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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter
Egypt November 2010 group photo by Jerilyn PelikanGroup gathering at sunrisephoto: Jerilyn Pelikan

Dear Friends,

It's warm and cozy in our home, although quite dreary outside, a sharp contrast to my three weeks in the warm, dry clime of Egypt. My recent tour co-leading with Joan Borysenko was in every way, a stellar experience. The group included 44 intrepid travelers who bonded in a way that allowed us to delve more deeply into the mysteries than ever before, and complete an alchemical process intended for planetary healing that quite likely will impact our collective DNA, for the benefit of ourselves and future generations. Joan, a cell biologist who is also well-versed in numerous mystic traditions, encouraged our magical explorations with her unique blend of pragmatic science, deep mystical reverence, wit and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

There has been so many wonderfully descriptive posts from our participants that I am choosing to quote them rather than trying to paraphrase our experiences:

photo of the Great Sphinx by Robin K Thompson

From Corinne Casazza:
Having a private audience with the Sphinx was the opportunity of a lifetime. Seeing this stone temple guardian arise with the sun was breathtaking. Nicki and Joan led a meditation as we all stood between the Sphinx's paws. I felt so embraced by the Sphinx and when I connected with his heart, I knew I had come home.

Today we visited the temple of Khnum to be rebuilt on the Master Potter's wheel. As Nicki led us in meditation, I could feel myself spinning on the wheel. We were joined by the muezzin singing the Muslim call to prayers. A whole clan of ravens—the shape shifter—landed nearby and crowed loudly as our new bodies were formed on the wheel. …more…

The Sacred Purpose Spread

We are now featuring the Sacred Purpose spread at The winter months are a time for reflection and self-discovery. It seems as though many of us are exploring our reason for being, our sacred pour pose for this lifetime. Our sacred purpose is a moving target, growing and unfolding as we advance on our path, revealing unexpected nuance and delightful side trips that at first glance might seem disconnected, yet for those of us who are aging and have completed various projects and discover that we have actually fulfilled many of our goals and dreams, it is within the rest and stillness between that we remember ourselves, and renew and recommit to our purpose, and the next round.

photo of mz. imani playing at the Great Sphinxmz. imani plays the SphinxI would like to introduce you to my favorite new album release of the season. Mz. imani is a dear friend and part of the Thoth lineage. Alchemical Healing is woven into her songs, and into her classes, whether she is teaching drumming, chanting, or performing her ceremonial magic. Many of the chants she shares in this recording are already widely recognizable from various fire circles and other festivals in which Imani presents. She often accompanies me with her hang drum or djembe when I present, and has been an important player in Tribal Alchemy at many festivals.

We are having a community Night of Spirit to commemorate winter solstice in Eugene this year December 19. I will be leading a ceremony of reflection, as fits the transition from fall to winter. Winter solstice is a time for planting your seeds of intention for next year's garden of activities. Our ceremony will assist in developing clear intention, and empowering the gestation as the light changes. (Sunday, Dec. 19 7PM - 10PM at Breathe Easy, 2968 Willamette St. #200, Eugene, OR )

Shamanic Journeys has filled our Spring 2011 tours (you can get on a wait list if you wish). If you are interested in a tour in the Fall of 2011, let me know an I will consider a small, intimate Egyptian Mysteries tour of my own on the dahabeya in mid October. There are a few more interesting irons in the fire that I hope to announce soon… Stay tuned!

Tours and Events:

I am going light on my schedule for the next year, while I focus on other things besides speaking engagements and workshops. I do plan to do my yearly retreat at my home in Eugene in July, tentatively July 24-30, It will be either Alchemical Healing or, possibly, an Egyptian Mysteries retreat with Normandi Ellis. I would like to hear from you as to which one you would like to attend, and when you are available if I decide to do both. The most interesting place to work with me will be next September 4-8 at Hollyhock, Cortes BC, Canada, where I will be teaching a retreat on Awakening Alchemical Healing. A number of the teachers from the Thoth Lineage are also planning upcoming events. Please see our schedules page at to see what's up so far for next year.

I wish you peace in your heart, health in your body, and an abundance of delicious food on your table during this holiday season. And may your spirit soar in Joy and with Love,


Mz. imani CD cover…they dreamt of us…

New music from Mz. imani

Full of polyrhythmic drumming and sweet vocal harmonies, …they dreamt of us… includes “New Way,” Mz. imani's song that has been adopted as “The Grandmothers Song”. The CD is a blend of ecstatic and meditative music that speaks to our abilities to reweave the web of life, and make the world a better place, simply by showing up. This project was held in ceremony from start to finish and is dedicated to the celebrations of life that are activating prayers of hope for the 7th generations and the healing of our mother earth.

Mz. imani is a ceremonial musician who has been guided by visions, and given “medicine songs from spirit” since her childhood. She has been called “shaman of the drum” by Alex and Allyson Grey and is a member of the lineage of Thoth. Currently she walks closely with Grandmother Flordemayo and the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, offering her music and energy to support the prayer of peace.

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The Sacred Purpose Spread

The Anubis Oracle free online reading:
Sacred Purpose Spread

When you cast this spread, you learn more about your sacred purpose and what aspect of your purpose you're bringing forth at this time. What part of your sacred work should you be manifesting in your life now? Where is the best place for you to be on your path? What do you need to do to manifest your goals?

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