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Shamanic Journeys & Alchemical Healing Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I'm writing this on a plane bound for New York on my way to Egypt (!!), yet I can't stop thinking about the devastating earthquakes and other natural disasters that are happening all over the planet right now. The recent earthquake in Chile was strong enough to shift the axis of the Earth by three inches, and raise the level of the second largest city in Chile by several feet.

The misery in Chile, and Haiti is unfathomable, and it is continuing long after the headlines fade from CNN and the evening news. Each of us needs to step up to the plate and help in any way we can, and that is different for each of us, according to our abilities, skills and resources. Yet every thought and word enters the field and informs the future, and even the smallest, quietest prayer has influence.

Although we cannot control nature, we do have a measure of control of ourselves, and our responses to what is happening around us. The care we take for ourselves in the midst of whatever chaos swirls around us sustains our ability to shine a light of clarity sanity, and hope. Take the time, however busy you are and no matter how much responsibility, grief or pain you are holding, to pause, open your heart, and let the light of the natural state of love and joy permeate your being. Perhaps a new insight, ally, or inspiration will reveal itself.


Dea Lisk M.A.,NTPWinter Alchemical Healing RetreatA few weeks ago I hosted a winter Alchemical Healing retreat for some of my advanced students. Dea Lisk, Deb Clarkin, and Jeya Aerenson were supporting teachers in residence, and together we reviewed and evaluated the healing skills of these students. We were impressed with their growth and the confidence with which they embrace the creative potential of this healing art form. We observed unique and powerful practitioners who have become confident and at ease with the tools, techniques, and above all, the magic that is intrinsic to Alchemical Healing. I am featuring an article Sarah Salter-Kelly, by one of the students from this retreat.

I will be teaching Alchemical Healing only once this year, at my nine day intensive in July. Meanwhile, I am offering Planetary Healing for Spiritual Activists at my home/center in Eugene April 30-May 2. Please see the write-up below for more information about this exciting work, as it is quite relevant to our personal and planetary needs, now. There are no prerequisites except an open heart and a willingness to serve as a spiritual warrior.

Gloria Taylor Brown is offering Alchemical Healing Level One in San Diego, April 24-25 and Deb Clarkin is doing a level one class in British Columbia, April 30-May 2.

I will try to connect from Egypt, and perhaps include a postcard or at least some photos on my Facebook page. Meanwhile please see the tour, workshop and retreat offerings listed in this newsletter and on our schedule page.


Blessings and love,

Sarah Salter-KellyResponsibility In Healing
by Sarah Salter-Kelly

Sarah is healer and teacher who is also a student and practitioner of Alchemical Healing. She integrates a deep natural talent for healing with other forms she has studied, including Reiki, Andean Medicine tradition, Soul Retrieval, and Aromatherapy to create her own unique expression. She is in the process of anchoring her work with a healing center on her land near Pigeon Lake, Alberta. You can reach her at

We share responsibility for our own healing.

Each and every one of us holds the key to our health. With that knowledge we may turn misfortune into gold, disease into transformation, and grief into enlightenment. We all, individually and collectively, have power—perhaps more than we are aware of!

Utilizing imagery that is meaningful to us to discover and “see” for ourselves what is going on inside presents us with tools we need for our own continued healing. What do we see? How is the body talking to us? What do we hunger for? How do we envision our healing? The power of imagery acts as a gateway to our subconscious mind. Imagery is the doorway into “non-ordinary” reality, where we may access our truth, our soul, our purpose. It is through this door that shamans have moved for millennia tracking the source of dis-ease, and bringing back healing power. This door way is old but not forgotten. Continued on…

Planetary Healing for Spiritual Activists
A weekend with Nicki Scully

April 30 - May 2

It's time for all of us to rally for the sake of our planet's future. Based in the original “advanced” Alchemical Healing classes, this seminar gives us tools to tackle the challenges and situations that would otherwise make us feel helpless or disempowered.

Circle of HandsAs with all Alchemical Healing work, it starts with the heart, and with our recognition that planetary healing begins with the expansion of our own consciousness to achieve a greater perspective. The techniques we explore are unusually creative, and bring a lightness and joy to a very serious topic. We will learn skills that take us from one-on-one individual healing work to an expanded perspective that allows us to work on situations, places, groups, and the environment and other arenas of planetary degradation and suffering.

Designed to bring you to a new level of spiritual activism, you will be given tools that are effective in co-creating a better future for our selves, and All our Relations.

You will learn to transmit, communicate and function from your Higher Self, stretching the apparent limitations of our physical world and breaking reality barriers. Some of the areas of exploration might include, but will not be limited to:

  • Electro-magnetic healing current initiation
  • Space and time travel
  • Rewriting our DNA
  • Creating our future—Conscious Evolution

It is my personal dedication and intention to serve this planet by creating and offering tools that provide healing on behalf of our blessed Mother Earth and the abundant life forms that inhabit our exquisite jewel of a world.

Tuition for this weekend workshop is $488.
Early registration special: $388 before April 1.

There are a limited number of sleeping accommodations available on a first-come basis. Breakfast foods will be available. Other meals will be pot-luck style and all of us working together. (I will serve a meal before we start on Friday).

Register online at Hathor's Mirror.

Alchemical Healing I Classes

With Gloria Taylor Brown, San Diego, CA: April 24-25
With Deb Clarkin, in Armstrong, British Columbia: April 30, May 1 and 2

Alchemical Healing brings together the principles of alchemy with innovative techniques from shamanism and energetic healing, creating a practical form for physical healing and spiritual growth. All people desiring self-healing and increasing their capacity to heal others will find this a powerful and transformational experience.

Workshop includes:

  • Accessing Life Force for Healing with Energy
  • Healing with Elements using earth, water, air and fire
  • Fire Mist Shower Empowerment
  • Work with Power Animals and Spirit Guides

Benefits for you:

  • Increase vitality and intuition. Turn up the power!
  • Open, clear and invigorate the Chakras and hands
  • Receive powerful tools to heal yourself and others
  • Uplift your spirit and receive guidance and empowerment
Gloria's San Diego class webpage.
Debbie Clarkin's Armstrong, B.C. class webpage.

Pilgrimage to Egypt with Nicki Scully and Dr. Joan Borysenko
with an optional excursion to Jordan & Petra

November 4 - 18, Jordan: November 18 - 22

Please join Nicki Scully and Joan Borysenko, PhD for the Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. Autumn 2010 pilgrimage to Egypt.

This unique magical adventure brings two of the great spiritual teachers of our time together as they weave science, spirit, healing, and the shamanic magic of ancient Egypt into a transformational journey of a lifetime.

More information and detailed itinerary is available on this trip's web page.

Please sign up if you wish to let us know you're interested in going on this amazing journey. (free readings available) (sample journey available)
Private phone sessions with Nicki (click here)

For updated events and a full schedule, please go to our schedules page.

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