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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Mallku in ceremony

"Why Peru?" Free phone conference with Andean shaman Mallku, group leader Liisa Korpela and Nicki Scully

Wednesday, February 6 from 6pm to 7pm Pacific time.

Join Mallku, Liisa and Nicki for a teleconference discussing why people are flocking to Peru at this time. Since Shamanic Journeys has a trip going in May we thought we'd invite our Andean shaman Mallku to join us and talk about his work as a shaman in Peru and the kind of spiritual quests this pilgimage offers.

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Spend an Evening with Peruvian Shaman Mallku

March 31st in Eugene, Oregon at Nicki's home/center.

You are invited to participate in an evening with Andean shaman Mallku and his medicine partner Alanna in an eveningt of Peruvian cosmology and shamanism.

Mallku at Machu Picchu

Mallku has been an artist and an advocate of the Andean culture throughout his life. Since the 1980's he co-authored several books on natural medicine and Andean mysticism. Mallku's shamanic initiations led him to the spiritual communities of Peru and Brazil, furthering his experiences in the magical dimensions of these cultures. His sensitivity, artistic vision and spiritual wisdom has given him access to the messages of his ancestors, and is expressed through his ceremonies, books and photography.

Mallku is the author of Inka Power Places, Solar Initiations and Andean Archaeo-astronomy, and Machu Picchu Forever, City of Pilgrims.

$20 pre-registration/ $30 at the door

Register online at Hathor's Mirror or contact us below.

Ancient Terraced hillside at Machu PicchuShamanic Peru

Liisa Korpela

Peru is a magical place filled with biological diversity, awe-striking landscapes, architectural wonders, and a rich spiritual tradition. In a mere 100 years, the Incan civilization accomplished some of the most massive, hand-hewn stone monuments still standing today. These stunning statements are found throughout the countryside, placed on precipices in the high rugged mountains, and are often calibrated to astronomy and the seasons with exacting precision. These inspired architects of Peru embraced the steep mountainsides and created agricultural masterpieces of irrigated, terraced gardens brilliantly designed to feed multitudes of people. The master artisans chiseled the stone with their history, their visions, and the stories of their sacred allies—Serpent, Puma and Condor. When traveling through Peru, we have an opportunity to begin to wonder and dance with the mysteries of these mountains and valleys. We have an opportunity for rebirth, to awaken to our power and to take flight in our path.

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Ceremonial Circle atop Machu Picchu

Sacred Peru: Journey through magical Peru with Mallku and Liisa Korpela

Experience all this yourself on our 16 day (including Lake Titicaca) shamanic journey to Peru with Andean shaman Mallku and master herbalist Liisa Korpela— May 30 to June 15.

We are now receiving registrations for this amazing trip. Click here for more details, or contact our office.

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