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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked for me to write about what I will be doing in Chichen Itza, so here is an abbreviated version of the new meditation that I'm doing, visioned for the occasion. There is a recording of the Planetary Healing Call to Action where I did the first rough run in early December, and it includes some great feedback and questions. You can also link to this journey from the front page of my website. I am including a printed version of the full journey here (not including spontaneous live additions), although there is a song that Alexa MacDonald has written that she will weave into the live ceremony I'm doing in Mexico.

To all who would join the efforts of millions of people who are focusing on co-creating a healthier future for our blessed planet and All Our Relations. This is a draft of the journey I will be doing for Winter Solstice, 2012. Please use this guided meditation (you can tape it or read it to one another) wherever you are on that day, alone or with friends, and join in the co-creative process of visioning our destiny in the New Aeon.

Solstice blessings and love, Nicki Scully

Journey to co-create our future world:

It's time to use the exponential power of our numbers to create the love and vision required to effect significant changes and transform our world. So close your eyes, ground and center—We are about to take a shamanic journey . . .

Focus on your heart. Find the eternal flame that lives in the sanctuary of your heart temple. As you bring it into focus, feed it with love. Love is the fuel that makes your heart flame brighter and more radiant . . .

Notice how your heart flame intensifies as you add more and more love.

As you continue to pour love on your flame, focus on the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Cosmos simultaneously, and begin to inhale the power, vitality and wisdom from the earth while you draw down the intelligence, power and love from the Cosmos. Notice what happens when they meet in your heart center and join with the love you continue to pour into your heart flame . . .

As you exhale from your heart in every direction, your flame intensifies and radiates your love and the powers of Earth and Sky throughout your being, nourishing and awakening every cell and molecule in your body . . .

As you continue to inhale the powers of Earth and Sky as you pour love upon your flame, this Heart Breath acts like bellows, and increases your radiance with each exhalation from your heart. Keep breathing in this way . . .

After several breaths, you will feel your heart flame connect with the heart fires of all others near you, and then all who are gathered to participate in this moment, all around the planet . . . (Pause)

The light that is created when our heart flames are connected is so bright that it acts as a beacon to summon all conscious beings and entities from all realms and dimensions throughout the universe that wish to support our efforts . . . Invoke your own spirit guides, totems, friends and allies to join us and feel as our world gathering glows, and grows . . . (pause)

During your next inhalation put your hands up with your palms facing forward, toward the center of the giant circle of light that we have created with our hearts, our intention and our love . . . This time when you exhale, direct the energy through your hands and feel the power of the Universal Life Force of love and compassion pour out your hands and fingertips toward the center of our circle . . .

Continue to direct the energy towards the center of the giant glow of love, vitality and intelligence we have invoked. Recognize all those that have joined us, from all realms . . . As we offer our collective Heart Breaths toward the center of the glow, a tiny dot appears in the center of the circle of light. As we continue to direct love to it, it grows into a purple-black egg, flecked with gold. This is an spirit egg, an etheric egg, an egg of creation. Hold the egg in your mind as you continue breathing . . .

Within this glorious glow, put your attention on your skin and find the pulse of the pores of your skin. They open and shut in the way particles flash in and out of being at the sub-atomic level . . . . Synchronize the rhythm of your pores with the rhythm of your heartbeat, and feel when your pores and heart rhythms synchronize with all of those around you and in our festival. The rate of the pulses slow down so that you can breathe into your body through your pores . . .

As you pore breathe, inhale the love that you have for yourself, and that you feel from everyone else who is taking part in the ceremony. Breathe it into your body through your pores, so that you fill quite quickly with the love that is the glue that holds the entire creation together . . .

As you take your next heart breath while continuing to pour love upon our collective heart flame, notice how quickly you and especially your heart center fill with more and more love . . . .

Now feel as the wings of the Great Mother Goddess, in whatever form she takes for you, enfolds you and our planet, contributing even more love, until you feel as though you cannot contain any more.

On your next exhalation, again place your hands with your palms facing the Egg of Creation that is in our midst. As you generate love into the egg from your heart and your hands, imagine what the world you wish to live in, the future of our planet. What does it look like and feel like? Focus on all aspects of communal harmony, cooperation, and beauty . . . Focus on peace between all humans. Focus on our environment and envision clean air and water, flowing streams filled with fish, and renewed forests . . . Breathe in the clean air and feel the waters in your own body become clear and free of toxins . . . Exhale the unique expression and beauty of your contribution as our co-creation continues to fill the egg. Pay attention to details, and notice how the egg expands with our visions and our love. (Pause)

Soon the egg, which is nourished beyond our imagining, with each of our chosen desires, our sacred longings and our love, stops growing larger . . . . Now invite our guests from other galaxies and dimension to add their love and the visions of harmony and beauty that they have been holding for us . . . They may add unique frequencies from their stars systems, galaxies, or dimensions. (Pause)

It appears that the egg is full almost to bursting, yet there is more.

Now simply hold space with your breathing and quietly allow the invisible mystery, the unfathomable intelligence and love of the primordial creator to add that which our minds are incapable of imagining . . .

Stay tuned to the rhythm of our collective heartbeat. It is in the spaces between that the magic, the true alchemy happens, hidden within the confines of the shell of this egg of creation. Pause . . .

Now take another deep, full heart Breath, blending your love with all the powers and intelligence of Earth and the Cosmos. As you direct this breath toward the egg it explodes— it bursts open and the New World, this tender co-created world comes pouring out. Feel the love, the bliss and the joy as it engulfs everything around us and spreads throughout and all around the planet. We are standing in the midst of it. What does it feel like, look like, and smell like. Allow yourself to sense the feeling of wellbeing and harmony in this world that we've created. Feel the new frequency within which we bask, and that we generate, each of us, from our core, our hearts, and our hands.

You can walk through this world, and you do. Notice the landscape around you and the lushness. You look down and see a beautiful, vibrant patch of juicy, ripe strawberries growing out of the ground . . . Pick a strawberry— as you pick it you realize that this strawberry is imbued with, and has come from this newly created world. Look at its plumpness and it's deep red color. Smell its fragrance—and then eat it. Allow your taste buds to delight in its flavor. As it finds its way through your body it enters the core of your being . . . Feel as all the energy of this new world makes its way through every cell and molecule in your body. (Pause)

Now pick at least one other sumptuous strawberry, and offer it to any being you see in your inner landscape that needs assistance with their vision as an offering of acknowledgment and respect . . .

Now dance with each other and share the love and the joy at what we've created together.

May our sacred breath combine with the universal power to create the fully realized human . . . Sa Sekhem Sahu.

Please forward this journey to everyone you know.

This journey was written by Nicki Scully in collaboration with Mark Hallert and Alexa MacDonald

Synthesis 2012 Event at Chichen Itza Live Broadcast
December 21 - 23, 2012

Live Broadcast Web Streamed via our portal site: World Unity 2012. The world will be watching on 12/21/2012 as millions tune in to see what happens. It's the end of the Mayan calendar, and a new shift in our collective consciousness as we birth a new era together, in oneness with dozens of other events on Earth at sacred sites like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Giza, Byron Bay, Australia, India, Ireland, Hawaii and more.

Align with the Global Coherence Meditation and Prayer with Heartmath Institute, Barbara Marx Hubbard of the Shift Network and Birth 2012, Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape, Convergence in Australia and many others as we link up globally via satellite broadcast of all the events worldwide with other events participating in this historic moment of Galactic Alignment! This is the World Cup of the New Era and millions will be participating and watching! List your event at

Nicki Scully Interview on "Creating a World Inspired by Love"

Please join me for a great interview on December 20 at Imaginal World with Dada Nabhaniilananda. Please see for details. It's part of a series called Creating a World Inspired by Love, and it includes some a gift items from me and a set of discounted gifts that are quite a bargain.

“Cusp” Martina Hoffmann, 2000Visionary Pilgrimage to Egypt and Jordan
with Martina Hoffmann & Nicki Scully

March 18-April 1, 2013
Optional Extension to Jordon, April 1-6

I'm quite excited about this tour, as i have been a fan of Martina for many years and am delighted to have the opportunity to study painting with her on this tour. We are going to create a studio on our private dahabaya, on which we will be staying for nine of the days we are in Egypt. Also, the idea of visioning the mysteries with a visionary mystic such as Martina and creating ceremonies and initiations with her is especially intriguing for me. This tour will be a rite of passage for each person that participates.

We have changed the itinerary and costs by dividing the original Egypt/Jordan package to make it more accessible. If you are a student, friend, or fan of Martina, or simply feel called to join us for this amazing adventure, please get details here. I will be personally speaking with all interested persons, as we have only a few spaces, and wish to ensure compatibility between the participants, and to give the first choice of places to Martina's closest fans and friends. You can register your interest here and be sure to leave your phone number and place of residence (state or country) so that I can connect with you as soon as I return from Mexico.

Nicki Scully at Women of Wisdom, Seattle
February 14 - 18, 2013

Ceremonial Ritual With Nicki Scully & Normandi Ellis

Saturday, February 16 Evening Featured Presentation
7:30 - 10:30 pm Open to Men

Meeting at the Well ~ Making Spirit Medicine for Personal and Planetary Healing

Pam Gerke and Women of Wisdom Choir Native American Story telling by Bibiana Acheta & friends After the ritual we'll celebrate our gathering by dancing!

This is a Planetary Healing Ceremony designed to empower participants to recognize themselves as both the medicine and the medicine maker. It is accomplished through song, guided visualization, and direct interaction with the spirit world. With the creation and recognition of this Communal Wellspring, we join with thousands of others who have contributed their medicine into this Cauldron since it was conceived in its current iteration about a decade ago at WOW. Each participant adds their personal power and attributes of their choice to the spirit brew, which we then imbibe for ourselves, for our communities, for the shift we are experiencing as a collective, and for the world. At the end of the ceremony, participants can become carriers of this medicine, and will learn how to keep it alive and renew its potency, and how to share it with other individuals and circles. This medicine ceremony has special relevance to this time and place, and will contribute to the overall opportunity for healing and transformation that the 2012 shift has offered to all of us.

Register by Dec. 31st for Nicki Scully's workshop for women and receive the evening ritual celebration, Saturday, Feb. 16th, for free!

Register Here for Nicki Scully's Early Bird Special!

Personal & Planetary Alchemical Healing Workshop for Women

with Nicki Scully
Sunday, February 17th 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

We are in the midst of a massive global shift. How do we transform these changes into opportunities for personal, community and global healing? Acclaimed author, teacher and healer Nicki Scully guides us through these changes and offers Alchemical Healing and shamanic tools from her new book, Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation. In order to participate in consciously co-creating our future, we need tools to help us adapt to and survive the toxic environment we've created while we engage in spontaneous evolution and DNA repair. We will explore the oracular dimension of time to experience and align with our potential future as fully realized humans. During her presentation, Nicki will share powerful shamanic journeys and initiations to catalyze deep transformation, healing, and the development of new solutions.

Register Here for Nicki Scully's Early Bird Special!


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