroglyphs, the medju neter or sacred symbols, were originally used when they first appeared in the pyramid of Unas. Their knowledge gives us truth and wisdom that is still relevant in today's world. Given our new understanding of that ancient and sacred symbolic language, you will create your own cards, which together will create an oracle deck. You will practice reading your new cards with other students, after which we will combine the new oracle deck with the Anubis Oracle deck and do a reading fo r our country and the world. To accept responsibility for becoming an oracle, you will be asked to make a covenant with Ma'at, both a goddess and the concept of truth, harmony, cosmic order, justice and balance. You will also be given an empowerment that will awaken sensitivities that are either new or have atrophied in order to expand your intuitive capacities. This two-day seminar will be wrapped in teachings about creating your spiritual/metaphysical journal. This workshop is appropriate for anyone who is interested in healing or ministry work or is on a deep spiritual path that continues to unfold. Normandi Ellis is an award-winning author of thirteen books, including Awakening Osiris, Dreams of Isis, Feasts of Light, and Imagining the World into Existence. Her latest book, co-authored with Nicki Scully, is The Union of Isis and Thoth. She currently leads trips to Egypt with Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. and operates the PenHouse Retreat Center for writers and spiritual seekers. To learn more about Normandi, please visit:

More info on this Workshop here…

Egypt: Witness the Ancient Ones through Visioning, Dreaming and Writing

March 18-31 with Sandra Corcoran and Normandi Ellis

Our last group just retrurned after a fabulous magical experience in Egypt. Our next tour is March 18-31 with Sandra Corcoran and Normandi Ellis. If Egypt is calling you, now is the time; we may be taking a brerak after this one.

More info on this Sacred Tour of Egypt here…

Alchemical Healing Seminar

I will be part of the opening ceremony at WOW the evening of February 16th, and then I head up to British Columbia to Maple Ridge to teach a three day Alchemical Healing class to a small, intimate circle, to which you are invited, at my friend Sandra Wallen's home/center in Maple Ridge, BC., February 18-20. On Friday, September 17 there will be a free experiential introductory evening and book signing at the Tumblestone Emporium in Valleyfair Mall, Maple Ridge, BC. Canada at 6:30PM. Learn more about Alchemical Healing, the comprehensive healing form published in Alchemical Healing: A Guide to Spiritual, Physical and Transformational Medicine here….

Free Conference Call with Sandra Ingerman

I've told you that I plan to give you suggestions when I think someone that I respect is worthwhile and that you would benefit greatly by listening to their free call and/or take whatever class they are offering. Sandra Ingerman is such a person. She is a shaman well deserving of her excellent reputation, a personal friend that I have always looked up to, and I am proud to recommend that you check her out on this free call and consider taking her class. I can feel your smile already… To learn more about what Sandra is offering and to register for the free call, go here…

June Full Moon Ceremony, Workshop and Book Launch at COSM

I haven't yet decided whether I will do any retreats at my home/garden/center this summer, as Mark and I are really trying to slow down and take a break and enjoy our time together without the pressure of retreats and tours. I do want to tour for my new book when it comes out in June, and hope to find some East Coast venues while I am there for the COSM Event June 10. Learn more about this workshop and what will be happening at COSM that day here… If you have any ideas where I could speak or even do a workshop either before or after, please let me know.

As you know, my newest book, Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess will be released June 1, and I'm particularly excited to be presenting a workshop at COSM (The Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors), the exquisite temple/center and home of Alex and Allyson Grey in the Hudson Velley in New York. My workshop will be preceding the Full Moon Ceremony, in which I am also taking part. This will be my East Coast launch party as well!!! The three hour workshop is: The Egyptian Mysteries—the Goddess Sekhmet, and will be experiential, including initiations/shamanic journeys from the book. For more information about the class, click on the banner. Register for the COSM event here…

Pre-Order the book from

As we head into this holiday season and the coming New Year, I wish you peace in your heart, joy that inspires giggles, love that spreads through everyone you see, meet and touch, and gratitude for all the miracles that are happening around you, seen and unseen. And for those who live in places of conflict and catastrophe, I pray for help to actually arrive, and compassion and forgiveness to become the standard by which we all live. Together we can bring peace to our world.

Happy Happy, Merry Merry, and Joy to the World,


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